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Cardiff (Caerdydd in Welsh) the capital city of Wales has a population of around 363,000 and is located on the South East coast. To the east lies Newport (Casnewydd) and to the west is Swansea (Abertawe). Bangor - on the Menai Strait - overlooks the island of Anglesey, in North West Wales Wales officially has more castles per square mile than any other country in the world. Caerphilly is the largest castle in Wales and is the second largest in Europe behind Windsor Castle. Today, there are still over 600 castles in Wales, our favourite being Conwy Castle in North Wales. I mean, just look at it picture above So without further ado, here are the 30 fascinating facts you need to know about Wales! Wales has more castles per square mile than any other European country, with Caerphilly being the largest in Wales and the second largest in Europe behind Windsor. Unfortunately, many were built as a way of controlling the Welsh people 17 Wild and Wonderful Facts about Wales First published 13th January 2020 Robin James Wales is a country with a proud, rich heritage. However, it's famous for more than just dragons, leeks and rugby So read on to discover 50 facts about the Country of Wales. Fact 1: As of 2017, there are 3.125 million people living in Wales, UK. The majority of this number live in the City and County of Cardiff which has a population of approximately 350,000. The lowest populated area is Merthyr Tydfil which has a population of approximately 64,000

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Wales is also famous for a number of beautiful lakes and mountains. The beauty of nature is at its peak in Wales. All in all, the country displays the beauty of nature in such a way that tourists can't resist. If you are a nature lover, this is the place for you. Some fun facts about Wales for kid The varied coastline of Wales measures about 600 miles (970 km). The country stretches some 130 miles (210 km) from north to south, and its east-west width varies, reaching 90 miles (145 km) across in the north, narrowing to about 40 miles (65 km) in the centre, and widening again to more than 100 miles (160 km) across the southern portion Plus, about 30 percent of Wales is a protected landscape: either a national park, an area of outstanding natural beauty, or a heritage coast site. Go, Wales! The downtown area in Hay-on-Wye is. 12 Fun Facts About Wales. 1 - Wales is called Cymru in Welsh. 2 - Their flag is white and green with a red dragon. A banner depicting the same features of the Welsh Flag. Credit: Rachelle Lucas. 3 - English and Welsh are the two official languages of Wales. Welsh is a Celtic based language that has seen a resurgence in recent years and.

Male humpback whales found in U.S. waters sing complex songs in winter breeding areas in waters near Hawaii, in the Caribbean, and elsewhere that can last up to 20 minutes and be heard miles away. 2. The blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived and can grow to 90 or more feet and weigh as much as 24 elephants Before we get into my Wales facts, a little introduction. Wales is a small country in the southwest of Great Britain, an island made up of Wales, England and Scotland. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff and there are several other cities like Swansea and Newport. Wales is known for its rugged coastline and mountainous scenery in the north Here are ten facts about Wales. Wales is part of the United Kingdom. The small country covers an area of just over 20,000 square km and lies between England to the east and the Irish Sea to the west. The actors Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins are from Wales

Wales is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain, bordered by England to its east, the Irish Sea to its north and west, and the Bristol Channel to its south. The official languages of Wales are Welsh and English. Wales has a population of 3,168,000 people as of 2016 With only about three million people and a sheep population three times larger, you might be forgiven for thinking that Wales is a dull place, populated only by drunkards with incomprehensible names and hairy ears

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  1. With a population of over 3 million people (3,000,000) in five regions (North West, North East, Mid Wales, South West and South East), Wales is known for its hills, mountains and lots of rain. A variety of sports are on offer, outdoors and beneath the ground at Zip World Slate Caverns, most notably its famous zip lines
  2. Here are 10 facts about Wales that may have passed you by 1. Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire. 2. As many as 23% of the entire Welsh population of Wales say they can speak some of the native language, while only 11% are fluent. 3
  3. Wales' Well-being of Future Generations Act is the first law in the world that addresses global problems like climate change, poverty health and inequalities
  4. Wales is called Cymru in Welsh. The country of Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain. Wales has a population of 3 million people as of 2011. English and Welsh are the two official languages of Wales
  5. Wales (Welsh: Cymru ()) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. It had a population in 2011 of 3,063,456 and has a total area of 20,779 km 2 (8,023 sq mi). Wales has over 1,680 miles (2,700 km) of coastline and is largely mountainous with its higher peaks in the north and.
  6. Facts about Wales you probably never knew before Wales; famous for its rugged coastline, mountainous National Parks and not forgetting the Celtic Welsh language. It's a pretty cool country to live in or to visit. Firstly, not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Welsh people are known as one of the friendliest
  7. utes. The ocean is part whale pee. The blue whale is the largest known creature to ever inhabit the planet. Whale vomit is used in perfumes

