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  1. Ingredients of Preen. The Preen brand refers to a line of garden, yard and turf weed-control products for the home. Except for Preen Vegetable Garden Organic Weed Preventer, which contains 100.
  2. Consequently, what is Preen made of? Organic Preen uses corn gluten as its active ingredient in small application granules made of corncobs and recycled paper. Its container comes with a fliptop applicator that makes it easy to distribute the corn gluten granules evenly in the garden
  3. Preen is a natural vegetable garden weed preventer that many gravitate to over toxic substances, such as weed killers made primarily with glyphosate. Made with 100 percent corn gluten, Preen describes itself as a natural pre-emergent herbicide, meaning that it kills off weeds before they emerge
  4. Preen is a lineup of lawn and garden products that are manufactured by Lebanon Seaboard Corporation. Lebanon Seaboard Corporation also manufactures wild bird food and professional turf products. Other brands that are connected to Preen include Greenview Fertilizers, ProScape, Lebanon Pro, and Woodace. It is made of corn gluten which is a.

Preen® Garden Weed Preventers control grass weeds and other weeds, feed plants and help yield a neat, professional landscape. The Preen® solution to garden weed control is keeping weed seeds from germinating and growing. Grass weed killers are not needed because Preen® keeps the seeds from sprouting Preen and mulch together are the one-two punch of weed prevention. Another question we hear often is what is the best way to eliminate existing weeds? Just as Preen, when used as directed, won't affect your existing garden plants, it won't kill existing weeds. These weeds need to be eliminated I typed into Google 'What is Preen made of' and this is what popped up on top: Preen Vegetable Garden Organic Weed Preventer is made with 100 percent corn gluten, a natural herbicide that works as a pre-emergent — it keeps weed seeds from sprouting

Preen Vegetable Garden Organic Weed Preventer is an organic product that prevents weed seeds from forming roots. According to the manufacturer, Preen Vegetable Garden Organic Weed Preventer is made from 100 percent corn gluten and it prevents more than 200 types of weed seeds from germinating My church is considering the use of the product Preen to control weeds in our flower beds. I understand that it is a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weed seeds from germinating and does not work on weeds that have already started growing Many people use products like Preen to keep the weeds from germinating. When used on established beds, these products make a great weed barrier. But, they're not natural. Or are they? There is an organic version of these products that work just as well if not better than the above homemade weed killers. It's called corn gluten. Yep, a by. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 1 Apr 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 5 Apr 2021), ASHP (updated 6 Apr 2021. Preen is an organic weed preventer that is made to combat weeds in the garden. Before usage, make sure you read all associated instructions and follow them accordingly. You can only achieve the best result when you adopt best use practices

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  1. The Directions for Using Preen Weed Preventer. Preen is a brand of preemergent garden weed preventer made by the Lebanon Seaboard Corp. It kills contains the chemical trifluralin, which prevents.
  2. Preen Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer offers completely organic weed prevention and is safe for use around children and pets. Made with 100 percent corn gluten, this natural pre-emergent herbicide not only keeps weeds out of the vegetable garden, it also is effective in beds of annuals and perennials and around trees and shrubs
  3. how to use preen in vegetable garden. Whether a novice or experienced, every gardener knows about the threat posed by weeds and insects that can rob a plant of its nutrition and hijack all the essential resources and crucial components important for the crop's survival.. Moreover, weeds can lead to an extensive growth of insect pests and disease, which can damage your entire garden within days
  4. I am looking for the best alternative to Preen. I am tired of paying $25.00 for a 22.5 lb bag. I am using this for my mulching jobs. I would like to buy in a bulk amount, say 50 lbs plus???. I just want to know what you pros think is the best, but also affordable. Also, what do you think..

Preening is a maintenance behaviour found in birds that involves the use of the beak to position feathers, interlock feather barbules that have become separated, clean plumage, and keep ectoparasites in check. Feathers contribute significantly to a bird's insulation, waterproofing and aerodynamic flight, and so are vital to its survival. Because of this, birds spend considerable time each day. Preen in the vegetable garden is deemed safe by the manufacturer. However, they don't give you the whole story. It is a slow breakdown chemical, so after a number of years use, most crops will suffer it's effects. It will kill corn because corn is a grass. Vine crops hate chemicals

