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Buy Spitfire Airplane at Amazon. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Supermarine Spitfire Continuing the name, tradition, and excellence. The ultimate replica of distinction. This is the first and only aluminium Spitfire in kit form since World War II

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Show More LOW WING REPLICA RETRACTABLE GEAR TAIL WHEEL WARBIRD Today with a Spitfire kit from Supermarine Aircraft you now can own and fly your very own Spitifire. Michael (Mike) Sullivan Supermarine Aircraft Factory officially began its life in the kit aircraft manufacturing business in 1995 Supermarine Spitfire Replicas of New Zealand The completion of the last Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk 24 in 1947 bought to an end eleven years of Spitfire construction during which over 22,500 examples were produced and over those eleven years the aircraft was developed possibly more than any other aircraft in history

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Tally-Ho 80% Replica Spitfire Build Tally-Ho 80% Replica Spitfire Build Tally-Ho 80% Replica Spitfire Build Tally-Ho 80% Replica Spitfire Build. My builders log, and other stuff that may be of interest. There's no expensive kit packages to buy - I can buy materials as I go. And I can save money by building many of the more complex. Arguably the most iconic classic british aicraft the Supermarine Spitfire is our most popular replica. With every detail painstakingly captured our replicas are perfect for Musuems, Gateguards, TV and Film productions or even just as a (very) large garden ornament Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A Available now for free download is the Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A compatible with all flight simulators. It includes the Universal Control Hub as well as spade grip flight stick. Many YouTube reviewers have reported that not only does the stick look good but it feels fabulous to fly with CHECK OUT www.spitfireaircraftco.com took these pics last weekend Abbottsford International Airshow Full Scale Spitfire Kit Flying That is nice... 08-17-2007 , 12:22 P We construct and sell Great Britian's finest composite 1/4 scale Spitfire. Produced as a fine RC flying model and static display replica. No amount of time was sacrificed getting the original patterns up to a class one standard. This has paid off with the result being the most detailed Spitfire model 'from the box' yet to be offered

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The Spitfire or GT6 chassis remains unmodified for a T6 conversion, after the original steel bodywork is discarded. The new body shell is constructed from fiberglass and secured with eight bolts into the standard mounting points A complete kit to enable you to build the newly launched AuthentiKit™ Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick. DIY KITS I have a 3D printer. FULL KITS You may also need a mounting system/rig depending on what kit you are buying. The Spitfire Kits use a 2 arm monitor stand as a rig on which to mount the flight stick and other parts In 2013 Bob and Vern painted the Spitfire replica and at last could stand back and admire almost eight years of blood, sweat and tears. From its snugly cowled Allison to the tip of its elegantly elliptical wingtips the replica is pure Spitfire. Bob has hit 300 mph (480Kph) in a shallow dive at 8,000 feet. Aerobatics is a joy

Home built replica of the popular warbird from WWI Richard Wills of Warbird Replicas has produced this kit of a Spitfire that goes together with an ease that can only be described as magical. The wood parts are CNC laser cut with such accuracy that the parts all fit snug together with just enough free play to allow positioning. After assembly the structure is held by its jigs whilst CA adhesive. After finding out scale kit versions of Spitfires were about $A250,000 he worked out it would be cheaper to build a full size replica himself. While the replica is based on original plans with the same shape and dimensions, there are some modern modifications

The Spitfire Heritage Trust has recently completed a major project, successfully building from scratch an exact, full size 'all fibreglass' replica of the iconic WWII 'Battle of Britain' Supermarine Spitfire Mk VB (Type 359) Today the Spitfire in kit form lives again in Cisco Texas as the Mk 26B. As a pilot from a very young age, the idea of a real Spitfire gelled in the mind of Michael O'Sullivan. Mike grew up in Western Australia on a cattle station. An uncle collected WW II surplus in the late 1940s for pennies on the dollar, so Mike grew up a WW II buff Marsh Models release a 1/32 kit of the prototype Spitfire K5054 based on the Society replica. The replica formed part of a Society event at Polesdon Lacey as a Tribute to the Spitfire The kit does a very good job of replicating the Spitfire's gorgeous lines and dihedral wings. We doubt that without a full-size plane nearby most people would be able to tell the difference between the two. The cockpit isn't an exact replica, and incorporates modern items like a Garmin VHF, a transponder and an Aera GPS Many of the kit versions on the market are smaller than the original size and cost about AUD$250,000. Alongside its compatriot the Hurricane, the Spitfires were able to outperform their German adversaries in the Battle Of Britain

