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Cage dimensions If you are planning to have a chinchilla, they need space to move around. The best size should be 2 x 2 x 3 feet and is large enough to be roomy enough for two chinchillas. Now since a chinchilla needs a certain amount of space, a cage this small allows 12 cubic feet Setting Up the Chinchilla Cage with Accessories Accessories are part of setting up your chinchilla cage. It is tough to tell you the exact accessories you should get because every chinchilla and every chinchilla cage is going to be different. Some accessories, however, are must-haves Choosing a durable cage is extremely important because chinchillas have a very long lifespan and they chew, a lot. Cages made of plastic and anything other than metal tend to not last long with chinchillas due to their ever-growing incisors. Chewing on plastics can also cause long term health issues for your pet for obvious reasons

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  1. Chinchilla Cage Setup Setting up a chinchilla cage is easy to get wrong, because chinchillas are exotic pets. They have unique needs that new owners don't appreciate. Take plastic, for example: it's best not to include any in your chinchilla's cage as it will chew it, and could develop a gut blockage
  2. A chinchilla hammock is exactly what it sounds like. It's a small fabric hammock, often made of fleece. It can be hung near a platform, securely tied to the wire of the cage. The chinchilla can climb into it from the platform, rest in it, and leap down from it to the ground of the cage
  3. imum size of a chinchilla cage is three feet tall by two feet wide. Although this is the

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Chinchillas does not require any special care but you should provide them with an ideal living environment. An ideal habitat is the best chinchilla cage setup, which includes the cage and their essentials. For starters, the best chinchilla cage setup guide is the thing that you should know first First Step To Building A Chinchilla Cage Your first step will be to decide if you want a cage with solid sides and top or mesh sides and top. Also, will it have a solid base or a mesh base with a litter tray Once you found the best chinchilla cage, the following step is giving them the proper cage set up. #1 Best chinchilla cage setup. Chinchillas are nocturnal rodents; in the natural their environment is the relatively low temperature and humidity area. Since they are nocturnal, they also prefer to live in a quite place Hamiledyi 4 Pcs Natural Wood Hamster Stand Platform Rat Activity Playground Chinchilla Cage Accessories with Stainless Steel Washers for Bird, Parrot, Mouse, Gerbil and Dwarf. 4.4 out of 5 stars 101. $13.99 $ 13. 99 ($13.99/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 28 Hey guys! This is a very basic, simple video on how to properly set up a chinchilla cage!;)Find us on Instagram! @the_chinchilla_noteboo

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  1. The brand that speaks quality. Always try to find a manufacturer who specializes in the design and production of products for small pets. One manufacturer who does just that is Quality Cage Crafters specializing in designing and providing you with the best cages, chinchilla cages accessories, and foods for small pets. This brand's sole focus is to provide you with the best quality, safest.
  2. Chinchilla furniture is what we're categorizing shelves, houses, and other fixtures that may be used in a chinchilla cage or in a playpen for exercise time. These are essential for every chinchilla cage. Chinchillas love to hop, climb, hide, and chew, and they need this furniture to help meet all of their needs. Cage Shelves and Ledge
  3. Skill level: Intermediate Chinchilla Source shows you how to build a cage that helps contain the messes created by shavings, food, and droppings. The plan is fully customizable, so you can build it the size and shape that fits the space in your home. The instructions aren't detailed, but you will find that the cage design is simple enough to create, especially if you have building experience
  4. A chinchilla cage should be 3 Feet by 2 Feet by 2 Feet. The larger the chinchilla cage, the better. Chinchilla cages should be tall and wide to promote climbing, jumping, and running. All of these are natural behaviors and keep a chinchilla happy and healthy. You can about the proper cage sizing for chinchillas here. Can Chinchillas Have Bedding

