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I figured two guys per pallet of 75 bags would take an hour each to spread nice and evenly without covering any foliage. That's 24 hours. At our $90.00 hour rate, that we be $2,160.00, with them supplying the mulch. The times are from personal real world experience Most of us might spread a bag or two of mulch once or twice a year. According to Angies List, Hardwood and dyed mulches typically cost $30 to $36 per yard, or $3 to $6 per bag. To give your landscaping an extra pop of color, consider buying black, red or gold mulch

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Mulch costs $15 to $65 per cubic yard for a bulk truckload delivery, and $35 to $110 per yard for delivery and installation. One yard of mulch covers about 108 square feet at 3 deep. For smaller projects, mulch costs $2 to $7 per bag which covers 8 sqft. each On small scales, mulch prices vary from $2 to $7 per bag depending on the material used. Economy mulch at the bottom of the price scale is great for quickly and cheaply covering a large area, while premium mulches add a better appearance to a garden and usually last longer

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  1. utes (1 1/2 hours) should be about right. To break it down, 2 cubic yards of mulch would be 18, 3 cubic foot bags of mulch. So, say it takes 5
  2. If it has to be moved a great distance by hand or wheelbarrow the cost will go to about $150.00 or more. Spreading mulch is very easy, from bags extremely easy, simply cut open one end and shake..
  3. Cost to Deliver Mulch . Mulch usually ranges in price from $10-$60 per cubic yard (27 square feet), not including delivery or spreading. Rough wood chips fall on the low end of that range, while high-quality woods like cedar fall on the high end. Most bark mulch and wood chips fall cost $20-$30 per cubic yard
  4. BARK DUST AND MULCH - Price List Delivered Prices Product Grind* Color 2 Yards 4 Yards 1 Unit 1 ½ Units 2 Units 2 ½ Units 3 Units 4 Units 5 Units Per Unit Semi Loads Volume Discount 8 Units or More Fir Med Fresh 131.00 161.00 215.00 323.00 428.00 536.00 639.00 848.00 1010.00 205.00 202.0
  5. Homeowners buy mulch at a cost per yard. Professional companies deliver the heavy bags of mulch, although they can also be picked up from local hardware and garden stores. Our landscapers will delivery the request number of bags of mulch and spread it throughout your mulch beds around a depth of 3 inches
  6. She says her hardwood mulch prices are $3.25 per bag, while a yard is $29.50 which results in a savings of close to $15. Customers can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing mulch by the yard, but a mulch delivery fee might apply

Make sure the mulch is at least 5 inches away from the trunk of the tree and no more than 2 to 4 inches deep. Spread the mulch around the tree into the surrounding landscape as wide as you like, tapering out to the ground level at the edge of the ring. Use fresh natural mulch such as wood chips or bark chips Spread mulch — Shovel mulch from your wheelbarrow or shake mulch from your bag into small piles. Then use your hands to spread the mulch, especially as you get close to the base of your plants. How much mulch should you apply? You should spread your mulch to be two to four inches thick. If your mulch is too thin, then weeds can push through

Cost: $3.99-$6.99 a bag or $28-29 per cubic yard. Shredded cypress: Blond, then light gray with age, cypress is a dense, long-lasting mulch that can be expensive because it's shipped farther Buying too much mulch wastes money and may tempt you to spread it too deep, which can obstruct water and air to roots. There is no need to remove old mulch; spread a new layer on top so old and. I bought 30 bags of this mulch (in Indianapolis) thinking it would be high quality. Boy, was I fooled. As I opened the bags and spread the mulch I found lots of rocks, concrete construction material, and mud. Yes, there was mulch too. I found the problem in many bags, not just one. This is the last time I will buy this kind of mulch

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Bagged mulch generally runs a bit more per cubic foot, unless it is on sale. For the extra little bit of money you will pay for bags, you have something that is a little easier to work with. Bags can be neatly stacked out of sight until you are ready to spread the mulch A: YES!! We price checked the big box stores, and the cheapest we could find bagged mulch was still more expensive than our mulch on every variety. Example: Our hardwood mulch costs $25 per cubic yard. Lowes Home Improvement currently has their bagged hardwood mulch priced at $2.87 per bag, which figures to $38.75 per cubic yard