Ever wanted to fly your own Spitfire? Of course you have — and now, thanks to Supermarine Aircraft, you may actually be able to afford it. Mike O'Sullivan. One thing I did like about this kit, was the option to mix old and new parts together. I bought new headlights with a side/parking light built in, unlike the Spitfire's separate side lights. I also bought second hand Spitfire MkIII headlight cowls in place of my donor's 1500's fittings

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  1. Spitfire replica rudder Bias wheel and mount. £110.00. Spitfire replica Rudder Bias trim wheel. £55.00. Spitfire Blind Flying Panel mounts. Reproduction. £50.00. Spitfire replica trim wheel. £70.00. Spitfire Rudder pedals. Twin step. £190.00. Spitfire Rudder Pedals MKI. Pair. £180.00. Spitfire Compass tray support brackets. New mad
  2. Aero MG3 kits and full build prices and specifications. New kit structure.. MSVA manual download, click Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Inspection Manual Check out the following blogs: www.aerocyclecars.blogspot.com an on going build manual styled blog.. www.aerobarrelback.blogspot.com possibly the best client built car.. Our cars are subject to engineering refinements and on-going development
  3. Replica flight controls for flight simulation in a self-build kit . Download all Plans, Files & Materials List FREE (Personal Use Only) FIND OUT MORE. SPITFIRE MkIX KIT.
  4. PLASTIC MODEL AIRPLANE BUILDING KIT SPITFIRE MK.IXC ' BEER DELIVERY ' , WWII BRITISH FIGHTER 1/48 ICM 48060. 3.6 out of 5 stars 4. $33.99 $ 33. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 15. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $32.66 (2 new offers) Ages: 12 years and up

The Supermarine Aircraft Spitfire is an Australian homebuilt aircraft produced in kit form by Supermarine Aircraft. A replica of the famous British Supermarine Spitfire World War II fighter, it was originally produced to 75% scale. Subsequent models have increased the scale of the fuselage and added a second seat Build a fabulous model of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb in 1:12 scale, the most famous fighter plane of World War II. This detailed reproduction is constructed from high-quality aluminium and wooden parts. The Spitfire will delight every model aircraft enthusiast, from the beginner to the expert alike. Choose your option: Pay-as-you-build or buy the Full kit Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now! Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee The first Spitfire Mk.IX kit from Ocidental was a nice kit with the exception of the incorrect nose profile. With this latest offering, Ocidental has finally provided us with the best 1/48 scalw Mk.IX currently on the market. Since this version of the Spitfire was a souped-up Mk.V, any of the existing Spitfire Mk.V cockpit detail sets can be. Spitfire Kit: 1960ish Lotus Seven Replica. DailyTurismo Uncategorized Kit Car, Lotus, Seven, Spitfire, Super Seven, Triumph 4. Last I checked most of the Midwest was under about 30 feet of snow, so I'm not sure when these pictures were taken, but it looks like convertible season to me

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1967 Replica/Kit Makes Triumph Spitfire Hardtop / Convertible Additional Info: 1967 Triumph Spitfire replica. Body and suspension are from a 1967 Triumph Spitfire, but actually, the drive line (engine and transmission ) and all running gear (wiring / electronics, you name it ) are from a 1994 Geo Tracker with a 1.6 liter engine transmission (5 speed overdrive ) SPITFIRE KIT BUILDS . MK26 80% build $153,750.00AUD MK26b 90% build $175,000.00AUD ENGINE PACKAGES V6 Naturally Aspirated $45,500.00AUD V6 Supercharged $58.409.00AUD V8 Naturally Aspirated $48,575.00AUD Optional Extra with kit Underwing radiatore + air intake scoop $ 6,465.00AUD. Prices exclude 10% GST which applies to Australia only Spitfire number two is very different to the first offering. It is still a wooden framed replica (see photos), but I have copied the exact construction of the original aeroplane and dispensed with the metal square frame. I am finally using my books and research.To be different the second Spitfire is a MK16, with a cut back fuselage and new ribs MK26B Spitfire - 90% Scale; Titan Aircraft Company. T-51B; T-51D; WAR (Plans Only) Italian Manufacturers. Modern Era Aircraft. Flying Legend (USA Site).