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He came back to Wales in 1845 and set up in Merthyr, where he converted at least 5,000 people. The religious census of 1851 records 28 Mormon congregations in Wales. In 1849, 326 Welsh Mormons. Interesting Facts About Wales English and Welsh are the two official languages of Wales. English is the most widely spoken language. Just over 3 million people live in Wales Wales (Cymru in Welsh) is a mountainous country on the western side of Great Britain. Wales is bordered by England to the east, the Bristol Channel to the south, St George's Channel in the west, and the Irish Sea to the north. Technically, Wales is a principality. This means that it is ruled by a prince

Wales (in Welsh is called Cymru) is a part of the United Kingdom, famous for its wealth of cultural and historical values. Here are 20 un-well-known facts about Wales that will definitely bring you lots of interesting information about this beautiful country Prepare to dive into these whale facts! Quick Facts. Essential Facts. Interesting Facts. Whales are the world's largest animals. Every single ocean on Earth is a whale habitat. Whales are mammals, meaning they are warm-blooded and breathe air. The 2 main types of whales are toothed and baleen In this video you can find seven little known facts about Wales. Keep watching and subscribe, as more British territories will follow!You can now support thi.. Wales profile. Wales is part of the United Kingdom, a country of western Europe. The other three parts of the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The people and the special language of Wales are called Welsh. In the Welsh language, Wales is known as Cymru. The capital of Wales is Cardiff October 08, 2018 Wales (in Welsh is called Cymru) is a part of the United Kingdom, famous for its wealth of cultural and historical values. Here are 20 un-well-known facts about Wales that will definitely bring you lots of interesting information about this beautiful country. 1

Interesting Facts About WALES Wales is one of the four nations in the United Kingdom, but its flag doesn't appear in the UK's flag, also known as the Union Flag. As a quick reminder, the UK flag is made up of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England's flags but not Wales. You might ask why was the Welsh flag excluded Wales, also known as Cymru, is part of the United Kingdom and well-known for its rich history and culture. Wales is actually a fascinating country with mysteries around every corner. Having started as the Celtic nation of Cymru, throughout the centuries it was bullied by the larger powers of the time, including the Romans and the English 10 Random Facts About Wales 10 Random Facts About Wales Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire. Only 21% of the entire Welsh population of Wales can speak the native language

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  1. utes. On average, whales can remain submerged for 20
  2. Interesting Facts 01 Whales are the world's largest animals. 02 Every single ocean on Earth is a whale habitat. 03 Whales are mammals, meaning they are warm-blooded and breathe air
  3. Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and is located in a wide peninsula in the western portion of the island of Great Britain. The island of Anglesey is also considered a part of Wales and is separated from the mainland by the Menai Strait
  4. Whales are the largest animals on Earth and they live in every ocean. The massive mammals range from the 600-pound dwarf sperm whale to the colossal blue whale, which can weigh more than 200 tons..
  5. Wales has all sorts of scenery, from rolling hills (that they call mountains) to crashing coastlines. The roads through some of this scenery are twisting and so narrow that two cars literally can't pass one another. And they're often littered with sheep
  6. Tucked away on the side of England, which most people have heard of, is the Principality of Wales,which is relatively little known. A land of extreme beauty and rich contrasts, it varies from windswept coastal dunes to the rugged mountain range crowned by Snowdon and the rounded Brecon Beacons

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Read some interesting facts about Wales. Welsh History. 1301 - After defeating the native princes of Wales, King Edward I of England named his son Prince of Wales. Since then the eldest son of the king or queen of England has traditionally been given this title. The First Prince of Wales. Edward I, King of England conquered Wales FACTS ABOUT WALES Wales is part of Britain and the United Kingdom. Its situated to the west of England and is around 170 miles (256 km) long and 60 miles (96 km) wide