On average, homeowners pay $736 for bulk topsoil, dirt, sand, mulch, or rock, including delivery. Total costs between $321 and $1,151.Topsoil costs $12 to $55 per cubic yard. Fill dirt ranges from $7 to $12 per cubic yard.Sand typically falls between $15 and $40 per cubic yard. Prices include delivery A It depends on how much you need, among other factors. Bulk mulch is usually less expensive by volume. For example, at a recent visit to a garden center, bagged cedar mulch was $5.99 for a 2 cubic foot bag. Bulk mulch was $46 per cubic yard Here's how much it costs. To lay a 4-inch-deep spread of bark mulch in a 300-square-foot area, a landscape or garden service will charge $248, which includes the material and labor. You can buy the mulch for $150 and do it yourself, and pocket a 40 percent saving Bagged material from local home and garden or big box stores ranges from $2 to $5 per 40-pound bag, or $35 to $180 per cubic yard. Due to its higher price point, bagged topsoil should only be used for small areas. In most cases, home improvement stores will deliver bagged material for a flat rate of $100 Loose (not bagged) red mulch in our local landscaping store costs $30.75 per yard and a delivery fee of $25.00. The total cost of delivered mulch amounts to: $30.75 (for one cubic yard of red mulch) + $25.00 delivery fee = $55.7

· Easy to spread (70) 2 cubic foot bags per pallet. Details. Brown Mulch $ 3.54. per bag. 2 Cubic Foot bags Most cost effective mulch available saving you money. Select options. Bulk Mushroom Compost $ 400.00 - $ 979.00. per truck load. Boost plant growth with Mushroom Compost Scotts Nature Scapes Triple Shred 1.5-cu ft Brown Mulch. Made to be triple shred grade—Scotts Nature Scapes Triple Shred Brown Mulch is the finest mulch from Scotts. The extra fine mulch looks incredible, spreads like a blanket and covers 33% more of your landscape Unless its wide open areas, we usually buy it by the bag, its much easier to lay out and spread than bring truck loads to the site. As for sod, here in S. Florida the going rate is $275-325 per pallet installed, depending on each jobs difficulty (tight areas, lots of cutting, obstacles, small gate openings, etc. I've spread 5 yards of mulch this summer, which is my first time spreading mulch ever; not even the bagged kind before. While I did spend some of the time rolling out weed paper and plantng a few things, I'm 26 and I think it easily took me 5 hours to do those 5 yards. My mulch pile was a small distance from the area being mulched, though What is the price range for Rubber Mulch? The average price for Rubber Mulch ranges from $500 to $800. What is the best-rated product in Rubber Mulch? The best-rated product in Rubber Mulch is the 76.9 cu. ft. Green Rubber Mulch. What are the shipping options for Rubber Mulch? All Rubber Mulch can be shipped to you at home

Still, it's considerably cheaper than the equivalent amount at the local home store when you buy by the bag (which even when on sale is around $4 per bag), so I'm very pleased with finding an inexpensive supplier. Saving money on mulch — there's a better deal than bags at the store $4.00 Per 2 Cubic Foot Bag AROMATIC CEDAR MULCH Composition: 100 percent Whole Cedar Trees from local ranches, ground to consistent size, living green trees plucked whole from the ground and shaken to remove dirt from the root ball, then ground whole to produce the purest cedar mulch available

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Bags of basic hardwood mulch, which hold 2 cubic feet, cost about $3 to $4 each. Higher quality wood such as cedar sells for as much as $7 per bag. If you're buying in bulk from a local dealer, budget anywhere from $15 to $40 per cubic yard (one cubic yard covers about 100 square feet with a 3-inch layer of mulch) Those who need less than a cubic yard should consider purchasing it by the bag. A bag of mulch, as stated above, should cost around $3 to $5 per bag. Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info Great Gardens 2 cu. ft. Red Colored Mulch $3.68 Each. This is $49.68 per cubic yard, or $23.68 more than our Red Mulch. Home Depot Website to verify that I'm not exaggerating. The one thing that can be said is that they don't charge a delivery fee. But you still have to drive there and deal with the hassle of loading and unloading all the bags Mulch installation costs $20 to $45 per cubic yard with most homeowners spending $38 per yard, not including the cost of the mulch at $15 to $65 per yard. Mulch costs $175 to $375 for 5 yards delivered with professional installation. Most landscapers charge a flat fee for mulch installation, at $55 to $115 per hour Mulch costs me $25/yd+ delivery for a dark hardwood and they don't budge, not even for large quantities. Delivery goes from $25/yd for a small order to $90/truckload for up to a 14 yard load. I can handle about 3 yards in my current trailer. If I don't include delivery, I am only bringing in $20 to $30/hr and then subtract my overhead