Spitfire Histories MkIX Spitfire sim kit control column. Spitfire Histories MkIX Spitfire sim kit left side cockpit wall. Since the first production model came out in November 2017 I have made a few modifications based on user experience which are now integrated as standard into the N°3 kit that is just being delivered Guillow's Spitfire Model Kit. Each model is a small but faithful replica of an airplane widely known for deeds in wartime or present day popularity. Series 400 features 3/4 scale models of iconic military aircraft from World War II, with precision laser-cut parts for easier assembly

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And a 90% scale replica of a Spitfire by a company called Supermarine, their 90% scale model kit is called Spitfire Mk26B. Now, I'm not a fool and do realize neither of the two come to get even close to the thrilling experience the real stuff must have given it's pilots The crucial part of this art is to give the model a finish as if it has been shrunk down from the full size, including all weathering, be it subtle or heavily ingrained. On this site you can find and order the now famous Flying Legends all composite, 1/4 scale Spitfire kit. Links to films of it in action and all the latest matierial. BACKGROUND

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Replica of: The Spitfire: Scale: N/A: UPC: Does not apply: This auction is for a beautiful 1/5 Standoff Scale The Spitfire R/C model airplane kit in good condition. Complete kit . This all balsawood and light plywood built kit features step by step instructions with positional isometric drawings, detailed full size plans, split flaps.. The T6, Triumph Spitfire Le Mans replica is now available from Lincoln-based, S&M Triumph Restoration, run by Mathew Lambkin-Smith and Sarah Meecham. They can supply parts, offer repairs and do all sorts of restoration work on most Triumph models with TRs a speciality

Vickers Supermarine Spitfire MkVb Replica Footnotes The most famous fighter aircraft of all time, the Supermarine Spitfire was designed by Reginald Mitchell and his team in the mid-1930s to meet the Royal Air Force's requirement for a new generation of high-performance interceptors to counter the perceived threat from a rearming Nazi Germany • The cost of a completed full size replica two-seater Spitfire aircraft is expected to between AU$400,000 and AU$500,000, depending on the level of outfitting and components fitted; and • It can be flown under a private pilot's licence. Part of the aim of Pat's project is to get together a homebuilders kit for sale to the public Ok here is another hypothetical scenario. Suppose I was lucky to win the lottery (more chance of the Med drying I know:rolleyes:) but roughly how much would it cost to build a non-airwothy Mk 1a Spitfire replica from scratch? Bearing in mind most of the frames & skins do not need to be of aircraft quality, the engine a non runner & other components without paperwork to reduce the costs

Spitfire Sim kit Update Nov 2020. Posted by EAF79_Topsy on November 23, 2020. as the Spitfire pedal axes are a few inches wider than the Saitek pedal supports. I was quite surprised about the difference this made to pedal control in DCS and I had to revise my curve settings in the axis tune panel. Replica Spitfire flying controls recap. Point of interest - there IS a full-scale Mustang kit around, the manufacturer of which I can't recall, but it's indeed pricey, and I don't think the turbine(!) engine is included in the cost!! The Spitfire Aircraft Co has developed Clive DuCros' replica to take an Allison V-12. Cost (minus engine and other bits) $320,000 or something like that..

