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Since this is asked on the Heartgold section, I'll assume that you have Heartgold. You need to have beaten the elite four, and go to pewter city in Kanto. When you get there, talk to everyone.. You have to get the Silver Wing in Pewter City from some old guy. Then you can go to Lugia in the Whirl Islands. It will be at lvl 70 and you should be ready. You can get it in an Ultra Ball but It would have to be in the low Red Health You need a Pokémon that knows the move Whirlpool to access the Whirl Islands. Go through the cave until you reach Lugia's chamber, and press A in front of Lugia's sprite to go into a battle with the level 70 Lugia. If you need help going through the Whirl Islands, search on YouTube for a video that shows the player going through the cave

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  1. how to get lugia in soul silver. you get lugia with a silver wing and a clear bell you get a clear bell by beating the 8 gym leaders then going to the dance theater beat the 5 kimona girls in soul silvet you go up the bell tower after you da all that. Posted: apr 13, 2010 5:29 pm
  2. Lugia is also available in HeartGold, but it is level 70 and you have to get to Pewter City first instead. If you have received a Master Ball, DO NOT use it on Lugia. Save it for Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave
  3. I already finished the game so if your still not, you have to get a silver wing to get to the cave where Lugia is. Then talk to the bald guy blocking the way..
  4. If you are playing Heart Gold, Lugia is also obtainable at the Whirl Islands, but you need to obtain the Silver Feather from a person in Pewter City. Once you have it, you can go to the bottom of Whirl Islands and Lugia will be there, this time at Level 70. #250 Ho-Oh Ho-Oh is the Pheonix Pokémon and the star Pokémon of Pokémon Heart Gold.
  5. g you already met up with the Kimono Girls and did all of the necessary tasks, the five of them will summon forth a legendary Pokemon known as Lugia. Now, all that's left to do is Surf out..
  6. Pokemon Heart Gold Extra StuffLugia In this chapter, we obtain a silver feather from and old man, go to a bunch of islands in a sea and catch the other legen..
  7. If you are playing Heart Gold, Lugia is also obtainable at the Whirl Islands, but you need to obtain the Silver Feather from a person in Pewter City. Once you have it, you can go to the bottom of Whirl Islands and Lugia will be there, this time at Level 70. Pokemon Heart Gold Extras: Lugia (THIS ISN'T SOUL SILVER

Catching Lugia in Whirl IslandsThe english patch made by KazoWAR:http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=17884 Today we obtain the silver wing from an old man in Pewter city, then make our way back to Olivine City in search of the legendary Pokemon, Lugia!! Enjoy!!--.

This is a walkthrough on how to get to lugia on pokemon soul silver.Please rate and subscribe!You can fast-forward battles Get Lugia on Soul Silver without Cheating. How to. Get Into the 7th Gym in Pokémon SoulSilver. How to. Get All of the Eevee Evolutions in Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver. How to. Win at Voltorb Flip. How to. Get Dratini in Pokémon SoulSilver. How to. Find Suicune in Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver

On pokemon heartgold is there any way to get Lugia

How to Get Lugia in Pokémon Gold: 3 Steps (with Pictures

i also got lost there to. its your chance to go to KANTO!!! how? well first make sure you beat the grunts at golden rod. then go to mahogany town. the man will let you go through route 44. thats whe you get the eighth gym badge. go to dragons den after you get the badge.dont use repels while your surfing there are dratinis to catch. make sure you have false swipes, their low leveled. use water. In HeartGold, Latias should be roaming the world after you beat the Elite 4 and Champion. To get Latios in HeartGold, you'll need to receive the Enigma Stone via Wi-fi Mystery Gift. answered Aug 1, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~ Darn I don't got wi-fi but thanks any way. commented Aug 2, 2010 by dragon poke master Listed below is a table of the best pokéballs to use for catching Lugia. This is calculated based on Lugia's catch rate, as well as the different possible ball modifiers, health levels, and status condition modifiers. When possible, the conditions required for a particular pokéball modifier are taken into account, but be sure to read the.