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Preen definition is - to groom with the bill especially by rearranging the barbs and barbules of the feathers and by distributing oil from the uropygial gland. How to use preen in a sentence The uropygial gland, informally known as the preen gland or the oil gland, is a bilobed sebaceous gland possessed by the majority of birds. It is located dorsally at the base of the tail (between the fourth caudal vertebra and the pygostyle) and is greatly variable in both shape and size.In some species, the opening of the gland has a small tuft of feathers to provide a wick for the preen oil. Preen One Lawncare is all you need for weed control in lawns in one easy application. Kill broadleaf weeds and prevent crabgrass, plus feed your lawn, in one time-saving step. Preen One Lawncare will kill over 250 lawn weeds commonly found in home lawns including dandelion, chickweed, thistle and clover, and will prevent crabgrass and other undesirable annual grasses from emerging

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  1. Several Preen products contain 2,4-D for broadleaf weed control in lawns; these products should not be used in landscape beds. The active ingredient in Preen Weed Preventer for Southern Gardens is dithiopyr - the same ingredient found in the herbicide Dimension. This is safe on most ornamentals but should not be used around any food crops
  2. Von Preen Name Meaning Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair)
  3. The Preen family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Preen families were found in the UK in 1891. In 1840 there was 1 Preen family living in Kentucky. This was 100% of all the recorded Preen's in the USA. Kentucky had the highest population of Preen families in 1840
  4. Since most biodegradable made from polylactic acid, when the pellets are set aflame, they will burn with an orange flame but produce no smoke. For the non-biodegradable, the plastic burns with a yellow flame, and there is a lot of black smoke that follows
  5. What Is Preen? Preen is a type of non-selective herbicide that stops weeds from taking control in your garden. This being selective means that it kills the plant life that it touches. It is widely used in vegetable gardens and lawns with dying bushes and grasses
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  1. Made with 100 percent corn gluten, this natural pre-emergent herbicide not only keeps weeds out of the vegetable garden, it also is effective in beds of annuals and perennials and around trees and shrubs. Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is an organic product that is safe for use around children and pets
  2. This Preen model is among the most effective and cheapest on the market. It comes in four size choices depending on the size of your garden, these include 5.6-pound pails, 13-pound pails, 16-pound pails, and 31.3-pound pails for larger gardens. Preen Garden Weed Preventer is designed to stop weeds from growing for up to 3 months. For best.
  3. The uropygial gland, better known as the preen gland or oil gland, is located near the base of the tail. It's normally hidden under feathers, but molting and feather loss can expose it. What is the preen gland on a chicken? It's a gland that produces the oil that chickens use when preening their feathers
  4. ate the need for hand-weeding. Rain does not wash this product out of the soil. To keep beds weed-free all season long, reapply Preen Garden Weed Preventer every 9 - 12 weeks
  5. You need to find a Preen formulation made for vegetables. Asparagus should be listed as one of the vegetables on the list on the Preen label. Corn gluten meal might be a better choice, it takes longer to work but it also fertilizes
  6. PREEN only kills weeds as they emerge from the ground. Existing flowers are not affected. Read the instructions and precautions on the package. Helpful. Reply. Gk. on Mar 12, 2019. You want to sprinkle the Preen on your DRY garden before anything comes up and water it in. It can burn the leaves on new plants sprouting up and it will hurt some.
  7. What are birds' toothless bills made of? preen gland A bird is able to waterproof its feathers with oil found in a special structure called a __________________

keratin Of what substance are the shell membranes of a bird made? preen gland. What structure on a bird's sternum provides an the flight muscles? keel. flock of smaller birds is harassing a larger bird. What is behavior called? mobbing. What special section of bird's stomach grinds food to make it more easily absorbed Preen herbicide has long been used in home gardens for preemergence control of many annual weeds. The active ingredient, trifluralin, is labeled for use around many woody and herbaceous ornamental plants as well as many vegetable and fruit crops Preen Weed Preventer. Consumer Score: 95% gave it 4 stars or more . The formula is made from ocean salt water, vinegar, and soap, and it comes in a plastic-saving, pourable bag. It should be. Preen made its debut at London Fashion Week in 2001 and has now blossomed from an independent shop in Notting Hill to a world-renowned brand. It is well known for its textured and layered maxi dresses as well as unique and stylised tailoring

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Made from natural recovered forest products. what it does mean is that you need to decide for yourself if you are comfortable with using products such as Preen to prevent the growth of weeds or if you would be better off taking a more natural approach. Preen Preen is not a weed killer Will preen kill perennials? Made with 100 percent corn gluten, this natural pre-emergent herbicide not only keeps weeds out of the vegetable garden, it also is effective in beds of annuals and perennials and around trees and shrubs Preen is the commercial name of a weed preventive made by the Lebanon Seaboard Corporation and designed to prevent new weeds from sprouting in your vegetable garden. Preen may be applied to the ground just prior to planting your vegetables or vegetable seeds. Preen will not taint any produce that you grow Preen offers an organic version of its Weed Preventer for vegetables, herbs and fruits. It is called Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer. It is safe for shrubs and may work for them. Apply this organic product like the toxic one, but use 5 pounds for 250 square feet and then rake it into the soil Uropygial (or Preen) Gland. The uropygial or preen glands are situated on the caudodorsal body wall, just proximal to the insertion of the tail flight feathers. The uropygial gland is the most prominent epidermal gland in birds and produces a waxy oily secretion via two or more ducts. This oil is spread through the plumage during preening

