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clear braces vs silver braces vs invisalign I know ceramic braces won't do anything to reduce my chances of squares but I'm basically just wondering if since it's almost see through, do you think I'd be able to tell if the tooth under the ceramic brackets is a different color than the rest of my tooth after awhile Welcome to /r/braces! A support group for questions and discussion on the topic of braces! Please look over the rules before posting or commenting and don't forget to check out the Braces Guide pinned at the top of the subreddit. Many questions can be answered through the Guide or search bar So I choose between braces again (5k) OR Invisalign (1,800-2k) obviously I go with Invisalign. WELL - They didn't make it clear they were going to fucking CHIZZLE DOWN MY FUCKING BOTTOM TEETH IN ORDER FOR THE INVISALIGN TO PROPERLY MOVE THE TEETH. They mentioned CREATING SPACE WHICH EQUALS OUT TO .2 mm or somethin The clear tray technique used by Invisalign and others initially was marketed as a way to treat relapsed orthodontic cases. That is for people who already had conventional braces and maybe didn't wear retainers and had a minor amount of relapse

2. The Clear Braces. Clear braces are great for the kids because they do not have to worry about everyone noticing. They also are available for adults, and you will not feel as uncomfortable with your braces as you would have in the past. Clear braces are something that you must ask about because orthodontist's hear requests for them all the. Calling all Invisalign users and any clear aligner user in the UK! We're conducting a 1:1 user research to try to understand the treatment process (and challenges) of Invisalign current or completed patients. All bites & smiles welcome. Let me know if you're up for it for this week/next week! It's a £100 Amazon voucher for 45-60 min of time Hey all - I looked online and noticed that there are so many different invisible aligner options: Invisalign, SmileDirectClub, Candid, EasySmile Clear braces are similar to traditional metal braces, except they have clear brackets instead of metal ones. This makes them less noticeable, and a more popular choice for adults who want to straighten their teeth more discreetly. Clear brice are more discreet than metal braces Clear aligners are designed to function much in the same way as traditional metal braces—by moving your teeth gradually over time. And clear aligners that require regular dentist supervision, like ClearCorrect and Invisalign, have a similar process at the beginning as well

Clear braces stain as a result of dark, deeply colored foods and drinks like coffee, wine, tea, and even tomato sauce. The dark pigments in these foods can leak into the material of the elastic bands, causing them to stain. The best way to prevent staining is by avoiding these foods and drinks in the first place Ceramic braces use brackets and wires to straighten teeth, much like traditional braces. The brackets in ceramic braces, however, are clear, which makes them much less visible than traditional braces The very first company to develop invisible clear braces, Invisalign is responsible for making clear braces possible. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign is similar to the process for traditional braces - except no one will know you're wearing braces. You'll need to make regular visits to a licensed orthodontist who offers Invisalign

Clear braces are usually made of ceramic material ATTACHED to your teeth. This is one of the reasons why people love clear aligners; you can actually removed them. It has some kind of psychological effect on people to know they can remove them even though they are supposed to wear them 22 hours per day Clear Correct Braces Overview Clear Correct has many things in common with Invisalign. It is a method of straightening the teeth that involves wearing a clear plastic aligner for a set period. Usually, a person will need to wear the ClearCorrect aligners for at least 22 hours a day Shop custom made teeth retainers, sport mouth guards, night guards, whitening gel, bleaching trays and more at low costs! Made in the U.S.A. with fast shipping and amazing customer service

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'Clear braces' are like conventional metal braces but with clear brackets (and sometimes tooth-coloured wires). Many people also include clear (or 'invisible') aligner braces in this category, since they also are made from clear material. Both types of brace do an effective job of straightening misaligned teeth in an inconspicuous way Most people are required to wear their clear braces for up to 22 hours a day until an orthodontist deems the treatment plan complete. Treatment time varies from person to person, but most people see full results within one to two years Clear aligners are a solution for patients seeking a more discreet orthodontic treatment than conventional braces, as they do not use brackets or wires. Clear aligners are a modern and near-invisible method for correcting mild to moderate orthodontic problems. They align teeth just as braces do, but using a transparent, removable aligner