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1.press L and R at the same time so that you get 493 master balls and 100 ultra balls.. 2.go into your bag and throw away the certain amount of master balls and ultra balls.. 3.while pressing down L walk in long grass and wait for encounter (it should be the pokemon you wanted). 4.Catch the pokemon using a masterball and your done. What level should my party be before I get Lugia in Soul Silver? What SS team should I use to catch Lugia and defeat the Elite Four? Is Lugia a good Pokemon to use in the Pokeathlon in the Speed Course in Soul Silver? Whats the chance to catch Lugia in pokeball? Useful Meta Posts After saving the Radio Tower from Rocket and get the Silver Wing, continue on in your quest to get all 8 badges. Once you have gained all 8, go to Prof. Elm for the Master Ball. Then go to Ecrueteak Dance Place. Face the Eevee Evolution using sisters. Then they will give you a bell. Go to Whirl Islands and you will now be able to get Lugia Get Lugia on Soul Silver without Cheating. How to. Play Pokémon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver. How to. Get HM Fly on Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver. How to. Catch Latios and Latias in Pokémon Soul Silver or Heart Gold. How to. Defeat Red in Heartgold/Soulsilver. How to. Make a Good Team in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver This is a walkthrough on how to get to lugia on pokemon soul silver.Please rate and subscribe!You can fast-forward battles! Music from Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver that has been made to play for half an hour. Ruby Sapphire: LUGIA's wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses..

The Whirl Islands can get confusing, so it's best to bring along plenty of Super Repels and a Pokémon that knows Flash to make navigating through the caves much easier. Lugia appears at level 45 in SoulSilver and level 70 in HeartGold. Lugia's Maximum Stats (Level 45 This is a section of the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Walkthrough, click here to go back to the main page if you want to select other sections or read the introduction. This page is a walkthrough for the following place: Ilex Forest, Route 34 and Goldenrod City. For the main page, click here.; For Part 4, click here; For Part 6, click here ANSWER: How to Get Lugia in Pokémon Silver Obtain the first seven badges. Get the Silver Wing. Go to Whirlpool Islands. Go through the Whirlpool Islands. Find the elderly man at the end of the dungeon. Lugia should be in the cavern below. Once you are ready, walk up to Lugia and press A to talk t How can I catch lugia? When I attack with my lv 70 lugia on heartgold it uses 2 pp per attack. is this normal? How do you get to Lugia in SoulSilver after going in Whirl Islands? What Whirlpool Island do you get Lugia from? What do you have to do to get to Lugia in Soul Silver? How do you catch Lugia and Ho-Oh in Emerald, Red, and Green Versions To get Lugia in Heartgold, you have to get the Silver Wing by an old man in pewter city in Kanto. Then after that you go to the whirl island that is next to the highest whirl island by Cianwood city

No. Lugia for SoulSilver and Ho-oh for HeartGold. Yes, you just get them at different times. You get Ho-oh in Johto and Lugia in Kanto in HeartGold, and vise versa in SoulSilver LEVEL: 40 in SoulSilver / 70 in HeartGold. Get to Olivine City and then go left to Route 40 followed by Surfing south to Route 41. Use Whirlpool to get to the middle right island. Walk around to the left side and then Surf to the bottom and to the Cave Entrance. You are now at Whirl Islands Step 2.Heart Gold<br />Read the Soul Silver way because it's the same way but Lugia is already there, and you need to surf up to him.<br /> Thank You<br />Lugia!<br /> Recommended The pokemo

The two other bells, fastened on either side of the waterfall, also activate. As if drawn by the peal of the bells, Lugia emerges from behind the waterfall. HeartGold players are unable to challenge Lugia until after obtaining the Silver Wing in Pewter City. The Tidal Bell is not required. Lugia. SAVE your game before challenging Lugia Which island do you have to go in to get to it? JQ. unwashed heathen (guest) Apr 9, 10 at 12:09pm (PST) ^ Neoseeker Forums » Nintendo DS Games » Pokémon HeartGold Version » Lugia