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Here is how I broke down my mulch job bid: 380 - 2 cu. ft. bags of red mulch - $2.50 per bag = $950 Delivery Charge =$75 Labor = $600 Total= $1625. The Home Depot right across the street is selling red mulch for $2.09 plus tax. However, I am getting the 28 yards of mulch delivered to the site by another company for a total of $650 60% of the mulch cost and 100% of the spreading fee will go to the troop! Funds will be used to pay for high quality outdoor programing and high adventure activities. $5 per bag of mulch $40 Optional Flat fee, let us spread it for you Free Delivery on May 1st or 2nd. Payment will be made after completing this order form via PayPal or Credit Card Bag Mulch The bags of mulch will be delivered to your house and spread to your desire by members of the football team for $5 per bag. If you do not want the mulch spread you mulch can be delivered for $3.50 per bag

Bags of hardwood mulch @ Lowes run ~$3ish (2 cu ft). A Yard runs about $30ish around here. I don't doubt bulk is cheaper but how much so? If not dramatic I might just go w/bags as offhand I don't know someone nearby w/a truck I can use Per Bag Basis . A 3 cubic foot bag of mulch will cover about: Thickness/Depth Square footage. 1/4″ 144 square feet. 1/2″ 72 square feet. 1″ 36 square feet. 2″ 18 square feet. 3″ 12 square feet. 4″ 9 square feet. Coverage Chart. To know how much mulch is needed in your garden, you can use the chart below for your reference The cost of labor to perform this work averages $0.75 per square foot of area to be mulched. On the low end, the cost is $0.54 per square foot while at the upper end, the cost is $1.07 per square foot. If the workers need to move the mulch around with hand tools or heavy equipment, this will add to the project's overall cost On average, a bag of agricultural lime can cost anywhere from $4 to as much as $10 per 50-pound bag. Most bags are going to be anywhere from 40 to as much as 100 pounds per bag, and the cost will depend on the quantity and where it's purchased from. These bags are often ideal for smaller spaces such as a patio or backyard garden Purchased in bulk, you can get wood mulch for just a couple of dollars per cubic foot, while rubber mulch often costs upwards of $10 per cubic foot. However, wood mulch needs to be replaced every year or two, whereas rubber mulch will last much longer. Overall, rubber mulch is the cheaper option only if you want to keep the mulch in place for.

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Bulk Loads vs Bags of Mulch. Bulk loads of mulch are measured in cubic yards, where bags are measured in cubic feet. It takes 13.5 of the 2 cubic feet bags to equal 1 cubic yard of mulch. It takes 9 of the 3 cubic feet bags to equal 1 cubic yard of mulch. You can save a lot of time and money buying wholesale from Riverside Stump Dump At Best Rubber Mulch®, we have an incredibly low overhead cost, shipping to you directly from the manufacturers. We pass our savings on to our customers, providing superior rubber mulch at cost effective prices. quality and the Best Rubber Mulch® price. The cost of rubber mulch may vary depending on your location Compost mulch This is another type of organic mulch which you can evenly spread on top of the desired area. It's available in 1 or 2-cubic-foot bags. Here are the estimated coverage values of each bag: A 1-cubic-foot bag can cover around 6 square feet at a depth of 2″. A 2-cubic-foot bag can cover 12 square feet at a depth of 2″

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By the Bag. Most varieties of mulch are available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 cubic foot bags. If you have an approximately 24-square-foot area, which is approximately 3 by 8 feet, you will need three 2. Product Title International Mulch Rubberific 24 in. Brown Tree Ring, 3 Pack Average Rating: ( 1.0 ) out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 reviews Current Price $32.53 $ 32 . 53 List List Price $44.05 $ 44 . 0 There are 27 1 cubic foot bags or 18 1.5 cubic foot bags of mulch per yard. Consider a ½ cubic foot bag of stone or soil weighs about 50 lbs and will cover 2 square feet at 3 deep. A bag of hardwood or cedar bark contains about 1 cubic foot of material, enough to cover about 4 square feet at 3 deep $7.50/bag delivered and spread. Premium Mulch: $2.00/bag Upgrade Option: weeds and is shredded finer. Quantity: The average home will need 20 - 30 bags. (estimate 2 cubic feet per bag.) When: Delivery will be on Saturday, April 17, 2021 and Saturday, April 24, 2021 The scouts will spread the mulch in areas previously prepared to receive. Popular mulch and landscaping products can carry high price tags. A bag containing less than 1 cubic foot of mulch can range from $2 to $10 in price, and ordering in bulk can help in lowering the costs. The type of material used will play a role in pricing. Amoun