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Avoid sticky food items Foods that can get stuck around the braces easily are not recommended. Some of them include soft candies, popcorn, and caramel. Also, stay away from hard foods like carrots, nuts, etc. as they can warp the braces This is just a chatty video about my thoughts on clear and metal braces. Since I have both, I'm able to give me thoughts on both. Hopefully this video helps. How to Keep Clear Braces From Staining. If you currently wear clear braces, then you know exactly how difficult it is to keep your clear braces from getting stained. However, there is a way to keep your ceramic braces stain free and enjoy a beautiful smile while straightening your teeth at the same time Clear Braces for Adults Change your smile without changing your lifestyle. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy the little things while straightening your teeth. Live free and clear with 3M™ Clarity™ Clear Braces Virtually unnoticeable and comfortabl

The clear aligner system is not only less expensive than traditional braces, but is often also faster. Though the duration of treatment will vary case-by-case as the treatment program depends on several factors, including the extent of the individual customer's alignment needs, byte offers one of the quickest teeth straightening programs Traditional Braces: The cost of traditional brace treatment varies depending on the difficulty of treatment, your location, and your orthodontist's pricing. The average cost of traditional braces (without insurance) is between $1,800 and $5,500. Follow-Up Visits Clear Aligners Braces colors can be a lot of fun, especially for younger wearers. But as you get older, you may want something a bit less noticeable. For that, there are invisible braces, also known as clear aligners. They have no metal parts and are made from transparent plastic so they really are quite hard to notice Damon Clear braces are resistant to staining and do not use elastic ties, providing a superior aesthetic solution for patients. *Actual patients wearing Damon Clear. Learn More The Damon System uses gentle forces designed to protect the health of your teeth and gums while in treatment. The Damon System achieves a smile that is more than.

Clear braces do tend to be more expensive than traditional metal braces, but they can be more affordable than other clear alternatives such as Invisalign aligners. Cons of Clear Braces. Clear braces tend to have bigger brackets than traditional braces. As a result of the larger size, it may be more challenging to clean around your brackets Clear ceramic braces need to have proper care and cleaning or they could stain from such foods as coffee, curry, or colored fruit drinks and sodas. 2. These types of braces are made from alumina compounds that are strong and non-porous Clear braces are becoming a popular choice compared to traditional wire braces because they are clear, discreet, comfortable and removable! Invisalign (a brand of clear braces) is a removable, clear retainer made of a thermoplastic material called SmartTrack. A new retainer mould is created every 2-4 weeks as the teeth move into the correct spot

Get easy-to-read rankings, facts, and breakdowns of Invisible Braces companies. At-a-glance see real reviews by real people for Invisible Braces companies New clear braces (image via realself.com) I got clear braces and I actually like them so far. It's only been 4 days and so far they are not as painful as I thought they would be. My teeth were only sore for the first 48 hours. They didn't give me an estimate but I'm hoping to be done within 6-9 months While there are so many benefits to choosing Invisalign aligners for your orthodontic treatment, if you don't take care of them properly, you will find yourself more embarrassed about your mouth than if you had chosen metal braces.. This is because if not cleaned properly, you could be dealing with discoloration of the aligners and a buildup of bacteria that causes an odor and affects the. RELATED |An argument for clear aligners and clear braces. Benefits of Invisalign. The use of Invisalign is an efficient method for tooth movements that are not too complicated. A set of clear, computer-generated trays is ideally worn 24 hours a day with change-outs every two weeks. There are certain trays that can last for six months to one year With some direct-to-consumer companies, you might pay as little as $1,500. With traditional metal braces, your final expenses can be upwards of $8,000, depending on the severity of your particular case. While wearing invisible braces, you need to comply with the 22-hours-a-day method in order to experience the full benefit

The clear color isn't fooling anyone. Silver is the only way to go. 3. And if you do happen to find a poor soul that shares in your braces struggle, there's always that irrational fear that. ClearCorrect straightens crooked teeth with a series of customized, clear plastic aligners. Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect aligners are a less noticeable alternative to metal braces.Over time, they can correct crossbites, crowding, spacing issues, excessive overjets (when your upper teeth are too far forward), and other orthodontic issues Six Month Smiles Invisible Aligners and Clear Braces are designed to straighten your teeth in about 6 MONTHS. Affordable. Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than traditional braces or aligners due to shorter treatment time. Most providers have payment plans suitable for every budget