Flavour Text: Diamond: It sleeps in a deep-sea trench. If it flaps its wings, it is said to cause a 40-day storm. Pearl: Platinum: HeartGold: It is said that it quietly spends its time deep at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong In HeartGold, Route 47 (inside cave) is the best thing around this level by far. The moment you can go here, do it. The moment you can go here, do it. In SoulSilver, however, Ice Path 1F and B1F (or even B2F and B3F if you can take the higher levels and poor accessibility) is actually better, and it's still a fair second choice in HeartGold They will summon Ho-oh in HeartGold or Lugia in SoulSilver. Catching Ho-oh. Because the game considers Bell Tower to be a cave, Dusk Balls give you a 3.5x multiplier. Bring Ho-oh's HP down as far as possible without KOing it (use False Swipe if you have it) and then make it go to sleep, or freeze it. Then start throwing Dusk Balls at it Yes, you can catch Lugia in Pokemon Heartgold, but not until after you beat the Elite Four and have gone through a good portion of Kanto. You must get the Silver Wing from an old man standing on a hill in Pewter City directly to the right of the PokeMart there Yes you can get Lugia in Pokémon HeartGold.actually you CAN catch Lugia in Heart Gold. you need whirlpool and all the badges from both johto and kanto regions. also you will need to obtain the.

The Whirl Islands (Japanese: うずまきじま Whirlpool Islands) are a small archipelago located between the mainland of Johto and Cianwood City, on Route 41.Beneath the sea, a maze of dark caves sprawl, with explorers able to travel between the four islands with some amount of difficulty. Deep within these caves, Lugia can be found once the player has obtained the Silver Wing and Tidal Bell SS You have to go back to Ecruteak City and fight the Kimono girls in five consecutive bouts without resting. After you defeat them, they'll go off to the Whirl Islands where Lugia is to get lugia on Pokemon heartgold, which is actually possible, you need to obtain the silver wing which an old man has in pewter city.when you have got the silver wing, use fly to get to cianwood. In order to catch Lugia, you must of defeat all 8 gym leaders in the Kanto region. That's right, Kanto. When you do, go to Pewter city, & there will ba an old man that will give you the Silver. From now until August 27th, 2010, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver players will have a chance to catch Latias and Latios in their game. This is thanks to the Enigma Stone, a mystery gift that you.

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I bought Pokemon Heartgold I've defeated the gyms in kanto and johto and completed the elite four. twice. I caught ho-oh, articuno, zapdos and moltres but i want lugia how do you get through whirl islands? walkthrough please How to get Lugia in pokemon soul silver. T o find Lugia you must go to the whirlpool island. It is this cave off the coast of Cianwood City in the Johto rRegion. So once you have gotten there, enter the cave. The first part of the cave is dark so I recommend you bring a pokemon that has Flash How do I defeat the legendary Lugia in heart gold. TRACK | REPORT SEE ANSWERS. Add your answer. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. If you want to ask a.

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Put this card from your hand onto your Bench only with the other half of Lugia LEGEND. Weakness. -20 Retreat Cost. HeartGold & SoulSilver 114/123 LEGEND. Illustrator: Shinji Higuchi. Find Lugia in the Pokédex Explore More Cards Related Cards Lugia 132 Vivid Voltage. Lugia 140 Darkness Ablaze. Lugia SWSH069 Sword & Shield Promo. After defeating the Kimono Girls, you will earn the Clear Bell in HeartGold or the Tidal Bell in SoulSilver. When combined with the Rainbow or Silver Wings, these items can be used to summon Ho-oh and Lugia respectively. A little girl will enter the theater and the sisters will depart for Bell Tower (HeartGold) or Whirl Islands (SoulSilver) After you get the Rainbow Wing, go to the top of the Bell Tower and Ho-oh will be there. For Lugia in Heartgold, go to Pewter City in Kanto and a man will give you a Silver Wing. Go to to Whirl Islands and you wll find Lugia in there. To get the dogs, you go to Ecruteak City and after beating the gym, go to the Burned Tower This card's Elemental Blast attack is identical to the attack of the same name on the Lugia ex from EX Unseen Forces, which in turn is based on the first Lugia card from Neo Genesis. Although Lugia is Psychic / Flying in the games, it is depicted here as a Water-type Pokémon The Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh and Lugia make their star appearance in the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion as Pokémon LEGENDs, each with entirely new gameplay features that will change the way you play! Each Pokémon is represented across two cards, both of which have to be played at the same time in order to bring out that Pokémon