The average 40 lb. bag of mulch is approximately equal to 1 cu. ft. So whether you are buying 1-cubic-foot bags or 40-pound bags, the math is the same: multiply the number of cubic yards you need by 27. Example: In our example above, we needed 2.5 cubic yards Sweet Peet : 100% Organic Mulch. If you are growing vegetables, chances are that you are doing so for health and environmental reasons. You may want better nutrition, lower food bills, and more exercise, but it doesn't make any sense for you to use a vegetable garden mulch that could cost you all of the benefits you get from gardening Types of mulch Hardwood and dyed mulches typically cost $30 to $36 per yard, or $3 to $6 per bag. To give your landscaping an extra pop of color, consider buying black, red or gold mulch. Premium mulches, such as those made from cedar or cypress trees, can cost $40 to $47 per yard, or $4 to $7 per bag

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  1. Mulch can harm plants when applied too deeply by causing too much moisture to build up and inhibiting aeration to the soil beneath. The correct depth depends on the mulch and the types of plants growing in the mulch bed. Mulch for trees. Trees benefit from a mulch depth between 5-6cm (2 - 2.5 inches). The thick mulch layer suppresses weed and.
  2. Topsoil costs vary across the country, averaging at least $54 per cubic yard of topsoil. Purchasing topsoil in bulk is more cost effective than buying bags. Buying topsoil in bulk may also provide a better quality topsoil for the money, but it may require time to spread it around the yard
  3. This is how I price mulch jobs, $65 a yard. One yard of mulch is 24-27 bags of mulch. I am not suggesting that you get your mulch in bags(box store deals) due to the fact you make more money in bulk. If the area is already cleaned out then it's simple. It takes me about 1/2 to do one yard, so at $65 I'm making money
  4. d that 13.5 bags of mulch (2 cu, ft per bag) is equal to a yard of mulch. This makes it easier to calculate the best deal for mulch in your area. Bagged mulch is often on.
  5. Sometimes topsoil and compost are sold by weight, which varies depending on what the material is. In the US, a 40-pound bag measures between 0.5 and 0.75 cubic feet. The Soil Calculator bag estimator is based on 0.75 cubic feet per bag. Calculations. If you want to do the calculations by hand, then skip Step 4 above, and do the following: 1
  6. The average local landscaper charges $180-$200 per cubic yard to spread cheap mulch (which they also charge a premium for). With the average 1/2 acre Bronxville property needing approximately 6-8 cubic yards of mulch, costs of mulching labor alone run north of $1000

surface can be seen. The application rate per acre should be about 2 tons (or one 74 pound bale per 800 square feet). Straw should be clean rice, barley, or wheat straw. Anchoring of straw mulch can be accomplished using the following methods: Hand Punching: A spade or shovel is used to punch straw into the slope until all areas have straw standin Defining Mulch. Any mulch, whether it is cheap mulch or expensive mulch, all performs the same basic function.In the most basic sense, mulch is a material that you lay or spread on the soil's surface to act like a protective layer and covering Pick up your outdoor products like sod, sandy loam, topsoil, garden mix, gravel, river rock, mulch, edging, and many more. We also offer delivery. Honest cost estimates; 918 252-DIRT(3478) 5630 South 107th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133, United States. Rather you have one pallet or several semi loads, we're the company for you. Call.

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  1. A bag of economy mulch will cost $2 to $4 per bag, or $19 to $25 per yard. Hardwood and dyed mulches typically cost $3 to $3 per bag, or $30 to $60 per yard. Premium mulches, such as those made from cedar or cypress trees, can cost $4 to $7 per bag, or $40 to $70 per yard
  2. The cost of 1 (2 cubic foot) bag of Scott's mulch will cost you approximately $2.50 - $3.50 per bag. If you are going to achieve that 1 YARD - you will need: 13 X $4.97 (worse case scenario) The total cost of 1 yard of BAGGED mulch: 13 X $4.97 - $ 64.61 per yar
  3. For orders less than 15 bags we will contact you to set up a safe pick up time. Cost: $6.00 per bag. Order by: March 29, 2021. There may be opportunities to have your mulch spread for additional donations. Order & Pay Online here - new this year! Order Form - paper. Due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in mulch as a commodity

Search For How much does mulch cost With Us. Get Results No A cubic yard of mulch is a lot of material. Depending on moisture content, a cubic yard will weigh 400-800 pounds. I had a big lot at my house in Virginia and lots of planting areas. I tried buying bags and bringing them home but my SUV could carr.. Mulch and Top Soil Calculator. Use this calculator to figure out how much product you need to complete your project. Cumberland #0121. 2450 Cumberland Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30339. Change. Bags available in store. Bulk delivery available. 1. Choose a type of material. What kind should I choose? 2. Calculate the area of your space. Enter the length.