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Set up the new cage is the aspect that should not be lookover. It is not advice to get the budget-friendly option to saving money, since your chinchilla can be the long-term companions with you. This is why in this post, we will give you some tips to properly choosing the perfect items for chinchilla's cage set up. Chinchilla New Cage Set Up Ledges, Hideout, Feeder, Bridge Options with Poop Guards Rat Degu Shelves Kiln Dried Pine Wood Hardware Included ChinSurfers 5 out of 5 stars (84) $ 138.00. Add to Favorites More colors Original Full Sets of Cage guards / Cage Poop Guards - SAFEST & MOST AFFORDABLE option for keeping the mess in!. Chinchilla Supplies and Information. Chinchillas are adorable exotic pets that make great companions for advanced pet owners (mostly adults). They do have a high upfront cost to purchase a chinchilla and all the necessary supplies and require special care that should be taken into consideration when deciding to add a chinchilla to your family

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Cages with 'multiple stories,' often referred to as 'condo cages,' allow your chinchilla to move in many directions and are recommended. Ramps lead from one 'floor' to the other. If your cage does not have multiple levels, a shelf high up in the cage, with a ramp leading to it, should be provided. Typically, chinchilla cages are made of wire mesh Chinchillas are active creatures and they can jump as high as 6 feet in a single leap. Make sure your cage provides a bare minimum of 12 cubic feet of space for two chinchillas and choose the largest multi-level cage you can afford and fit in your house

In order to create the best chinchilla cage setup, aside from some essential things such as bedding, water bottle, hay rack, food bold, etc you also should provide them the accessories to enhance their quality of life.. Although inessential and do not requires, your chinchilla can benefit from the accessories like hammock, pillow, decorations, etc The long, arduous, and very rewarding process of building your own custom chinchilla cage! It's incredibly easy to make changes to your cage once it's up and running, and your chinchillas will never look back at their old cages. It's not for everyone, and it's certainly time, energy, and money consuming, but it's a really great. How to Set Up Chinchilla Cages 2. Cedar shavings should not be used since it may cause respiratory problems in these animals. As noted earlier, Chinchillas cannot tolerate heat and are prone to get a heat stroke very quickly. Hence, always place the cage away from sunlight. During summer, it is very important to monitor the temperature of their. To the left is an example of a spacious cage set up for two Chinchillas. The cage pictured here is a Ferret Nation 182 single unit. ( click photo for shopping option ). This unit is large enough for 3-4 Chinchillas. The bar spacing is 1 wide making it safe for adult chinchillas, but chinchillas 3 months old and younger can easily get stuck in.

This cage has been a favourite cage for pet owners for a long time. It's sturdy and built to last. However you can't just take the cage out of the box and use it as it is. You will need to modify this cage to ensure the cage is safe for your chinchilla. First of all, the plastic pans and shelves and ladders have to go The chinchilla cage must be large enough for a chinchilla to be able to run and jump about (remember, chinchillas can just up to 6ft in the air). If the chinchilla's cage is too small they will suffer from various disorders such as depression, extreme anxiety and neurotic habits, which will result in the chinchilla pacing in circles or. The Grand Chinchilla Castle TM Price: $1,199 cage & cabinet Size: 60 w x 78t x 26d Whats to like? Urine Guard Bottom. Door panel nibble guards Caster wheels and folding handles for easy moving (4) cooling perches come FREE with this cage. Attractive wood tones & steel fittings and locks. Solid panel or wire mesh roof (your choice) Being active animals, chinchillas need a large, roomy cage, ideally with multiple levels. It's best to have a cage set up and ready to go before you bring your chinchilla home to make the transition to your home that much easier. In addition to the cage, you will need accessories including a nest box, water bottle, dust bath, and some toys to chew

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Cage - Chinchillas need room to run, hop, and jump; they are not meant to be kept in an aquarium. The general rule of thumb is 2-4 square feet of cage space per chinchilla. The best cages are wire with no plastic, or a wire cage with a plastic base. Regarding the size of the cage, height is better than width Make Your Chinchilla's Cage Bigger.: A little while ago we rescued a chinchilla. His cage came with him but it was just too small for such a busy little animal. He loved his time out of his cage but due to busy lives and kids with short attention spans he couldn't spend a I got a chinchilla today. I've wanted one for a very long time. I bought a 3-tiered cage (similar to a ferret cage) and the bottom has a grating above the tray with the bedding in it. I thought I read chinchillas like to dig in the bedding but obviously this isnt possible with this setup. I can remove the bottom if necessary. Any suggestions on a small dwelling for inside the cage The cheap cage with some chinchilla cage accessories included for saving money #4: Yaheetech 3 Tiers Large Cage Best - Highest cage. 3. 175 cm height for active chinchillas #5: Midwest Homes for Pets Deluxe Small Animal Cage - Best Large Chinchilla Cage. 4. Large internal space with double story. Ideal for more than one chinchillas Superior Chinchilla Cage Setup With Tons Of Wood Ledges And Hideouts I Love The Lengthy Wood Bridge At The Backside Of Chinchilla Cage Chinchilla Pet Chinchilla . There are a lot of extra however that ought to. What to place in a chinchilla cage. The sections had been constructed such that the facet panels match between the back and front.