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N5410. 2008 Supermarine Spitfire Mark 26B, 228 TT, 423 SNP, Valcom 2000 Com Lightsport / LSA More Inf 1967 Replica/Kit Makes Triumph Spitfire Hardtop / Convertible 1967 Triumph Spitfire replica. Body and suspension are from a 1967 Triumph Spitfire, but actually, the drive line (engine and transmission ) and all running gear (wiring / electronics, you name it ) are from a 1994 Geo Tracker with a 1.6 liter engine transmission (5 speed overdrive )

1971 Triumph Spitfir, fram, suspensio, engin, tran, rea, guages and wirering . Was drive-able before redoing firewall and radiator . Now needs brakes and clutch bleed . New clutch slav, master and hose .Pickup or you pay shippin, will help load . Lotus body kit unknown . Advertised locall, so may pull from auction Spitfire MkIX Add-on Kit B [V2]: Elevator trim, Rudder Trim and throttle quadrant. 3 part kit! Add on this replica trim wheel, rudder trim and throttle quadrant to your Spitfire MkIX home cockpit set up. Includes the aluminium tube rig extension cut the required length. Note that you will also need Spitfire Starter Kit A for this to work New old stock Dynaflite Spitfire RC Airplane Kit. .40 size kit with 56 inch wingspan. Kit is is perfect condition In mid-1990s, Australian enthusiast Mike O Sullivan came up with an idea of producing an all-aluminum 80% and 90% flying Spitfire replicas. The interest among aviation enthusiasts was such that Mike started a company, fittingly called Supermarine Aircraft, to manufacture his aircraft as assembly kits

MODEL plane fans hoping to build a magazine's Spitfire replica face paying out £1,200 over two years. Hachette Partwork tempt readers with a £1.99 first edition and £5.99 for the second Spitfire Mk.II 1/48 Kit: The Spitfire was the RAF's number one fighter, and achieved a kill ratio of 10 to 1 in the skies over England. This plastic kit features a detailed cockpit with an optional-position canopy, landing gear, and much more. 8 wingspan; 34 parts, skill level 2. 0095670 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I 1/30 Display Mode 1967 Triumph Spitfire replica. Body and suspension are from a 1967 Triumph Spitfire, but actually, the drive line (engine and transmission ) and all running gear (wiring / electronics, you name it ) are from a 1994 Geo Tracker with a 1.6 liter engine transmission (5 speed overdrive ) A spitfire enthusiast has spent 28 years building a life-size version of the famous fighter plane from scratch. Terry Arlow, 56, built the 'perfect' replica of a Spitfire Mk

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  1. Jurka designed numerous successful planes, including replicas of second WW fighters. In addition to a number of 2/3 scale replicas, a full-scale Spitfire replica is flying in Europe. Some are being built in the US. A 700 HP seems like the right engine for the full scale replica if it is a tubular structure, metal skins and wooden wings
  2. iature of the original aircraft flown by Spitfire ace Robert Stanford Tuck in 1942. Its alloy panels and cast metal components reflect the sophisticated construction of the original, which can be finished to represent every detail of the actual Spitfire Mk Vb on which it is.
  3. utes in the back seat of an original Spitfire didn't appeal. Then Trevor discovered one of the UK's most remarkable syndicates and bought.
  4. The Supermarine Spitfire was developed in the mid-1930s as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft by chief designer R. J. Mitchell.. Only one prototype was made, receiving the military serial K5054. Following its first flight on 5 March 1936, pilot Mutt Summers made his famous but oft-misunderstood remark, I don't want anything touched! ! Its outstanding looks and.
  5. RE: warbird replicas spitfire kit Ok Peoples here Im going to be building a new spitfire that I came across recently. I fell in love with its lines as it is not like any other spitfire of this size. 55†wingspan its scale and looks very nice indeed
  6. AuthentiKit Releases Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick. In what may be the first flightsim freeware hardware, AuthentiKit has released their Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick in time for the MSFS 2020 Spitfire launch. AuthentiKit plans to support freeware software designers by making available controls that can be 3D printed and assembled

the replica Spitfire ( I want safe pilots and Spifires), along with one day forming a big wing....the ideas are big but so was Terry's original idea of building a Spitfire that actually looks and flys like one. Please feel free to contact me anytime and pass the word. Thank you for your time Steve Foley Director/Foley Flight Leasing Inc Supermarine Spitfire 1:48 Scale Diecast Replica Model by Motormax Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Nam G-ISAC, an Isaacs Spitfire 5/8th scale homebuilt kit Spitfire replica. This one is powered by a 200hp Continental engine and is seen here at Popham. Replica Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 at the Yorkshire Air Museum at. The plane is a Sport Spitfire, also known as an Issacs Spitfire, a homebuilt aircraft that will be reworked to serve as a replica of a British Supermarine Mark XVI Spitfire

