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Get the best deals for panda garra at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! panda garra for sale | eBay Skip to main conten SMALL Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) SMALL Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) $10.00. SMALL Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) $10.00. Current Stock: Out of stock Quantity: Out of Stock. Share. Product Description. Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) 1-1.5+ inch in size. Find Similar Products by Category. The Final Fish for the 40 Gallon Hillstream Aquascape! - A Panda Garra Log Sucker & 5 Sword Tails Help Fund the Channel! To financially show love to the chan..

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Panda Garra Catfish. Panda Garra are active during the day, especially when there is food to be eaten, but sometimes hide during the day and become more active at night. As they mature females presumably become plumper than males. Scientific Name: Garra flavatra. Size: Up to 3.5 in lenghth including the tail. Origin: Western Myanma General: The Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) naturally occupy the clear streams of Indonesia, rasping algal materials off well-eroded stone, and wood. In aquaria, the Panda Garra will reach a length of up to three inches. Thru-ought maturation, the Panda Garra will retain a semi-aggressive temperament

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A great community fish, it is a ton of fun to watch Panda Garra mob chunks of fish food. They are so personable that they will literally attach themselves to.. Common Name: Panda Garra Scientific name: Garra Flavatra Wild Origin: Myanmar Maximum Size: 7-9 cm or 3 - 4 inches. Panda Garra Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH - 7 - 8 gH - 8-12 kH - 1-5 TDS - 150 - 300 Temperature - 22 - 27C or 72 - 81F. Temperament: Omnivorous Breeding: Hard Difficulty: Har SALE. L083/L165 Albino Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps), Captive-Bred! $ 17.99. $ 19.99. Yellowstripe Goby (Mugilogobius chulae) Doctor Fish (Garra rufa) aka Pedicure Fish. From $ 7.99 - $ 35.99 . Blue Jumbo Kitumba Speckleback Sardine Cichlid (Cyprichromis leptosoma), Tank-Bred

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This subspecies of Panda is found in the Sichuan region of China. These Pandas have the same black and white coloring as normal Panda bears. Another type of subspecies of Panda is called the Qinling Panda. This type of Panda was discovered in the 1960s, but was not classified as a subspecies until 2006 CW051 New Panda Cory (Corydoras sp. CW049) $ 24.99. Select options. Amanda Jane Cory (Corydoras amandajanea) $ 18.99. Sale! Select options. Black Wolf Fish (Hoplias curupira) $ 79.99 - $ 159.99. Sale! Select options. Orinoco Big Spot Pleco (Hypancistrus contradens) $ 19.99 - $ 49.99. Select options. Green BSP Angelfish (Pterophyllum. The Panda Garra will have no problem taking any kind of food as far as the food offered is small enough to fit into its mouth for mastication and digestion. If it is too big, they will push it until it breaks. Some supplemental foods to give your Panda Garra may include blanched zucchini, spinach, peas, and cucumber

Panda garras were found in 2004 alongside two other garra species, Garra propulvinus is one, but it didn't gain popularity in the aquarium trade.Garra vittatula is the other, which did gain some small but fleeting popularity with aquarium magazines and specialty fishkeepers The Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) or Panda Loach is endemic to the Rakhine Yoma/Arakan mountain range in Rakhine state, western Myanmar (Burma) and although incorrectly labeled as a loach; is often sold to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Clown Loach, Panda Loach, Banded Butterfly Loach, or Rainbow Loach The Panda Garra is a beautifully marked cyprinid species, which is suited to mature tanks that are over 4ft (120cm) long and which have vigorous water movement/high O2 level. It will not thrive in a standard community set-up, so be sure to meet its requirements for highly oxygenated fast-flowing waters - ideally provided by powerful external.