The amount of space a chinchilla needs to live a healthy and happy life might surprise you. But once you factor in cage accessories and their active nature, a small enclosure will start to feel claustrophobic quickly, so keep this in mind when getting your large Chinchilla cage setup Lovely two degree chinchilla cage setup with plenty of picket ledges and hideouts. Chinchilla cage concepts. Benefit from the movies and music you're keen on add authentic content material and share all of it with mates household and the world on YouTube. Sep 8 2020 - Discover Jessi Wilberss board Ferret Nation cage Chinchilla on Pinterest It is dangerous to house a mother and kits in a large tall cage. Kits can easily climb cage bars, resulting in falls from high heights. Once kits are weaned, they get pampered in pet cages while growing up to prepare for show. An example of my cage setup can be see below Cleaning your chinchilla cage Chinchillas can be messy animals that need regular weekly cleaning sessions. You will need to change out the bedding of your chinchilla cage once a week and sweep up any droppings on the platforms. You will also need to clean out their food bowl at this time as well

This chinchilla cage is the perfect choice for owners with multiple pets. Two options are available measuring 37-inches by 52-inches tall. SUPER DEAL 37.2'' Ferret Cage Chinchilla Guinea Pig Small Animal Cage - 4 Tiers - 3 Ladders - 2 Front Doors - Food Bowl - Water Bottle - Slide Out Trays - Swivel Casters Chinchillas are native to Chile and Peru. In the wild they live in groups and make their home in burrows and natural outcroppings and crevices. These small, cute rodents have plush, soft coats of fur. They weigh around 1 to 1.5 pounds and can be up to a foot long. They have rounded ears and eyes on either side of

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May 30, 2017 - Beautiful two level chinchilla cage setup with lots of wooden ledges and hideouts Comments Off on Need A Chinchilla Cage Setup Idea? - If I Can Do It, You Can Do It! October 6, 2018 Chinchilla Cages / Chinchilla Care / Chinchilla Diet & Feeding / Equipment & Accessories / Handling / Health & First Aid. Chinchilla Care Sheet Chinchilla Cages Free Shipping On All Cages! (lower 48 states/retail orders only) Check out the Exotic Nutrition Cage Comparison for a quick guide on what differentiates our 10+ cages. These cages are made of heavy-duty wrought iron, which is far superior compared to the thin, low-grade metal bird cages on the market being marketed towards exotics and small animals Once you get the best chinchilla cage and come to set up the cage, you may got confuse about what are good to add to the cage. If you are having a hard time finding toys specifically for chinchillas or lack of cage equipment, this post may helps you by giving you some accessories ideas. Read More »Accessories ideas for the best chinchilla cage


2. Get your chinchillas cage all set up and ready to go. You will need a food dish, water bottle, wood shelves and your chinnie would love it if you got him/her a wood house. 3. Contact KISS to ask any questions you may have, discuss the chinchilla you are interested in, discuss transportation. 4 Above are pictures are most of our set-up. We have switched over to mostly Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages, with the additional cages kept being mostly Quality Cages and Martins Cages. For the most part, the cages are lined up against the wall, with supplies on the shelves under the FNs/CN