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Pokemon HeartGold Version Summary : The Gold and Silver standards in Pokemon gameplay are now set for a new generation as Nintendo brings back Pokemon Gold & Silver in enhanced versions for the. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are basically the same. The only difference is the wild Pokemon and the legendary. In Heart Gold you will get Ho-oh FIRST. In Soul Silver you will get Lugia FIRST. Both can be obtained in both. Mewtwo, Groudon, and the legendary dogs are also able to be caught without an event. I like Lugia better, too. Go Soul Silver

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  1. However, Lugia and Ho-Oh got their own unique battle themes in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Lugia is tied with Ho-Oh for the highest base Special Defense stat of all Flying-type Pokémon. Lugia's Generation IV , V , and VI Pokédex entries that mention it being able to cause a 40-day storm may be a biblical reference to Noah's Ark
  2. I'm pretty sure that you can get Lugia before you beat the Pokemon League. Soon after you beat the 8th gym leader, you'll have to do a bit of work a the sanctuary behind the gym. After that, you'll have to go to Professor Elm's lab in New Bark town
  3. You can encounter Lugia when you take the silver wing to Whirl Islands B2F.. In order to get Ho-Oh, you need to capture Raikou, Entei, and Suicune in your game (traded ones don't count).. After that, you need to talk to a sage at the Tin Tower, take the rainbow wing from him, and encounter Ho-Oh at the top of the tower
  4. You can't catch one, because the Kanto starters do not appear in the wild. You can, however, receive it from Professor Oak in Pallet Town after getting through Mount Silver and defeating Red. He'll give you a choice between the three starters, but..
  5. go to the bell tower and get ho oh then you get lugia and fly to your house and your mom gives yiou an item (forgot it) then go to prof lab and get mew hope this helped Justapokemonlover answered: I also really need a mew

Pokemon Heart Gold Extras: Lugia (THIS ISN'T SOUL SILVER

I recently caught my Lugia in HG and it took me 4 tries with ultra balls. Do not use a net ball because Lugia is a psychic flying pokemon not a water pokemon. If you have a pokemon that knows false swipe use it because that will get Lugia to 1 hp without killing it no matter what then put it to sleep and start throwing ultra balls If i sent a Dream ball HA lugia to my heartgold for example i would have to delete both my heartgold save and the Dream radar save to get another one of lugia on my heart gold. I would have to delete just the dream radar save if i wanted to send that dream ball HA lugia to another game tho. 1. share I'm going to try the soul silver code for shiny lugia. Posted: nov 25, 2010 2:55 pm. Unregistered. 0 0. heres what u do. go and look on another site because no one here knows what to do or just accept the fact that you cant get shadow lugia without the (fsr mod) Posted: dec 01, 2010 9:13 pm In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness a Lugia was captured by Cipher and was turned into a Shadow Pokémon.This Lugia became known as XD 001, the first of a project to create many Shadow lugia.Unlike other Shadow Pokémon, Shadow lugia has different colors from most Lugia. This is one of two ways to get Lugia without a cheating device or event; the other is to play through Pokémon SoulSilver Im not going to spoil anything but I have caught Lugia and the other legendaries with Ultra balls ( No hacks :D) The 1 and easiest way is by lower its hp then put it to sleep. By doing this your pokemon don't get attacked after a ball fails and the catch rate goes up. But it will take some time as it toke me about 10 ultra ball to catch lugia

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Lugia Legend Cards (Both Top and Bottom!!) from HGSS Heart Gold Soul Silver Set #113 and #114 You'll receive both the top and the bottom in mint conditio Soul silver and Heart Silver have the same pokemon as the 2nd Generation, its just a remake for the DS. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. I dunno the exclusive differences in the game, but I do know for a fact the ho-oh and lugia are both in the games just soulsilver you will come across lugia earlier and vice verca. 0 0 The overworld sprite will not show shinyness. You must start the battle to see if it's shiny or not. Not worth it, though. Somewhere in those resets must have surely been a killer Ho-oh

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  1. The combined efforts of the Pokémon allow Ho-Oh and Lugia to be freed from the Masked Man's control. After being released, Lugia flew away with Ho-Oh and has not been seen since. HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter. Lugia appears in a flashback in With a Little Help From Hitmonchan, where Crystal recalls her encounter with the Diving Pokémon
  2. If you are playing Heart Gold, Lugia is also obtainable at the Whirl Islands, but you need to obtain the Silver Feather from a person in Pewter City. Once you have it, you can go to the bottom of.
  3. Lugia is a box art Pokemon from the second generation with Pokemon Silver and the fourth generation's Pokemon Soul Silver. Lugia is known to be the Pokemon that is the protector of the sea. In the Pokemon 2000 anime film, Lugia is the one to stop the violence between the legendary birds, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres with the help of Ash Ketchum
  4. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide. The Indigo Plateau. Top our party consisted of Gyarados, Magneton, Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Corosola and Lugia. That is a perfectly well-rounded.