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Scientific Name: Garra flavatra From our tank to your tank! We have mastered the art of keeping and shipping aquatic life! We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest. We built this store to service small businesses and experienced hobbyists. Beginner, please visit your local pet store GARRA FLAVATRA ** PANDA GARRA ** ALGAE EATING TROPICAL FISH LOACH Please note these are small, about 2-3cm so be careful with large fish or aggressive fish. We use a licensed courier for our orders You will be charged £7.50 for snail only orders, £7.99 for shrimp only orders, £15 for fish order Live Freshwater Fish shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at family-owned and operated That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order

Above: In the picture above is a Panda Garra Algae Eater , swimming in one of our tanks, when one of our crew members took this picture. Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Fish like this in any of the live fish stores that we visit. Premium Pet Fish are more energetic, hardier, and have brighter colors with a beautifu Several trade names include Panda Garra, Clown, Banded butterfly and Rainbow, while some exporters, and subsequently shops, continue to label it incorrectly as a loach. It is generally peaceful in the aquarium, although when kept singly some specimens may become territorial towards similar-looking species such as Crossocheilus or balitorid loaches Check Out Panda Garra On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today Panda Garra. Housed in our huge fish warehouse here in San Diego, California, with thousands of other fish species. Please let us know if you have any questions before deciding to purchase by emailing us at sales@aquariumfishdepot.com.. Order Online to ship anywhere in the US

3 Panda Garra . 6 Daisy's Blue Ricefish . 1 Jungle Vallesinaria . 1 Flame Sword. 1 Hornwort . 1 Sinking 1 mm Growth Food 30g . Package F0012. $86.87 Regular Price. $73.84 Sale Price. Quantity. Add to Cart. Related Products. Quick View. Salvini Cichlid/Fire Red Belly Cichlid Pair 3-4 Regular Price $59.99 Sale Price $50.99. New Arrival Quick View Garra Flavatra also known as Panda Garra. Temperature: 22 - 27 °C . pH: 6.4 - 7.5. Although it will graze algae if available this species is not an exclusive herbivore. Offer meaty foods such as live or frozen chironomid larvae (bloodworm), Tubifex, Artemia, chopped prawn, etc., along with good quality, sinking dried products, at least some of which should contain a significant proportion. Panda Garra. Sale Regular price $4.00 Quantity. Sold Out Scientific Name Garra Flavatra. Recommended Parameters. pH: 6.5 - 7.5. Temperature: 22° - 27° C. Share. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Pin on Pinterest. Back to Algae Eater. Panda Garra. Select options. Sale! $ 100.00 - $ 200.00. Ornate Bicher. Select options $ 300.00. Mbu Puffer. Read more $ 2.99. Rotala Vietnam H'ra. Read more $ 11.99 - $ 50.00. Turquoise Peacock. Select options $ 2.99 - $ 7.00. Nerite Snail. Select option May 16, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Brandon Feusner. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Panda garra are fish who dont really do.well in standard community aquariums and have special needs in order for them to dp well. they need a strong current which is usually best provided by a canister filter. they also need high oxygen levels in their tanks. this mimics their natural environments and it could definitly be what is bothering your fish East Coast Ranchu is a ranchu & oranda goldfish online store. These goldfish are bred in the USA from Thai & Chinese Bloodlines. *UNLIKE IMPORTS these do not carry diseases like Costia, Flex, HITH or TB. Shop and view on Live Stream. Shipping in the USA

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US Tropical Fish is selling imported tropical fish from Indonesia to US market by pre-order and in bulk How to Order : Step 1 : Customer Send Inquiry to our company by email to indonesiafishexporter@gmail.com that show details of fish you want to order our code of products , size , and quantity (see details at our price list). Step 2 : We check fish details and send Performa Invoice for approve to customer that will show all details of cost for shipment (fish cost , freight cost. Panda Garra - Garra flavatra - Large. $19.99 . Quantity: Add to Cart . Add to cart . Out of Stock. Chinese Algae Eater - Gyrincocheilos aymonieri. $2.99 . Quantity: Add to Cart . Add to cart . Dwarf Suckermouth Catfish - Otocinclus sp. $2.99 . Quantity: Add to Cart . Add to cart . Giant Whiptail Catfish - Sturisoma aureum. $39.99 Garra gotyla The group I have is proving to be peaceful, gregarious, and personable...just like panda garra. Most of the fish for sale are juveniles in the 1.25-1.75 range, give or take a bit Panda Garra. Regular price Sold out Sale price $13.99 Sale. Options Sold out Approximately 2 inch purchase size. Garra flavatra are generally peaceful with one another and other fish. They max out at 3 inches. In the wild, they come from fast flowing, well oxygenated streams. While an effective algae eater and scavenger, it's important to not.