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  1. Your Chinchillas Cage- Find ways to set up your cage and make it safe and fun for your chinchilla. Proper diet for chinchillas- Learn how to ensure your chinchilla is getting the best diet so they can live a long life. Health and Behaviour
  2. A chinchilla needs a safe home that gives him places to play, explore, and sleep. With the correct cage, bedding, toys, and other accessories your pet will enjoy his home and will be happy and healthy. Chinchillas are very social and do well in pairs and groups. Since they do need a lot of social interaction, having
  3. Now that you know what a right Chinchilla cage entails you can go ahead and buy one that suits your budget and meet your pets' needs. Our review of the 7 Best Chinchilla cages in 2019 will make your search for the best cage a breeze. The cages are affordable, durable and don't compromise on your chinchillas' safety, comfort, and health

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  1. g is far superior compared to the thin, low-grade metal bird cages on the market. Check out the Exotic Nutrition Cage Comparison for a quick guide on what differentiates our 10.
  2. I have 2 male chinchillas with huge cage and EVERYTHING that you need for them. I'm having to sell due to my son's allergies. These gorgeous fur babies are tame, love being stroked and the pearl grey will even happily sit on your shoulder while you make a brew
  3. Jun 22, 2018 - Chinchilla cage setup ideas, showcases and recommendations. See more ideas about chinchilla cage, chinchilla, cage
  4. Housing & Cage Setup. Temperature - Degus prefer temperatures below 70 degrees, and require air-conditioning in the summer. If they are kept in a room above 72-74 degrees, they can get heatstroke and die. Degus use chinchilla bath dust to clean their fur. Your degu should get dust baths at least twice a week. Chinchilla dust is sold at.
  5. imum of $100

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If you're bringing home your very own cute new baby chinchilla, you need to make sure his cage is safe for him. The last thing you want is an accident or injury caused by an improper cage setup. As long as you're careful and do your research, there's no reason why your chinchilla's cage shouldn't be perfectly safe MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit X-large measuring 47.16L x 23.62W x 19.68H inches is one of large indoor cage you can buy for not just your bunnies but also ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small animals Cage set up is expensive! A chinchilla needs a place to sleep/hide, multiple safe ledges, chew toys of wood, pumice, and other safe materials, an exercise wheel or flying saucer, a food bowl, a hay rack, a safe water bottle (glass), and a place to take dust baths. Expect to spend $300 or so at first, on top of the cost of the chin itself Chinchillas also require a dust bath with chinchilla bathing dust in it for hygiene, and an optional small animal litter box setup with chinchilla-safe litter can help you keep the cage a little fresher between deep cleans Chinchilla w/ entire setup (Redding) < image 1 of 2 > his cage, and all the supplies for him...so I'm trying to ask for a $600 rehoming fee , he will come with his cage and everything you need for him! If you're interested please contact me at 5three0-6three8-15six

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  1. What can i do better on my cage setup ( what can i add to make it better) Close. 14. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. What can i do better on my cage setup ( what can i add to make it better) We are a community of breeders and knowledgeable pet owners. We love to see cute pics of your chinchillas, but the main emphasis will be on chinchilla.
  2. Chinchillas can be housed in pairs, colonies, or polygamous units, although colony housing is not advised for breeding chinchillas. 37 The cage setup for polygamous units was described earlier. Chinchillas are very tolerant of cold but sensitive to heat. The ambient temperature range to which chinchillas are adapted is 18.3° to 26.7°C (65.
  3. Shop for Chinchilla Cages in Small Animals. Buy products such as PawHut DIY Pet Playpen Wire Rabbit Cage for Kitten, Chinchillas, & Small Animals with 6 Independent Trays at Walmart and save
  4. Best Cages for Your Chinchilla. When considering what kind of cage to get for your chinchilla, consider the fact that these adorable creature love to climb and jump. They also enjoy running around and playing in their cages. For this reason, a cage that is higher then it is wide, is a better choice