What is it? It's a thinner lotion made to moisturize the skin and seal in the other beauty products you applied to your face. What's it made of? Water and a combination of moisture-locking ingredients, depending on the formulation of the beauty company A preening toy, preener toy, or simply a preener is an object that is made of materials that can be preened by a bird. Just as a bird will preen its mate's feathers, or its own, or groom your hair, it will spend hours working on the strands in the many varieties of preener toys. Pretty much, it is any toy that satisfies that need Preen Pets Treats Are Made To Offer Your Dog The Best Nutrition. Preen Pets treats have everything your dog needs, without all the things they don't need- namely, artificial flavors, colorings, and hormones. Your dog will love the taste of real meat and vegetables, and you'll love how happy, healthy and energetic they are.. Other articles where Preening is discussed: arachnid: Ecology and habitats: Preening is common among arachnids and consists of cleaning the legs and palps by passing them through the chelicerae. In some species protection and escape from predatory enemies is made possible by the ability of a seized limb to detach from the body Easy Sources for Made in USA Pet Products. Cherrybrook Premium Pet Products is a site that does not sell American-made exclusively, but their products are well-marked and they have a special section for Made in USA sources.This is a good guide to check for American Made dog treats, Made in USA Chicken Jerky, USA Rawhide, all natural treats, wheat free dog cookies, grain free treats.

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Shop Preen 20-lb Lawn Weed Killer in the Weed Killers department at Lowe's.com. When your lawn has lots of weeds, it's time to get Preen lawn weed control. This product is made to do one thing - kill the weeds in your lawn. It's not a wee Katy Preen. Apr 17, Dammit, radical feminism came up with the concept, but that final connection's not being made somehow. A lot has changed since the 1980s, most for better, some for worse..

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There is an alternative to Caseron called Preen. It is registered for use in vegetable gardens and the main ingredient is corn-gluten meal. It, too, is a pre-emergent so all of the existing weeds must be pulled from the site. After planting your veggies, you can use Preen to keep weed seeds from germinating Preen, personal grooming of a bird's feathers especially by using its beak; Preen gland, also called the uropygial gland, an oil gland found in many bird species; Preen oil, an oil made by the uropygial gland found in many bird species; Product Preen prevents most weeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers and around trees and shrubs. Although Preen will not kill existing weeds, it will prevent new weeds from sprouting - eliminating the need for difficult and time-consuming hand weeding Katy Preen. Follow. Sep 30, This is going to be a long read, but most of it is pictures, so don't worry! M uch is made of the declining size in UK dwellings over time, but I wanted to see.

Allopreen definition is - to preen or groom the skin or feathers of another bird. How to use allopreen in a sentence What Is a Marriage Contract? Laura Wasser has been dubbed Hollywood's Divorce Queen. The Los Angeles lawyer has represented clients ranging from Ryan Reynolds to Angelina Jolie (twice) and. Preen, personal grooming of a bird's feathers especially by using its beak; Preen gland, also called the uropygial gland, an oil gland found in many bird species; Preen oil, an oil made by the uropygial gland found in many bird specie Back when Preen first came out it was made by Eli Lily, and it was part of Lily's Greenfield Garden line. I sold it in my garden center and was really impressed with the whole line. Then the IRS came out with the ruling that no Corp. could have a division that lost money three years out of five Preen Garden Weed Preventer allows users to apply to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Spread on bedding areas and water in to prevent weeds for up to 3 months. Use in flower, shrub and all bedding areas. All existing weeds and grasses must be removed prior to use. This product is made to prevent new growth of weeds. by CommunityAnswer

Definition of preen written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels D), E), F) Testing the preen oil properties. Deionized/distilled water (0.5 mL) *Deionized water must be used in methyl ketone test; 3 M NaOH (0.5 mL per group) Note: A freshly made 3 M Na 2 CO 3 (washing soda) solution can be substituted as a greener, and less hazardous, base in the iodoform test. 2% iodine/2.4% NaI solution (0.75 mL Synonyms for preened include cleaned, tidied, admired, groomed, prinked, smartened, smoothed, arrayed, plumed and prettified. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com The Preen family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Preen families were found in the UK in 1891. In 1891 there were 33 Preen families living in Shropshire. This was about 20% of all the recorded Preen's in the UK. Shropshire had the highest population of Preen families in 1891 Your name of Preeni has made you a hard worker with a meticulous sense of detail.; You have a great deal of patience and independence, and you can be relied upon to complete your undertakings. You are stable, trustworthy, homeloving, and logical in practical matters, but rather unresponsive to suggestions from others