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  1. Garra flavatra KULLANDER & FANG, 2004 Panda Garra Etymology. Garra: vernacular Gangetic name for a particular species of sand-digger, which Francis Buchanan-Hamilton applied as a generic name for bottom-dwelling cyprinids with no affinity to another genus.. flavatra: from the Latin flavus, meaning 'yellow', and ater, meaning 'black', in reference to this species.
  2. Garra Rufa Fish (Healing Music), used . Garra rufa fish (healing music). Common name: rainbow garra 5-6cm (garra flavatra) from aquatic buyers club latin name: garra flavatra size: 5-6cm who are the aquatic buyers club. this listing is for 2x panda garra
  3. Garra Rufa - Dr. Fish These are the fish you see in fish spas all around the world as they are kn $9.99. Add to Cart. Quick view. Compare. Panda Garra - Garra Flavatra. Panda Garra - Garra flavatra One of the most gorgeous species within the Garra family group. $14.99. MSRP: $18.99 Add to Cart. ×. OK.

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Pet Fish for Sale offers a full range of saltwater and tropical freshwater aquarium fish. Pet Fish For Sale's aquariums are perfect to expand your pet fish collection. Find aquariums for sale USA, fish tank decorations, coral for sale, tropical freshwater pet fish for sale and many stunning saltwater fish for sale USA at Pet Fish For Sale! Pet Fish For Sale now offers FREE SHIPPING on live pet. Not difficult to keep in a well-maintained set-up, but a display arranged to resemble a flowing stream or river, with a substrate of variably-sized, water-worn rocks, sand, fine gravel and perhaps some small boulders, is highly recommended. This can be further furnished with driftwood roots or branches, and hardy aqua

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  1. Shadow Panda / King Kong Mix You will receive Shadow Panda or Shadow King Kong shrimp. These. Starting at $8.99 +2 variant(s) Add to Cart. Crystal Black Shrimp. Please Note: These Shrimp are going through our . Starting at $6.99 +2 variant(s) Add to Cart. Orange Rili. Please Note: These Shrimp are going through our . Starting at $29.9
  2. The Panda Garra is an ornate sucker-mouth loach. Like its namesake the panda, the Panda Garra features broad, alternating bands of light and dark coloration. Its unique markings are highlighted with diamond-shaped scale patterns and hints of red coloration in its fins
  3. Peacock Gudgeons and Panda Garra are a great choice. Tank Mate Options: Turquoise Rainbowfish; Dwarf Rainbowfish; Long Fin Chocolate Bushynose Pleco *****Please review our Shipping and Handling FAQ prior to placing your order. It contains important information about order fulfillment time, shipping speed, and other pertinent details.****
  4. We make buying from us as risk free as possible, we offer 100% guaranteed live healthy arrival in the rare event of DOA you must contact us within 2 hours of delivery to notify us of the problem, please take 2 clear photos of any DOAs before opening the bag
  5. Please be aware of the terms and conditions regarding the pet fish for sale in our stores. Live fish availability is seasonal, and pricing may vary by store location and PetSmart cannot price match on live pets. State and local regulations may apply to stores near you. All pets purchased at PetSmart are raised under our exclusive Vet Assured.

Panda Garra/ Garra Flavatra (tropical algae eater) bought in September 2019 free to a good home. Reason for- Garra is getting too big for my community tank so he needs a bigger home. Eats well and is in good health. Collection only or delivery if close by in South Manchester Some new fish for sale: Garra flavatra Panda Garra 10 cm R150 Pseudomugil luminates Red Neon Blue-eye 3 cm R80 Pseudomugil furcatus Forktail Blue-eye 2.5 cm R25 Pseudomugil gertrudae Spotted Blu-eye 2.5 cm R20 (males only) Iriatherina werneri Threadfin rainbowfish 2.5 cm R25 Moenkhausia pittieri Diamond tetra 3 cm R2

The Panda Garra, or Garra Flavatra is an active & attractive fish that originates from South East Asia. They have been found in both fast-flowing waters and near stagnant pools. There are many species of Garra, over 100, many of which have not been seen in the hobby yet. The Panda Garra was first introduced into the hobby in 2005, many of them. At TFF (link at last post by me) there are two stores that come up on a search for garra flavatra (I cannot give you a direct link, you have to search for it yourself) in the Tropical fish 2 your door section. The wholesale tropicals store has the fish at £9.50 each and with shipping, they come in at ~£43.50 for a trio Panda Loach. This has alternating black and white body patterns hence its name. As it matures, the panda loach's patterns will primarily change to mottled and brownish cream colors with a dark lateral line band. It grows to a length of up to 6.5cm in a fish tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons for a small school of fish Compatibility: Provides a link to our comprehensive compatibility chart that was developed by our aquatic experts. It is important to understand that this chart is a general guideline, and each aquarium is unique