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Mar 30, 2016 - Chinchilla Cage Set-up By Candice #chinchillacage Ins: @IMCANDICE. A full cage set up is $165. This cage will hold 1-2 Chinchillas nicely and is great for those just starting out. Each cage comes with bedding, hay, extra feed, dust, chew sticks, mini chin chiller, duster, feed bowl and carrier Walk in Playtime Cages. 200cm x 200cm 180cm. Square tubing frame, welded mesh(13x25x1.2mm), Panel size 1.8m x 2m - 2mx2m 1 entrance gate R4150. Enclosure

chinchilla cage. This advert is located in and around Okehampton, Devon. chinchilla cage surplus to requirements.height 43.5inch, width 31.5inch,depth 21inch.cage on wheels 7inch to floor.just requires a few wooden shelves.plastic tray at bottom chewed, easily repairable Pet Chinchilla Air Conditioner: Purpose:1. Some pets, like Chinchillas, need to be kept cool, and the summer in Japan (and many other places) is too hot. 2. Using an air conditioner to cool a whole room continuously uses a lot of electricity. Cooling only a cage would draw far

This camping table is made of kiln dried pine boards and comes with a steel bowl. It will be a great addition to your fluffs cage setup. Measurements: Width: 20 cm (8) Length: 30.5 cm (12) Height: 14 cm (5.5) Shipping: I ship within 3 business days after receiving payment. Shipping rates includ Set up a home sweet home for your chinchillas. What do you need to create the perfect home for your chins? A spacious chinchilla cage that features lots of climbing and jumping opportunities, tasty chinchilla food and things to gnaw on, a chinchilla dust bath and some cosy nest boxes - check out what else is on your small pets' wish list.. The Cage . The larger the cage, the better. The minimum floor space is about 24 by 24 inches, and a tall cage is best; if possible, get a tall cage with shelves and ladders that allow the chinchilla to climb. Wire is the best cage material, and avoid plastic cages or accessories and chinchillas chew and destroy plastic readily

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Chinchillas need a cage that's at least 64 x 61 x 91cm (25 x 24 x 36). This is the minimum requirements based on housing one chinchilla and it's always better to go bigger if possible. Whilst some chinchilla pairs will co-exist in a cage that size, this really is the absolute minimum for two and due to the confined space you may find serious. If the mother's current cage is not of safe mesh width (1″ x ½ -OR- ¾ x ¾ for the cage walls and ½ x ½ for floors, shelves, and ramps), then a cage that does have safe mesh width will need to be purchased immediately.Otherwise, the kits will walk right out of the cage they're in, and on the outside, almost anything can injure or kill them

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I just set up my chin travel cage, and I am so happy, but I already knew it'd be awesome because I have had a chinchilla townhouse, upgraded to the mansion, and now got the travel cage just to have, and I feel so much better having it. I really think every chin owner should have this travel cage The chinchilla cage should be set up in a room that your other pets will not be allowed to access at any time. Having an off-limits chinchilla area will greatly reduce the risk of physical harm to your chinchillas from your other pets. Chinchillas are a prey animal, and other house pets such as dogs and cats are predators Don't breed chinchillas if you don't have the appropriate cage setup for your chinchillas. Check out our links page and talk to other chinchilla breeders and learn more about what you're committing to when you breed chinchillas. Others have been breeding chinchillas for years and years. We have only been keeping chinchillas since February 2002. V irtually barren steel cages, isolation, lack of veterinary care, and painful medical procedures, including limb amputations performed without anesthesia, were the reality for hundreds of chinchillas at Valley View Chinchilla Ranch. More than 400 chinchillas—who were slated for slaughter so that their fur could be turned into hats, scarves, coats, and blankets—have been rescued and will. This cage in our opinion is 'hands down' the best cage you can house your chinchilla in. Even though the name of this cage is 'duel level' it's actually over 4 different levels, which are great for your chinchilla. This along with the fact that the dimensions are 36″L x 24″W x 63″H means that adding a second chinchilla is simple and there's no need to purchase another cage

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Custom made for Ferret Nation and Critter Nation Chinchilla cages. Make clean-up easy with these chinchilla safe fleece liners for ramps, ledges, and pans. Article by Exotic Animal Supplies. 191. Ferret Toys Pet Ferret Pet Rats Ferrets Care Cute Ferrets Chinchillas Ferret Nation Cage Critter Nation Cage Cage Rat Apr 1, 2014 - feffc183c283005e811c764054cb22d8.jpg 720×960 pixel Therefore it's important to ensure your cage has the correct set up to provide both a sense of security, as well as mental stimulation. Listed below are the required items and then the optional items you might like to include in your chinchilla's cage, along with links to where you can buy these from Cage construction and setup . First and foremost, you need to make sure that your baby chinchilla's cage is safe and won't cause your pet any injury. A chinchilla's cage is its home, and it needs to be a place which makes them feel secure and comfortable. The cage should be large enough for your pet to jump around and feel happy Habitat: (Cage set up is very important) These crazy little rodents require a lot of exercise and as such would benefit from having a large cage with different levels to jump around from and exercise their legs. Sleeping huts made of wood are a great idea to help your little chinchilla feel safe and provide a clean dry area for them to slumber