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  1. Replica Morgan three wheeler kits and cars, trikes, specialist sports cars and kit manufacturers of the original BRA CX3 MG3 & CV3 cycle cars www.aerocyclecars.com www.aero-merlin.com www.veetwintrikes.co
  2. In past Royal Class kits, Eduard usually bundles two complete kits with a few new options together the available aftermarket resin and photo-etched parts that the also sell separately. They also include a unique feature which ranges from a replica Iron Cross to a pewter beverage cup, depending on the subject of that Royal Class release
  3. Define replica. It depends a great deal on how realistic you want it to be. Regardless, the answer is a lot and likely in the millionsplural. Although there is not cost attached to any of the stories I have found, Bob DeFord of Arizona did ex..

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  1. Photos: Paul Godfrey The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes manuscript is now with the editor and it's the Spitfire's 85th birthday! Let's talk Spitfires! After flying Harrier and Typhoons for the Royal Air Force, fighter pilot Paul Godfrey took the equally enviable task of flying Spitfires for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. We spoke t
  2. Spitfire Mk.IX British Fighter with RAF pilots and ground personnel 1/48 WWII military aircraft fighter scale plastic model kit ICM 48801 High-quality details. Manufacturer: ICM Models (Ukraine) Scale: 1/48 Material: Plastic Dimentions: 202*235 mm Number of parts: 135 Paint: Unpainted, Unassembled
  3. The Spitfire was designed by Reginald Mitchell of Supermarine Ltd., in response to a 1934 Air Ministry specification calling for a high-performance fighter with an armament of eight wing-mounted .303-inch (7.7-mm) machine guns.The airplane was a direct descendant of a series of floatplanes designed by Mitchell to compete for the coveted Schneider Trophy in the 1920s
  4. Feb 1, 2019 - MX250 / MX250C Mazda MX5 based 1960's style hardtop / softtop, A352 Triumph Spitfire 1950's sports car, Jaguar D Type race replica, MRS200 Toyota MR2 based Group B Rally Car, Mistral and Kobra 1950s replica, Z300S BMW Z3 1950s GT, AMZ Mazda MX5 1960s hardto
  5. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has constructed a replica of one of Spitfire's sister ships, Philadelphia. The Philadelphia II is on display at the Museum. Notice: The Spitfire site is protected by the Sunken Military Craft Act which prohibits any disturbance or impacts to the vessel or its contents and associated debris field

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  1. AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX Throttle Quadrant Released. AuthentiKit announces the release of the follow-on to their Spitfire MkIX control stick. Now available is the Spitfire MkIX Throttle Quadrant . This throttle quadrant is the third product in the AuthentiKit range of freeware hardware flight controls that you can 3D print and assemble yourself for use with your favorite flight simulator
  2. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe Royal Air Force (1918-now) 132 Sqn., 125 Wing MH488 1944 Dark Green, Sea grey, Light grey, White, Blac
  3. Showcase Series Supermarine Spitfire (3-5 unscaled) By Corgi Diecast Aviation Item Number: CS90650 About Showcase Series Supermarine Spitfire (3-5 unscaled) Regarded by many people as the most famous aeroplane the world has ever seen, the Supermarine Spitfire was one of the first all-metal monoplane fighters, at a time when many of the world's air forces were still equipped with biplane designs
  4. Spitfire MkIX sim kit update n° 4 Posted by Topsy on May 9, 2018 Design work has now started on the right hand side of the cockpit with the chassis unit. The exterior of the unit is just about complete, with working lever and stop gates, plus the status indicator window
  5. Airfix's 1/48 scale Spitfire IXc / XVIe in the Box. Airfix released their almost new Spitfire IXc / XVIe early in 2006. It comprises more than 70 parts in injection moulded plastic, some of which were originally included in their Mk.Vc kit from a few years ago. The new parts are well done
  6. The Quarter-Scale Merlin is a 25% scale model of the Rolls-Royce Merlin, which powered many of the most famous Warbirds of WWII, including the P-51 Mustang and Spitfire. This engine is intended to fly a 25% scale model of this type of airplane at scale speed and with scale sound