Garra Flavatra. Approximate purchase size: 5cm. How easy are they to care for? Not difficult to keep in a well-maintained set-up, but a display arranged to resemble a flowing stream or river, with a substrate of variably-sized, water-worn rocks, sand, fine gravel and perhaps some small boulders, is highly recommended. How large can they grow. -panda garra $23.00 Tetra-paracheirodon axelrodi Cardinal tetra $3.00 wild-hemigrammus rubrotiatus $4.00 piece -hemmigrammus rhodostomus rummynose tetra$3.00 piece-hemmigrammus acaciencis purple tetra $6.00 piece - Ember tetra $ 3.00 - Gold tetra $3.00-curimatopsis evelinae spottedCurimatella $4.00 piec The Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) is the only member of the Garra genus that has alternating dark and light brown to black vertical bars on the flanks, and red markings in the fins.. Like all Garraina, they posess a modified lower lip that forms a somewhat adhesive disk that they use in turbulent waters to cling to the substrate while feeding Panda Garra appear to be an Asian species, therefore, probably née different water conditions than Africans. The little I found online about them reccomends they be kept in a group of several, either alone or with various asian barbs. Not sure I'd put them in an AC tank. Re: Have redone tank & wanting to add Panda Garra. Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) Generally peaceful and active fish. It is compatible with other peaceful fish and invertebrates. Nonetheless, you need to be very cautious and be prepared to relocate them once they grow a bit larger than the size of the shrimp. As they are omnivores and can start preying on smaller animals (tiny shrimplets) when.

Hara jerdoni- Asian stone catfish/mini moth catfish/mini anchor catfis Panda Garra. Regular price Sale price $19.99 Unit price / per . Shipping calculated at checkout. Quantity. Sold Out. discus fish stocklist common name size pcs /box mix discus 2 112 mix discus 3 64 mix discus 4 24 mix discus 5 16 red discus 2 112 red discus 2.50 100 red discus 3 64 red discus 3.50 48 red discus 4 24 red discus 5 16 super red discus 2 112 supe The Panda Cories like slightly cooler water temperatures than most tropicals, doing well in temperatures around 70 to 72 F. The panda cory goes for about $5 online and the long-fin variety is sold for $10 to $15. Panda Corydoras Care. Scientific Name : Corydoras panda Home; Discus; Breeding Pairs; Breeding Pairs . Our discus fish pairs are great to have if you want to breed the fish on your own. We have many pairs available that are potentially or proven to breed together

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Balitorids are often seen on sale in an emaciated state which can be difficult to correct. Species inhabiting similar habitats in nature include Barilius, Discherodontus, Garra, black-and-white-striped juvenile colour pattern inspired the vernacular name although it's sometimes labelled as 'panda goby' rather than 'panda loach' Related Topics. Garra: Garra is a genus of fish in the family Cyprinidae.These fish are one example of the log suckers, sucker-mouthed barbs and other cyprinids commonly Red garra: The red garra (Garra rufa), also known as the doctor fish or nibble fish, is a species of cyprinid that is native to a wide range of freshwater habitats; Garra flavatra: Garra flavatra is a species of. © 2015 to 2019 Reus Private Ltd.

Re: Garra Flavatra (Panda Garra) Post by Supercorygirl » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:04 pm Is a new fish excited post but if anyone wants to share their experiences suggestions, I always welcome advice The Panda Garra, or Garra Flavatra is an active & attractive fish that originates from South East Asia. They have been found in both fast-flowing waters and near stagnant pools. This fish is a great Algae eater, but will also scavenge for other food as well. It is important not to limit its food to algae only Garra & Crossocheilus. Garra and Crossocheilus are two closely-related genera that belong to the Cyprinid (Cypriniformes) order