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Grass (Soul Silver) Now, we're getting really close to taking on the Pokemon League's Elite Four, and finally, the Pokemon League Champion himself. But first, you're going to need to get through. Deposit him into the GTS, and for the other Pokemon, request to trade Scyther for something you know you won't get in return, so he doesn't actually get traded. As an example..Level 100 Charizard The tree that Starly is on is located within Pewter City. However, it is not accessible within the city itself. In order to get to it, you have to get access to this small fenced up area through Route 2. Once you get into this area, go up to the top and use Headbutt on that tree and Starly should appear If you have the level 80 event Arceus, Trade it to your Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver then, head to the ruins and put Arceus in the first slot of your party then, go toward the house where the ruin archeologist live. Before you get inside, you'll meet with the man trying to solve the ruins great mystery and will acknowledge the Arceus you have

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Consumers who pre-order Pokémon HeartGold Version will receive a figure of Ho-Oh, a Legendary Pokémon that circles the skies of the Johto region on rainbow-colored wings. Those who pre-order Pokémon SoulSilver Version will get a figure of Lugia, a Legendary Pokémon that dwells deep in the seas and has the power to create massive storms POKEMON HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER WALKTHROUGH. This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - in terms of gameplay, there is a small differences between versions in that you must visit a different area to capture your version's legendary Pokemon. Use the menu above to jump between sections; alternatively, if you wish. I didn't know you could get both of the legendaries in each game 0.o Ah well, I had the exact same problem as you. I liked Lugia from soulsilver, but prefered heart gold's pokemon. You need the silver wing to get Lugia and apparently in Heart Gold you recieve it at route 4, pewter city I've not played HGSS for a while, but from what I can remember, once you've gotten the Rainbow/Silver Wing and received the Master Ball from Prof. Elm, you need to go and battle the Kimono Girls, then go to the Tin Tower/Whirl Islands and encounter Ho-Oh/Lugia before being allowed to face the E4 HeartGold & SoulSilver. Lugia: Lugia is the Diving Pokémon and the star Pokémon of Pokémon Soul Silver. As such, the way you discover it in Soul Silver is through obtaining the Silver Feather after beating Team Rocket and defeating the Kimono Girls. With this, when you go to Whirl Islands and get to the bottom, you will encounter Lugia at.

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  1. First, put Lugia to sleep, then hit it with strikes to drop its HP. When it is health is suitably low, deliver out your False Swiper or super Fanger and drop Lugia's HP to 1. (that's the magic behind False Swipe and tremendous Fang: they'll never KO your target, it doesn't matter what!) If Lugia wakes up, put it again to sleep
  2. So I'm trying to catch a Lugia, shiny, to be precise. I saved in front of it and kept turning my game off and on until it was shiny. I did it for an hour until I realized that it will always remain blue. I saved in front of a blue (not shiny) Lugia, and since I * saved * in front of a * blue * Lugia, it will never be shiny, the shiny form is pink. I got this idea because of the red Gyrados. It.
  3. Lugia Pokemon card EX+ Legend Heart Gold Soul Silver 029-030/070 Holo Japanese. AU $77.17. Free shipping. Lugia Pokemon Legend Card Holo Japanese No.030/070 Very Rare Nintendo Japan F/S. AU $3.25 + AU $27.09 shipping. Pokemon Cards - LUGIA LEGEND 113/123 Top Half - Heart Gold Soul Silver - Played
  4. Nintendo sent out a press release earlier today about giving away Pokémon figures to anyone who pre-orders Heart Gold and Soul Silver. If you pre-order HeartGold you get Ho-Oh, if you pre-order SoulSilver you get Lugia. “These unique figures are our way of thanking Pokémon fans of all ages for the enthusiasm and support they have shown for the series,†said Cammie Dunaway.