For breeding purposes, chinchillas may be housed as pairs or in polygamous units. Breeders set up the cages so that females have separate cages and males can freely run between the cages in a common runway where they can go into an open door to a female at will I like to give the chinchillas free time in the room every week as I change their cages. The best alternative to breeding runs is a colony setup (one male and several females in a single cage). This is a fantastic setup when it works. Just be aware that conflicts between the chinchillas can emerge, even after some time Apr 21, 2014 - Carol Ann- Your cage! I am LUSTING after it! I adopted my two chins last August and they came with a pretty great set up (converted wooden wardrobe), but it..

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Try getting lots of chew toys, things like bells that make sounds, etc. But attatch them to the cage so they stay still, especially since chins like to 'rearange.' I saw someone else said to put things like toilet paper rolls and paper cups in his.. Rearrange the cage's setup. When you're ready to place your chinchilla's equipment back in the cage, rearrange the setup from what it was like before. Chinchillas like to explore new settings and rearranging the cage's setup will keep them happy and active Chinchilla Cage - One of the most important areas of chinchilla care will be their cage set up as a chinchilla will spend most of its life within the cage environment. This link provides information on the various cage types, together with cage essentials a chinchilla will need

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Wood Swing - Rat Swing - Chinchilla Swing - Rat Toy - Chinchilla Toy - Cage Accessory. This listing is for a handmade wood swing. This swing is made of untreated pine, sanded to be clean and soft. The bottom is lined with hardware cloth to allow for little accidents to fall through. Theses are a great way for a ratty to hang and chew (which. The small animal cage features 7/8 bar spacing, which is comfortable and safe for small creatures like rats, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and even kittens to live, hang out and play. The 2-story critter cage measures with the rolling stand, providing large living and playing space for pets and easy maneuverability

How to Set Up a Chinchilla&#39;s Cage: 7 Steps (with Pictures)Small Animal Highlight: Chinchilla! - Alexandria Pet Care

Chinchilla cage set-up. March 17, 2016 March 17, 2016 Leave a comment. A chinchilla is a very smart and curious animal. Therefore, their cages must be set up properly so that they always have something interesting to do and are always stimulated. The minimum size of a chinchilla cage is three feet tall by two feet wide The Prevue 495 Chinchilla Cage is a large multilevel cage that features unique metal ramps and platforms for unprecedented durability. A handy tray catches all debris and pulls out for easy cleaning. This tray then locks in place with a stable wind-bell lock. A large front access door allows easy access for cleaning and managing your chinchilla cage Chinchillas eat specialized pellets; these are a good base diet for them. In addition, good quality hay (timothy, orchard grass and prairie grass) is extremely important to a chinchilla's digestive tract. A pellet-only diet does not provide enough fiber for chinchillas. Chinchillas need a cage that is safe and secure Set up a Chinchilla Cage Habitat. When setting up your chinchilla's cage, it is very important to hang their water bottle on the outside as this prevents chewing, which can cause leaking, and removes the possibility of the chinchilla knocking it down while running around their cage. Chinchillas are very active and will run around their cage. Jeanette, If you are having concerns about your female chinchilla still having problems from birthing, you may need to take her to a vet. It could be that the afterbirth is still in her uterus. It sounds to me like you hve a great cage set up for her. But, I would be careful about using pine shavings This medium-large ledge is great for chinchillas who like to nap alone. $15. 16 Luxury Ledge. This is a perfect combo to outfit or modify a new cage or to revamp an old setup. And to distract your fur baby from chewing those nice new ledges, we've managed to fit some of our ever popular chew toys in the nooks and crannies..

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