The Panda Garra, Garra Flavatra, is a robust algae eater from Myanmar. It has a dark coloured body and as it matures it develops yellow stripes along the body. The dorsal fin and tail also becomes orange, making this one of the prettier algae eaters available. Fully grown they can reach 7-9cms Panda Uaru. Proteus Pike. Rainbow Apistogramma Viejita. Raku German Ram. Red Cyanonotus Pike Red Face Rio Negro Severum. Red Head Geophagus Steinachneri Red Head Tapajos Geophagus. Red Oscar. Red Shoulder Severum Red Spot Gold Severum. Red Spotted Turquoise Severum. Red Tiger Severum. Regani Dwarf Pike Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Panda Garra (Garra Flavatra) Algae Eater at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products GARRA RUFA TROPICAL FISH DOCTOR FISH ALGAE EATER X . Common name: rainbow garra 5-6cm (garra flavatra) aquatic buyers club latin name: garra flavatra size: 5-6cm who are the aquatic buyers club. common name: rainbow garra 5-6cm (garra flavatra) from aquatic buyers club latin name: garra flavatra size: 5-6cm who are the aquatic buyers club. this listing is for 2x panda garra Garra Previously only known as drab, ugly fish, Garra can be pretty too with recent additions such as the Panda garra, Garra flavatra, and the Garra sp.redtail. Unlike you see in beauty salons poor old Garra rufa will prefer an algae covered rock to some stinky feet to suck on too

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Panda garra enjoy being in a flowing stream set up with well oxygenated water. Panda garra can grow to a little over 3.5 inches. They can also literally climb glass so make sure that your tank is tightly covered I've found that Panda Garras (Garra Flavatra) are the best cleanup fish. They're efficient algae eaters and awesome at locating and eating leftover food. BUT Whichever cleaner fish you decide to employ to handle the housekeeping tasks, MAKE SURE THAT THEY Continue reading Details about 10 (ten) x Garra flavatra (Panda Garra) 10 (ten) x Garra flavatra (Panda Garra) Item information. Condition:--not specified. Quantity: Last one / 2 sold. Terms and conditions of the sale Returns policy. After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within.

Sale price $6.99 Regular price $9.99 Sale. Guppies - Assorted Fancy aka Mutt aka Gupp-A-Doodles Garra - Panda Garra. Sale price $12.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale — Sold Out. Platy - Dwarf Red Coral. Sale price $2.99 Regular price $4.99 Sale — Sold Out. Guppies - Albino Platinum - 1 Pair. Sale. Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) generally peaceful in the aquarium, although when kept singly some specimens may become territorial towards similar-looking species such as Crossocheilus or balitorid loaches.In a group they tend to concentrate on each other with dominance battles involving fin flaring, charging and a paling of the body coloration

Panda Garra - ONLINE ONLY, NEEDS 24HR NOTICE Description: Common Name: Panda Garra Scientific name: Garra Flavatra Wild Origin: Myanmar Maximum Size: 7-9 cm or 3 - 4 inches Panda Garra Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH - 7 - 8 gH - 8-12 kH - 1-5 TDS - 150 - 300 Temperature - 22 - 27C or 72 - 81F Temperament: Omnivorous. WHOLESALE INDONESIA TROPICAL FISH / AQUARIUM FISH / RARE & EXOTIC FISH EXPORTER Exporter of tropical fish in Indonesia (aquarium fish / ornamental fish / rare & exotic fish) with more than 7 Years experience Garra flavatra Panda Garra Wild Caught Bidding on two fish at 2-3. Few available. Shipping Policies. Combined shipping rates are available on all orders. We ship all fish in styrofoam insulated boxes with compressed oxygen and polyfilter cubes 1. Garra rufa fish, the animals most commonly used in fish pedicures, don't want to eat your dead skin.They do it because they're so severely starved that they'll try to eat human skin for sustenance. 2. These fish are found mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran <img width=300 height=300 src=https://judospetfarm.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Panda-Garra-judos-pet-farm-300x300.jpg class=woo-entry-image-main style='max-width:90%' alt=Panda.