How to Get Lugia in Pokémon Silver: 7 Steps (with Pictures

4 Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver. players will first need to catch Lugia and then wait until after they've defeated the Elite Four to acquire the Rainbow Wing in Pewter City Lugia (ルギア, Rugia, / ˈ l uː ɡ i ə /) is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Takeshi Shudo and drawn by Ken Sugimori, Lugia was the central character of the film Pokémon: The Movie 2000. It later served as the version mascot of the video game Pokémon Silver and its remake, Pokémon SoulSilver, appearing both on the box art and in-game Ok i am getting pokemon soul silver in about a week (im also getting heart gold) and i want to know how to catch Lugia and ho-oh before i get the game. I have pokemon diamond and screwd up when it came to catching legendary pokemon so i want to know how to catch them in advanced. so if anyone has an early version and knows how to catch them let me know. also if you know how to catch any other. Lugia is Genderless: Classification: Height: Weight: Capture Rate: Base Egg Steps: Diving Pokémon: 17'01 5.2m: 476.2lbs 216.0kg: 3: 30,72 HeartGold players simply need to grab the Silver Wing from a man in Pewter City in order to summon Lugia from the same room in Whirl Islands. #250 - Ho-oh HeartGold players will encounter Ho-oh during the storyline after defeating Clair at Blackthorn City Gym

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Question: When can I catch Lugia in Heartgold? (2021

  1. Lugia's talents can extend to special sweeping after boosting with Calm Mind. While Latias may appear to run the bulky Calm Mind course more effectively due to a better special movepool, lack of an Electric-type weakness, and far superior Special Attack, Lugia can boast that it isn't locked in and annihilated by Metagross Pursuit and doesn't care about Normal Arceus with Extreme Speed
  2. A list of the legendary Pokemon and how to get them, in general order of appearance/obtainability: Entei and Raikou: Once you enter the basement floor of Ecruteak City's Burned Tower and see the sprites of Entei, Raikou, and Suicine run out of the..
  3. POKEMON HEARTGOLD AND SOULSILVER PAL PARK GUIDE. Pal Park makes a return to HeartGold and Silver, replacing Fuchsia City's Safari Zone. As its counterpark in Sinnoh, Pal Park allows you to transfer 6 Pokemon from a Pokemon GBA Game to your HeartGold or SoulSilver game
  4. Introduction: How to Find Pikachu in HeartGold/SoulSilver . By PkMnTrainerLogan Follow. About: Hello there! I'm just a anime and Pok emon fan! I love music as well: My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots and All Time Low are some of my many favorites. Thanks for reading my bio and don't forget to follo
  5. migrating to send your Shadow Lugia to Soul Silver. Send Shadow Lugia from XD Gale of darkness to ruby using connector cable. Then migrate S.L. from ruby to diamond through Pal park. Re- Catch said Lugia, then trade to Soul Silver. -----Peace. Posted: may 19, 2010 12:02 am. Unregistered. 0 0

How To Get Lugia (more Detail) To get the rainbow wing in pokemon soul silver you need to go to pewter city in the kanto region and talk to a old man on a ledge to the right of pewter city and he will give you the rainbow wing. Beat Morty Easy. I have a simple trick to beat the 4th gym leader morty. First at the very beginning of your game. to get the last item, and you get the master ball after you beat all of them. When you beat all the gym leaders, Prof. Elm will call you and give you it, then you go to the Kimono girls or whatever and they'll give you the last item you need to get Lugia (after you beat them all [4th] RNG shiny lugia soul silver Hi, I managed to get some shiny legendaries I wanted in Ruby after using a video I was suggested on here. Now I want to learn how to RNG shiny legendaries on Soul silver, but there seen to be a lot of guides using different methods or different pokemon and it's making it pretty difficult to learn, seeing as. If you haven't already caught them: Go to pewter city get the rainbow/silver wing, go to Bell Tower (Soul-Silver) or Whirl Islands (Heart Gold), and kill Ho-Oh/Lugia who are at lvl 70. They will respawn after you defeat the Elite 4

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