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Blue whale facts for kids: learn about these mega mammals, with facts about blue whale size, characteristics, diet, range, behaviour and migration pattern Which whale has the biggest baby? Not surprisingly perhaps, the biggest mothers on earth give birth to the biggest babies. A newborn blue whale is 23 feet (7m) long and weighs up to three tons (5950lbs or 2700kg),which is about the size of a full grown hippo! For the first six or seven months of life, a baby blue whale drinks about 100-150 gallons (380-570 liters) of his or her mom's fat-laden. 13 Interesting Facts About Wales 1. 5 {Mb athout / ihount Evare/ gt wag M1/mu? mater Waighvmvx gir Qaorga Emmet rum Gwervxvaia, %ro, oov§hiro, (. Gerald of Wales (1146-1223). Gerald was born at Manorbier in Pembrokeshire with a Norman father and a Welsh mother—consequently, he reflected, he was not accepted by either side Wales has a coastline which is 1680 miles long, and the country itself is 20,779 km 2 large. The highest mountains in Wales are in Gwynedd, in the north-west, and include Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), which is the highest peak in Wales at 1085 m (3,560 ft)

Here are some facts about castles in Wales. There are over 400 castles in the small country of Wales. Some are in ruins and many date from the Middle Ages. Wales is said to have more castles for than any other country in Europe. Some of the most spectacular castles in Wales are those built in the 13th century by Edward I to control the Welsh Depends what you mean. Everyone uses Welsh words, every day, if you include things like place names. But according to the latest statistics (2011 census), around 562,000 people speak Welsh - that's around a fifth of the population.The Annual Population Survey reported that 28.3% of people aged three and over were able to speak Welsh. This figure equates to 855,200 people Wales is the land of mythical King Arthur, the famous Romano-British leader fighting against the invading Anglo-Saxons. Arthur's fortress, Camelot, is placed by both Geoffrey of Monmouth and Chrétien de Troyes in Caerleon, the site of one of the three Roman legionary forts in Britain (the others being Chester and York) Wales is a bilingual country Like Canada, Wales has two national languages, which are English and Welsh. But they take it a step further in that it's not just the government related buildings and signage that are also listed in Welsh; it's everything. Even in the grocery stores

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The location of this town is on the north coast of Wales. It is located within Conwy County Borough. In the past, the town sat on in Gwynedd. Based on the census in 2001, there were 14,208 people who lived in this community. Get other facts about Conwy below: Facts about Conwy 1: the popularity. Conwy is one of the most popular towns in Wales Facts about Wales. Facts about Wales. marianimonica April 08, 2021 41 plays; 0 faves; 2 copies; done Student answers. send Assign as HW. flag Problem? code Embed. Copy & Edit. favorite_border favorite Favorite. Say thanks Task description & scene summary. Task description: Listening comprehension.. Wales has a varied geography with strong contrasts. In the south, flat coastal plains gives way to valleys, then to ranges of hills and mountains in mid and north Wales

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Last updated on March 19th, 2020. England - the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles - is a country in the British Isles bordering Scotland and Wales.England's parliamentary system of government has been widely adopted by other nations. Below are 75 interesting facts about England that will help you learn more about this fascinating country!. The great food traditions of Wales stretch back centuries and often reflect an alchemic talent for cooking up something memorable from meagre ingredients. The country also benefits from a prodigious natural bounty sourced from land and sea. Find even more foodie travel guides, destination inspiration and restaurant reviews in our travel hub Wales has a big history and lots of legends... lots and lots of legends in fact. But you already know all that, don't you. Our colleagues at Walesonline have been busy finding a few facts about. Ten Interesting Facts About Castles in Wales Posted by danspencer1644 September 15, 2018 January 6, 2020 Posted in Blog Tags: Beaumaris , Caernarfon , Carew , Carreg Cennen , Conwy , Dinefwr , Kidwelly , Manorbier , Medieval Wales , Pembroke , Wales

The Fun Facts About Wales infographic uncovers some little-known facts about this wonderful country. The spacious landscapes are home to a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls, the incredibly high mountains of Snowdon, and rivers both long and short. A rather tall man was the last owner who lived in the smallest house in Wales Here are 10 facts about Snowdonia National Park: 1. Snowdonia National Parks is home to the highest mountain in England and Wales. Mount Snowdon stands at an impressive 1,085 metres or 3,560 feet. This makes it the highest mountain in England and Wales but not Britain; Ben Nevis in Scotland is slightly larger, at 1,385 metres high One of the most interesting facts about Caernarfon Castle is that the future king of England, Edward II, or Edward of Carnarvon, is believed to have been born at the castle on April 25, 1284. He was also made Prince of Wales in the year 1301. The tradition of the oldest son of the monarch becoming the Prince of Wales has been upheld until.

