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The message Disk Not Ejected Properly usually appears when an external drive is disconnected from the computer without safely ejecting. However, some users have reported issues with drives randomly ejecting themselves after updating the macOS. Most reports indicate that the issue is seen after the computer has gone to sleep Did you ever get the Disc Not properly ejected error on a mac for your external harddrive. Here is the easy FixSeagate 8TB External Hard Drive http://amz..

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Disk Not Ejected Properly on Mac Seagate Support U

Hi. I've just bought a 1 Tb Hitachi external hard drive, to use for Time machine back up. It's connected using the supplied USB 2 cable. It installed OK but whenever my mac goes to sleep and I reawaken it, the message appears that the disk was not ejected properly and that next time I should go to finder etc etc For external HDD, you need some simple tool (e.g. Keep Drive Spinning) to avoid disk sleep. Yes, there is no work around but eject the hard drive before the machine sleep (not before you leave..

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  1. I have this problem for several years now with all my USB3 drives. It wasn't present at first when I bought my macbook pro 13 retina, 2013, but it started appearing after some update to os x. I used to run a bigger VM from my USB3 external hard drive, but then the drive started ejecting by itself in the middle of work for no apparent reason
  2. Navigate to your Mac Disk Utility. Select the volume in the left pane where you need to repair permissions. Click on the First Aid tab. Choose the volume where the external drive should get mounted, then click the option to Repair Disk Permissions
  3. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) if your Mac shuts down when you plug in an external hard drive. Then use a different port to connect the external hard drive. If you've got a battery that you can't remove: Shut down and unplug the power adapte
  4. Chances are that frequently unplugging an external hard drive without properly ejecting will cause hard drive corruption, as a consequence, not recognized the next time you plugged it in the Mac. When a Mac drive isn't showing up as normal, try to change a connection cable or a USB port, and reboot your Mac for several times. 2
  5. And yes, if your drives are dismounted or ejected improperly you could lose data and even lose the drive. I recently lost a Toshiba USB 3 drive because of an improper ejection due to a defective hub. harryb244
  6. Sometimes (not all the time)when an external hard drive is not ejected properly on a Macintosh computerthe road map file for the external drive can get messed up or jumbled up. Since this external HD was being used with a Mac when things happenedmaybe only the Mac side of things was effected
  7. If you try to eject an external hard drive on the mac but it says it is in use then you need to give this fix a try

I met the same problem. I pulled out My WD Passporty Ultra (1TB) accidently while running. It was not properly ejected. Now, whenever i connect the same to my Macbook Air with OS Yosemite installed therein, it simply does not mount. Even the desktop does not show the drive though the other partition drive is visible I am having a problem with my external hard drive. I have 2 LaCie 1TB external hard drives. One I use for Time Machine one for extra files (lots of them). My problem lies with the one that is just for extra files. Every time I try to eject the disk, it will not eject and just says that there's some program using it and that I can either wait or.

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Macbook Pro 2016, High Sierra, USB external 2.5 hard drive (not native USB-C - connected via an adapter). After I put computer to sleep, after waking up, I get the notification about disk not ejected properly. Also, the drive automatically reconnects (I get a password prompt as the drive is encrypted). Macbook is connected to external power My iTunes library lives on an external Seagate drive, which has its own power supply. When my Mac mini goes to sleep it will frequently wake up with the familiar message The disk was not ejected properly. If possible, always eject a disk before unplugging it or turning it off 32 thoughts on Tackle external hard drives randomly ejecting in OS X HaX June 1, 2015 at 7:07 am. In my experience the Mac Finder warning Disk Not Ejected Properly arises due to lack of full compatibility of the external device. I mean, some devices generate such issue but others do not on the very same Mac 5 ways to eject an external drive from a Mac. Pick your favorite way to eject disk volumes from your Mac and put an end to the Disk Not Ejected Properly warnings

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We've all yanked external disks out of computers in a hurry, skipping the step of properly ejecting them. If you have a Mac, then your machine probably nags you about it The moment you're done using your external storage drive on a Mac, it is important to 'eject' the drive safely before physically unplugging it from the Mac. Improper ejection might cause issues such as disk corruption, file system corruption, and partition loss, etc Why to safely eject media drives from your Mac. When you're not careful to eject media from your Mac safely, bad things can happen. Your Mac is not always going to be 100% finished using your drive just because you are. For this reason, you need to let your Mac know that you're done using it by ejecting it safely

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  1. You should never force eject external hard drive on Mac. You may corrupt your data. When you insert a USB there is a massive amount of data transfer. The same can be said for any action you carry out while it is inserted. When you eject a USB first, you are stopping that data transfer and therefore data won't be corrupted when you take it out
  2. Getting in the habit of properly ejecting a disk is important to ensure the health of external drives and to help prevent a loss of data. This is particularly true for external hard disks to ensure that the disk head is parked before it is moved, because having an unparked disk head move improperly or suddenly could potentially cause data loss or damage to the drive
  3. Windows 10 does not give me the option to eject external hard drives In windows 10 every time I plug in one of my external hard drives to my surface pro 3 I always have to pull it out without ejecting it because it never gives me the option. It doesn't come up when right clicking the hard drive and it's faded out in file explorer

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