At 2,000 pounds lighter with the 1200 horsepower Allison V-12, the SAC Spitfire will easily outperform any original MK, IX you happen to fly. Your acceleration and rate of climb, will be nothing short of breath taking. Turning performance, maneuverability, low speed handling, and balanced field length will be noticeably better than a metal. 1:1 SPITFIRE REPLICA PLANS RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR SALE: Full scale MJ-100 Spitfire plans by Marcel Jurca. I have a complete set for sale $2,300.00. These were originally $3,750.00 and very hard to come by. These are no longer available, may be the last complete set. Picture is Bob Deford's award winning flying Spitfire N1940K made from these plans Titan Aircraft is a personal aircraft manufacturer that sells two types of planes. The Light Sport Tornado series, and the T-51 Series, a P-51 Replica plane. Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft, T-51, T51, Titan, Aircraft, Tornado, Ultralight, Light Sport, Airplane, Austinburg, Ohio, P-51, P5

Fly a Spitfire Biggin Hill - RAF Biggin Hill - the most famous Battle of Britain fighter base. Two Seat Spitfire flights from only £2750 - book today 90% scale100% thrill was the title of this May 2018 feature of the Supermarine Mk26B Spitfire kitplane. Trevor Bailey had f lying a Spitfire on his aviation 'bucket list' for many years, but parting with a couple of grand for a few minutes in the back seat of an original Spitfire didn't appeal Replica Aircraft. Manufactured using precision moulds taken from existing aircraft, or created from the manufacturer's original plans and blueprints, Replica Aircraft Fabrications can create replicas of aircraft, vehicles or other subjects to any of a wide range of specifications and finishes

Now included in our Spitfire and Hurricane kits. Can be assembled in half an hour. 1/4 is 8 1/4 inch wide. 1/6 is 5 1/2 inch wide. Superdash kit. £22 Kits for big Spit 1/4, Hurricane 1/4.5, 1/5 spit, 1/5 Hurri, 1/6 spit Three dimentional with seperate bezels screwed on. Compass kit. £6 All walkarounds » (30 in total) News Feed. The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. More about the Supermarine Spitfire propellers. The Supermarine Spitfire-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this aircraft.. This topic is categorised under: Aircraft » Propeller » Supermarine Spitfire Tamiya strikes again! Every time I think that somewhere in my stash I have already the best kit of that famous airplane, Tamiya surprises me again raising the bar. Not to mention the F-14 Tomcat, it also happened two years ago with the Ki-61, it happened one year ago with the Bf 109, and it is happening again this year with this new Spitfire The Monogram Spitfire Mk IX is an extremely simple kit, ala the Monogram Zero or BF-109. But not only is it a good-looking aircraft overall (who does not love the thoroughbred look of the Spitfire), it was for a long time, the only Spitfire that Monogram put out SPITFIRE MK26 80% KIT • $75,000 • PROJECT FOR SALE • Spitfire Mk26 80% Scale Replica Air frame Kit Project for Sale. All aluminium Spitfire air frame kit, largely completed, access all areas for quality check, ready for wiring. Not included - instruments, engine, cooling, prop packages, but all available from dealer


1975-1981 Triumph TR7 OEM Mid Body Side Stripe Kit $75.00 95-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Lower Body Side Body Stripe Kit 2GNT 420a DSM 4g63 $50.00 Body Mount Kit TR4A to TR6 $107.57 $92.4 Short Kit includes, Plan, Laser Cut and Additional Wood Packs, Aluminium Spinner Set, FG Carburettor Intake, FG Cowl, 3D Printed Gunsight, Canopies Mk.XIX (MK14) (CA3342CY-A) AND Mk.IXX (MK19)(CA3342CY-B). The Spitfire is probably the most talked about aircraft in the aviation world, and this plan offers two versions designed by Scale Champion Brian Taylor of which a Mk.XIV version by Sepp. To kick start this new approach to flight controls, AuthentiKit has launched a spade grip flight stick which is an accurate replica of a Spitfire MkIX

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