Cardiff is the capital and the largest city in of Wales. It is located within the historic county of Glamorgan (Morgannwg) on the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Taff, about 240 km (150 miles) west of London. As of October 2020, the population of Cardiff is about 375,000 people. The city covers a total area of 140 square kilometers (54 square miles) Top 10 Facts about Snowdonia National Park. Snowdonia National Park is an 823 square mile park situated in Wales, in Britain. In contrast to numerous public stops, this is a living and working region, with in excess of 26,000 lasting occupants

Islam is the largest non-Christian faith in Wales. According to the census of 2001, the religion had 22,000 members. The religion is thought to have experienced significant growth in the south of Wales when the City of Cardiff was among the largest coal exporting ports in the world Decades after Princess Diana's death, we're still obsessed with the beloved Princess of Wales. Here, interesting facts about Princess Diana you never knew St David - or Dewi Sant, as he's known locally, founded religious centres across Wales and England and then lived at St Davids in south west Wales, where he established a religious community and is said to have performed many miracles

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Not surprisingly, it is considered one of the strangest historical facts that Berengaria of Navarre, who was married to King Richard of England, had never once stepped on English soil!; Did you know that the Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence in the world that is still being used by the royal family and that the Buckingham Palace was built in 1702 on the site of an infamous brothel Fun Facts about Wales. More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. Article by 9GAG. 966. Funny Facts Weird Facts Crazy Facts Random Facts Random Stuff Facts About Wales Trivia Welsh Language Interesting Information Wales is a wild country, and dramatic coastlines, lush forests and plunging waterfalls await you in this fascinating corner of Great Britain. Before you pack your bags to head to this rugged paradise, there are a few tips and interesting facts you'll need to know. 877-332-6185. Show Menu

Here are the 13 facts about Wales we bet you didn't know! Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire. Only 21% of the entire Welsh population can speak the native language. Wales is believed to have more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world (that's 1 castle for every 7,500 people!) Facts about Whales. Top Whale Facts. There is certainly plenty of fascinating aspects about whales to be aware of. You may be surprised at some of the characteristics as well as behaviors of these delightful mammals. Humpback Whale Breaching. Photo courtesy of NOAA. Photo by Stan Butler. 1. Whales need to breathe ai May 3: Facts & Historical Events On This Day. 200 Fun Facts That You'll Love To Know. 20 Marvelous Facts About May The Fact Site is the number one source for the most interesting & random facts about animals, celebrities, food, films, games & so much more At the top of the food chain, whales play a vital role in the overall health of the environment. WWF documents and protects critical feeding and breeding areas, and migration routes of whales. We also work to help shift shipping lanes to limit noise and other disruptions for whales and other marine species

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Questions About Wales. 1. What flower is used as an emblem of Wales? Daffodil. 2. Which vegetable is used as an emblem of Wales? Leek. 3. Which three colours are used on the Welsh flag? Red, white and green. 4. Name the highest Welsh mountain. Snowdon. 5. On the border of England and Wales is an ancient earthwork which is also a well-known walk. Facts About Wales. There is no letter K, Q, V and Z in Welsh letters. Around 21 percent of the whole nation speaks the Welsh language. The 7 wonders of Wales consist of the 7 geographic and social historic arears in the country. The major sport in the country is football and rugby 12. If a person from South Wales is colloquially known as a 'Hwntw', what name is given to a person from North Wales? (Gog) 13. What is the capital city of Wales? (Cardiff or Caerdydd) 14. In what century was the Welsh language established? (6th Century) 15. In 2011, approximately how many sheep and lambs were there in Wales? (8.9 million) 16 Wales is a small nation located in the western part of Great Britain. English and Welsh are the two official languages, but Welsh is only spoken by about one-fifth of the population INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT WALES . 1: Wales ('Cymru' in Welsh) is a country within the United Kingdom covering an area of around 20,779 km2 with 1,200km of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. The highest mountain in Wales is Snowdon (known in Welsh as 'Yr Wyddfa'), which stands at 1,085 metres (3,560 feet) above sea level and is.