YSBB: Your Skin, But Better. I'm into this makeup motto. Interacting with nothing but your phone and laptop screen has distorted our understanding of what skin should look like. Texture is. Name Number 5 Qualities. The risk-taker number 5 reflects humanity, enjoyment of what life has to offer and freedom to express who one is. There is a springiness in this person's actions that makes them stop what they are doing and go on a different path

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I thought i made it very clear that I wanted their BIRTH CHART (and this is my first quiz so honestly the toxic comments are a bit overwhelming) but I'll be doing more of these quizzes soon so. The internet is a wild place. The latest viral TikTok that surprised us (and made us feel a twinge of secondhand embarrassment) features Ben Affleck, believe it or not. TBH, it feels a bit like a sign for him to pursue a partner closer to his age. After splitting up with Knives Out hottie An Via Preen Online. Fancams aren't just made by K-pop stans anymore. And the fancam format and the motivations behind making them have evolved to the point that some of them look like hot messes or dadaist art on the internet Tip. Wear gardening gloves while applying the Preen Weed Preventer. If you use Preen around vegetables, apply 1 pound of Preen for every 640 square feet of heavy soils, 1 pound of Preen for every 960 square feet of average soils and 1 pound of Preen for every 1,280 square feet of sandy soils Instead of being molted out, powder down feathers disintegrate when a bird preens, forming a white powder made out of keratin that conditions and waterproofs feathers. Cockatiels produce an excessive amount of powder compared to other species. You'll find white powder inside of the cage and on objects near the cage

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They also made it safe for all types of established lawns. Preen is the go-to brand for weed preventives that are safe for use around more than 200 established flowers, vegetables, trees, and. The vinca is doing just fine underneath, but pulling out the crabgrass is an enormous hassle. I have reclaimed about 3/4 of the slope bit by bit but I have now given up and am just waiting for a frost to kill off the rest of the crabgrass. I will have to put down Preen in the spring for sure

Preen is the option for you. Preen 2464092 guarantees it will block weeds for six months without needing to reapply. You shouldn't use this herbicide on plants that produce foods, seeds, or your general lawn, but it works well for flower gardens and other landscaped areas The interlocking combined with the preen oil is what makes them water resistant. So, I added the beeswax to up the water repellent factor. Both of these ingredients are organic , food quality, and safe to ingest It's quite tough to kill weeds that grow in your lawn, as many herbicides can damage grass, as well. One of your best options to target pesky weeds like dandelions and clover is Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer, which kills more than 250 weeds without harming your lawn (when used as directed). You can buy the herbicide in both 32-ounce and 1-gallon containers, and the 1 gallon of the concentrate.

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A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement (commonly referred to as a prenup), is a written contract entered into by a couple prior to marriage or a civil union that enables them to select and control many of the legal rights they acquire upon marrying, and what happens when their marriage eventually ends by death or divorce Trifluralin, the active ingredient in Preen Garden Weed Preventer, is also listed as safe around bulbs. On the other hand, Preen Lawn Crabgrass Preventer, isn't recommended for use around bulbs. In this case, the product label wasn't clear, but the website had more info Preen or Roundup. Not only are these solutions relatively inexpensive, but they are attractive and will not affect the soil quality in a negative way. Mulching your garden beds with a thick layer of wood-chips is likely the most common method for weed control. Exceptions When Landscape Fabric May Be Usefu Preen. To reduce weeds around plants and shrubs, apply a layer of bark or pine mulch around each one. By: Lori Johnston. Here are a few of the biggest pruning mistakes that can be made, and how to avoid making them. How to Read a Plant Tag. Understand the marker that comes with your plant using this handy guide from HGTV Magazine Luxury online store for design duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi. Discover the latest power dress and Preen floral prints in the Preen Collection, every day rock 'n 'roll from Preen Line or wrap yourself in pure Preen luxury from Preen Home

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9. Bubble and Squeak . Photo by Tarquin Binary, CC BY-SA 2.5 This is a hash made of leftover vegetables, most well known in England, Scotland and Ireland Preen has never worked for me. In fact, the company has sent me a refund. To make sure dandelions don't scatter their fluff pull off the stems and buds; at least this control some of them. Even new grass seeding has weeds. Even Roundup Weed-Be Gone by Scott doesn't work here. I received refunds from them. Miracle Grow has also refunded me for.