The extra fine mulch looks incredible, spreads like a blanket, and covers 33% more of your landscape*. Add in natural prevention of pesky weeds plus the guarantee of year-long color and you get a premium mulch that has triple the premium benefits. It might just be the finest mulch on the market Mulch Yardages: 1 Yard = 27 cubic feet (3′ x 3′ x 3′) 1 Yard = 10′ x 10′ area (100 sq. ft.) approximately 3 inches deep You can calculate the square footage by multiplying length x width (i.e. 30′ x 5′ = 150 sq. ft. = 1.5 yds @ 3″ thick) Top Soil/Mushroom Soil Yardages 1 Yard of Top Soil/Mushroom Soil = 80 sq. f A 50-pound bag of pea gravel is equivalent to 0.5 cubic foot, so two 50-pound bags cover 1 cubic foot. To calculate how much you need, be sure to consider how deep you want to spread the gravel so your saying a job needing 5 yards of mulch will cost the same as a job needing 10 yards? I have a customer who always buys from the School Fundraiser 45 bags, Boy Scouts will spread for 1.00 per bag, what would you charge? the full yards rate? what 9 bags is a yard? or should I charge the 5 yard price? sigpic. Spring fever. Comment.

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  1. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 6 tons, the cost to Install Landscape Rock starts at $195 - $251 per ton. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased. 2
  2. For local delivery of mulch in CT we can bring up to 25 yards of mulch per trip for your landscape or garden project. Typically delivery can be arranged for the same or next day delivery. During busy times, the wait time may be longer but we do our best to get everyone their mulch as soon as possible
  3. Price per cubic yard: Compost, screened: $60 per cubic yard : Potting Soil Mix: $185.00 per yard: Seed Starting Mix : $230.00 per yard . Container Growing Mix. $185.00 per yard. Soil Blend . $75.00 per yard: Mulch, Fine Textured: $35.00 per yar
  4. Premium triple processed, dark brown natural hardwood mulch Natural organic and attractive appearance, easy to spread and finer material Decomposes over time, adds organic matter to enrich the soil profile. Mulch helps control weed growth, retain moisture for plants, provide nutrients for plants and soil as it decompo
  5. Cost. Cedar mulch is marginally more expensive to buy than other types of wood mulch. Though the difference per bag might be quite small, this could really add up if you have a large area to cover. If you're conscious of keeping costs low, then cedar mulch probably won't be the most economical option
  6. Mulch Calculator Estimate how much mulch is required for a given area at a specified depth. Also, based upon your inputs, see a practical visual representation of the area covered
  7. imum purchase for all bulk products is one cubic yard. Please call our office at 636-861-3344 for delivery fees. Fees start at $55 per delivery

The mulch will be carefully spread evenly throughout your flower beds by the mulch installation experts. Mulch Color Options. If you're unsure how many bags of mulch to order, check the I'm not sure, please help! option on the booking form. $110 Per Treatment. Grub Treatment. Starting at $70.00. Christmas Lights. Starting at $190.00 Getting started is easy. Select your product and amount, and order it online or in- store. Within 24 - 48 hours, a Home Depot certified vendor will contact you to schedule the mulch or garden soil delivery. Don't worry about being home for the delivery. Simply mark the ideal drop-off spot on your property with an 'X' 9 - 3 cubic-foot bags of mulch is equal to one yard. How to Mulch. Apply mulch in a 2 to 3-inch-thick layer around, but not on top of, your plants. Use a thinner layer in colder regions and/or with heavier soil that retains moisture. Use a thicker layer in warmer regions and/or with sandy soils that dry quickly TYPES OF MULCH: Hardwood Mulch gives a rich, warm, healthy look to your landscape. Holds moisture well. Bulk $21 per half cubic yard • 2 cubic foot bag $4.99 (3 for $10) Dyed Brown Mulch is a deep and vibrant mahogany color. 2 cubic foot bag $4.99 (3 for $10) Dyed Red Mulch has a terracotta tone that contrasts well with plants and shrubbery Typically lower-quality topsoil is at the lower end of the scale, and the more yards you order the less it will cost per cubic yard. Topsoil is also sold in bags, at $2-$5 a bag. It takes roughly 18-20 bags to make a cubic yard, or $36-$100. That works out to about $180-$500 for five yards; typically, bags of topsoil are only used for extremely. With our bark mulch coverage calculator, Barkdusters makes it easy to calculate how much barkdust or compost you need to cover your landscape. ***This calculator is for soils, compost and barkdust materials only. Please call our office for calculations on pebble bark, cedar chips, or certified cedar chips..

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