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Quiz / Trivia Questions on Wales Here are 17 Questions about Wales that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Nights at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers Facts About Humpback Whales By Alina Bradford - Live Science Contributor 27 April 2017 A humpback whale, part of the rorqual family of whales, swims in the ocean Facts about Cardiff tell you about the largest city in Wales. It also serves as the capital city of Wales. In United Kingdom, Cardiff is placed in the 10th position of the largest city. The National Assembly of Wales is located in the city. Based on the report in 2011, there were 346,000 people who lived in the unitary authority area of Cardiff Top Whale Facts for Kids. 1. Whales are mammals. This means that whale calves grow inside their mothers until they are born. Besides, they are nursed and taken care by their mothers until they reach certain age. 2. Whales breathe air as we do. Therefore, they need to reach the surface of the ocean to breathe because they cannot breathe.

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  1. You can get your kids excited for their holiday before arriving with our 12 fun facts for kids about this amazing country. 1. The Welsh for Wales is Cymru, and the motto for the country is Cymru am byth which means Wales Forever. 2. Wales has two official languages; Welsh and English
  2. In 1707 the Act of Union was signed, meaning Scotland, England and Wales were now a single state with one monarch (known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain). In 1745 Charles Edward Stuart, or 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' as he is often known, travelled to Scotland to reclaim the thrones that his grandfather, once king of England, Ireland and.
  3. Next week, royalty from around the world are expected to travel to Buckingham Palace on November 14th for a glittering banquet held in honor of Charles 70th birthday. To mark the occasion, we give you 15 facts you likely haven't heard about the Prince of Wales
  4. Islam is the largest non-Christian faith in Wales. According to the census of 2001, the religion had 22,000 members. The religion is thought to have experienced significant growth in the south of Wales when the City of Cardiff was among the largest coal exporting ports in the world
  5. The main reference to the 7 wonders of Wales relates to an anonymously written rhyme from days gone by. Within it are 7 locations across the northern part of the country that showcase Wales' beautiful and rugged landscapes, its rich culture and exceptional heritage

To mark The Prince of Wales's 70th birthday on 14th November 2018, here are 70 facts that you may not know about His Royal Highness. Early Life and Family. 1. HRH Prince Charles Philip Arthur George was born at Buckingham Palace on 14th November 1948 at 9.14pm, weighing 7lbs 6oz. 2 Princess Diana was a trailblazer, activist, style icon, and one of the most influential people of the 20th century.Although she lived much of her life in the spotlight, under oppressive scrutiny. Printable map of Wales and info and links to Wales facts, famous natives, landforms, latitude, longitude, maps, symbols, timeline and weather - by worldatlas.co

Facts about Coal Mining 7: Tower Colliery. Tower Colliery is located in South Wales Valley. It is considered as the UK oldest continuously worked deep mine. Facts about Coal Mining 8: coal mines in America. In the beginning of 18th century, the American people began to mine the coal. In 1730, the commercial coal mining began in Midlothian. Key Facts. Population: Around 3.15 million. Devolved Government with a First Minister, Cabinet and elected Assembly. Cardiff, the capital of Wales is under two hours on the train from London, with most journeys taking just 1hr and 50 mins

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Weird and wonderful facts about Anglesey. As we all know, Anglesey is a hugely popular tourist destination. Whilst most people who visit an area research the best pubs or attractions, I personally love knowing all sorts of titbits that give me a better grasp on the locals and the history of the place I'm about to spend time in Fun Fact number 2 was update on May 24, 2017. The prior version stated that Northern Ireland, along with England, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The correct fact is that since 1922, Northern Ireland, along with England, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland JIMMY WALES Facts: 20 FUN FACTS. American Internet entrepreneur, Jimmy Donal Wales was born on 7th August 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama. His father, Jimmy worked as a grocery store manager and his mother along with her grandmother worked at the House of learning. Wales took his early education there. From his childhood, Wales was very intellectual and was fond of reading

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Scottish Flag. Image credit - flags.net Scotland facts for Kids. 31. The world's first color photograph, that of a Tartan Ribbon, was taken in Scotland.. 32. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was born and brought up in Edinburgh.. 33. The most dramatic experiment of the 21st century happened in Scotland. The first successfully cloned lifeform, Dolly the sheep, was. For years, Wales has offered visitors wondrous sights unlike anywhere else in the UK. Tourists will experience anything from the retina-stretching mountainous ranges of Snowdonia and the otherworldly uniqueness of Portmeirion, to the wild and gloriously windswept Pembrokeshire Coast and the fabulously expansive golden beaches of the Gower Peninsula Recycling facts about Wales: • Wales is the world's third best recycling nation. We're first in the UK by a long way. • In Wales we recycle 65% of our waste. In 2009 this figure was 37%. • 55% of people in Wales are recycling more things this year compared to in 2019

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