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As a regular must-see show on London Fashion week schedule, Preen made the decision to move their twice yearly runway shows to New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2008, becoming a much anticipated part of New York show calendar. Since showing in New York, the international exposure of Preen has magnified and sales doubled The dress was made from 100 per cen single use recycled plastics and pleated with a tree bark and ripples with wires to create the rolling waves of ruffles. Preen SS20 Look 39 What can we expect to see from you next season A/W '20 It's all thanks to preen wax, which is secreted by a gland near the base of the tail on every bird. The substance helps to keep keratin flexible, allowing feathers to stay water-repellent, providing protection against feather-degrading bacteria, and more. It also makes feathers appear more deeply saturated with color

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The Calamus . The calamus is the base of the feather that becomes the rachis, (pronounced: ray-kiss) as you move up the central shaft of the feather. The rachis is the main central shaft of the feather. In most of the feathers on a bird, the rachis is stiff and supports the feathery barbs that come out of the shaft Preen is non-toxic to mammals, so no concerns here. If she is otherwise acting normal and the vomiting doesn't continue, I would monitor her. You can offer her some non-flavored Pedialyte diluted with water to help prevent her from becoming dehydrated. Then let her stomach rest for at least 12 hrs before offering her any more food Colored wood mulch is often made from recycled wood that can contain objectionable additives—including arsenic from pressure-treated wood—and is not always 100% hardwood.Pressure-treated wood containing arsenic was phased out a decade ago by the EPA, but old crates and pallets may still be entering the recycling stream

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That is the medical/ anatomical name for the preen gland on chickens (& ducks & others). Read here: *** What is the Preen Gland on a Chicken? ** * Quora required LINK: What is the Preen Gland on a Chicken? . What is the Preen Gland on a Chic.. Notes: For Laryna6.; Thank Laryna6 for this fic, bwahah. We started talking about winged!Rai and this happened. There's a part 2 to this, but I'm working on angel/demon fic for nano, so this and posting a fic a day got put on hold until I'm done with that Made to be non-toxic and durable this environment friendly inflatable tub is made of high density PVC. The tub is super comfortable thanks to the inflatable pillow, backrest, and armrest. An added cup holder holds on to beverages, cellphones, and MP3 players for convenience. The upper cover can be rolled back or zipped up so you can stay warm. Sebum is made up of around 40% trigylcerides, 25% wax monoesters, 16% free fatty acids, and 12% squalene. If the pore gets clogged with cellular debris, sebum released by the glands continues to build up behind it, The preen gland in birds helps them preen their feathers to keep themselves water resistant Shop Preen Preen Plus 2-cu ft Brown Mulch Plus Weed Control in the Bagged Mulch department at Lowe's.com. Preen Mulch with Extended Control Weed Preventer is the only landscape mulch that comes with added Preen weed preblendeds already mixed in. In one easy step

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As we all know, cats can become very lively. They like comfortable corners and like to lie down or play in various unusual places. The places cats can enter are often unbelievable, from windowsills, dining tables to sofas and vases, the lazy antics of these cats always attract the attention of their owners. Anyone cat owner knows that they will try to go wherever they want, and ignore other. Designing & Manufacturing quality Homes, Toys and Accessories for Your Family Pet since 1869

The product may be called an oil and look greasy but it does in fact absorb super well, leaving a light sheen but not a greasy, slimy feel (unless of course, you over apply), But, just to be clear, PurCellin Oil™ is a laboratory recreation (man made) of the preen gland oil of ducks, and acts as the delivery system for Bio Oils other ingredients ial surveys (detailed in Preen 1993), or during boat- based encounters with dugong herds. The most reli- able counts of grazing dugongs were made during the aerial surveys. It was difficult to locate and sample feeding areas before they had been substantially dis- turbed because the dugongs' mobility made it impossi Sep 18, 2020 - Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews

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Eaglets go through two molts and three feather stages in the nest: natal down (and molt), followed by thermal down (and molt), followed by juvenile feathers. As of this blog, the Decorah eaglets are shedding the very last of their natal down and their thermal down is rapidly being replaced by juvenile down and feathers. We thought we would blog a little more about feathers to celebrate! When. 12/17 (Sunday): Preen 12/18-12/22: Concert Band 12/23 (Holiday): Preen 12/24: The Fourth Day of Christmas This run is the same as the first day of Christmas - we meet Mio at the end. And we get the book of Goethe poems again. I really wish Past Me would remember to save on the night of the 17th! RELOAD COUNT: 12 12/11-12/16: Midterms 12/17.

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