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Up for sale are (6) Panda Garras, approximately 3/4 in size or larger. Panda Garras are a peaceful algae eater who would make a great addition to any community aquarium! In the pictures above, there are both adults and juveniles depicted... (Pack Of 3) Panda Garra 1.25-1.5 (Garra Falavtra) Live Tropical Fis Remarks: Alleni or Wapoga Rainbowfish (Chilatherina alleni) are one of the most beautiful species in the hobby. Males show colors including blue, green, orange, yellow, and red. They are found in West Papua in slow-moving tributaries. The substrate in their natural habitat is sand or fine pebbles, typically littere Sale Sold out. Panda Garra | Garra flavatra. Panda Garra | Garra flavatra. Regular price $15.00 Sale price $15.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Fire Eel | Mastacembelus erthrotaenia. Fire Eel | Mastacembelus erthrotaenia. Regular price from $75.0 And it has the name Panda in front of it. Inadvertently, I think I've discovered a fish marketing secret. Panda Loach, Panda Cory, Panda Discus, Panda Guppy, Panda Garra, Panda whateverslap the word Panda on its trade name and watch demand (and price) soar. Is there a Panda Pleco yet? No? There should be. There will be Garra Rufa fish are also known as 'doctor fish' because of their strange appetite for snacking on people's dead skin, but they are actually a species of toothless carp that are native to the Middle East, being found in river basins in Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. They have to be encouraged to nibble on dead human skin and this is usually.

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Middle TN's Most Complete Aquatic, Pond & Reptile Facility. 5009 Nolensville Pk Nashville TN 37211. 615-832-454 Sale Sold out. Hillstream/Zebrinus. Hillstream/Zebrinus. Regular price $15.00 Sale price $15.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Spotted Raphael catfishb. Panda Garra | Garra flavatra. Panda Garra | Garra flavatra. Regular price $15.00 Sale price $15.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out Ordered online 4 Panda Garra, 6 Empire Gudgeon and 4 Denilson Barbs. They didn't have 4 Garra in stock (1 Garra sent) (they had my email and phone number) so instead of trying both of these they substituted the Out of Stock Garra for Chain Loaches as apparently they are similar fish Cars For Sale - Rules and Notices. READ THIS FIRST! Cars For Sale 1985 and older. Cars For Sale 1986 - 1995 I thought I would take the time to introduce to you my mofdified 88 Fiat Panda 4x4 which may or may not have been seen for the first time at RRG17 MiataMark @garra. Aug 21, 2017 20:54:42 GMT Panda garra are finally out of quarantine and in their permanent home with the shiner school. I was having issues with a female F. cingulatus killifish following them around and biting their tails. As a temporary measure, I've sent her to learn humility from the butterfly goodeids

Find here details of companies selling Aquarium Fish, for your purchase requirements. Get latest info on Aquarium Fish, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Aquarium Fish prices for buying Garra Flavatra Gold German Ram Golden Sun Catfish Golden Tetra Golden Wonder Killifish Golden Panda Discus Red Albino Discus Red Panda Discus Red Pigeon Discus Ring Leopard Discus We have lots of used betta jars for sale! Each jar comes with a lid and are $3.99. 02/22/202

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Tropical fish for sale. Over 70 types of fish available. Panda Cory Melini Cory Schwartzi Cory Panda Angels Black angels Redtail blue variatus Yo-yo loach Black Kuhli loach Neon Kuhli loach Rosy barbs Mollies Neon Tetra Oscars Red Zebra Rainbow shark Iridescent shark Panda Garra peacock gudgeon Sm Electric blue Jack Dempsey Synodontis Picus. Before they were for sale they were sick and the staff took care of them until they were good. Olly (panda moor) was one of the 5 fish that survived. When I put him in a 29g tank for 3 days I added MelaFix to basically kill anything he still had and just prevent Related Images with Garra Fluvatra Panda Algae Eater Arizona Aquatic Gardens Gold Algae Eater Aquatics To Your Door 9 best freshwater algae eaters for freshwater. I finally found a 75 gallon for sale so I took the upgrade (top) and sold my very used 55 (bttm). As soon as it warms up, we'll double that shiner school... and maybe add something from cyprinella. Thinking panda garra might look good in there too The Best Algae Eaters for Planted Tank: Garra Rufa - Garra Rufa Also called drab, most folks believe these algae eating fish for aquarium are horrible - that's not pleasant. Nevertheless, you'll find really new additions to the species like Panda garra and Garra flavatra Panda Garras. Thread starter tfreema; Start date Feb 17, 2020; T. tfreema Well-Known Member. Feb 17, 2020 #1 Hey guys, I have been told that these guys will eat BBA. They seem to be a much better option than SAE or Flying Fox for some setups. 110 HOB. I will likely upgrade to an fx4 to replace the AC 110 sometime this year when a big sale.

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