With braces, you're using metal brackets and wires to mold and shape your teeth. Invisible braces use a set of BPA-free plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth as the molds get closer and closer to your desired smile. Reddit Reviews of Byte vs Invisalign Byte works just as the other clear aligner companies, such as Candid and. Many people want a straighter smile, and they want it fast, discreetly, and easy. Over the past decade, orthodontic treatment has evolved quickly, and today discreet options like clear braces and clear aligner therapy are increasing in popularity. Aligners quickly rose in popularity in most orthodontic offices. However, there is another side to clear aligner therapy outside of the orthodontist. Lingual braces This type is mounted on the insides of your teeth, making them nearly invisible. Clear aligners. Sold as Invisalign, ClearCorrect and other brands, these are especially popular with.

Clear Damon braces are usually worn by older teens and adults concerned with the cosmetic appearance of their braces. However, patients of any age can wear Damon Clear braces. Other than the color and material used for the brackets, there is no difference in length of treatment, treatment quality, or results between metal and clear braces 1. Choose Low-Cost Braces if Possible. Traditional braces or metal braces are generally the least expensive option compared to removable aligners or lingual braces and effectively correct most orthodontic issues. Traditional braces now come in various models - stainless steel, tooth-colored ceramic, and even gold-colored


The varying tiers reflect the number of Invisalign ® aligner treatments prescribed by a doctor, ranging from fewest (Bronze) to most (Diamond Plus). Valued Invisalign Providers (VIP) are a subset of orthodontists who have historically treated a greater percentage of cases in their practice with Invisalign clear aligners Braces are often a good option for kids and teens, since they might be tempted to remove less permanent options like aligners. Consistency is key for moving teeth to their correct positions. Aligners (Invisalign) Aligners like the popular Invisalign are a newer, more flexible form of orthodontic treatment. A series of clear, removable trays are.

Nighttime Clear Aligners ® is the first aligner system on the market that safely allows customers to wear clear aligners for only 10 continuous hours per night. Wearing Nighttime Clear Aligners ® while you sleep is more convenient to many people's lifestyle While invisible braces or clear aligners are generally more popular among adults, Invisalign notes that its technology is a great option for people of all ages. The clear aligners with precision wings can help fix class II malocclusions — this is where the upper and lower jaw don't line up Even if you're self-conscious about your braces, don't be afraid to smile - people actually notice your mouth more when it's clear that you're trying to hide something. Plus, braces are very common, so there's no reason to be ashamed of them. 069055125939|069055125205 Related Articles. How to Brush Your Teeth and Floss With Braces Invisalign Express: Invisalign Express is for those who only have minor to moderate malocclusion, and so don't really need the Full treatment.. Express treatment can involve either five or ten aligners, depending on the amount of teeth straightening you need. Express 5 (five aligners) can cost between $1,500 and $3,000, and the Express 10 (10 aligners) can cost $2,500 to $5,000

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Get clear braces without in-office visits for thousands less than a traditional orthodontist. Get started with a free scan at a Candid Studio. Limited time: 65% off starter kits and $100 off aligners purchased in studio The average length of time for clear braces to work is between 9 and 18 months. For traditional brace patients, the average time is 18-36 months. As you can see, there's a huge difference. There are many more benefits to clear braces which you an view on the Alignerco website. Their article about clear braces details everything you could ever.

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Get clear aligners for up to 60% less than braces.** Pricing for everyone. SmileDirectClub believes a smile you'll love shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why we offer two convenient ways to pay up to 60% less than braces.** Pricing for everyone Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces, has been chosen by about 5,000,000 people who want amazing smiles. There is an Invisalign cost calculator form Invisalign company. However, It is best to call our office (954) 432-7771 so we can perform a complimentary Invisalign insurance verification, better explain our payment plans, and/or the.

Diesel Presents When Together Collection For SS21. Indigo Rope Dyeing : Some Important Technical Considerations. News; About; Our Show *OPEN ME FOR MORE INFO* Watch in 1080HD Evaluation Kit Discount Code: KYMASMILE Smile Direct Club website: https://smiledirectclub.com _ WATCH THESE VIDEOS E.. Clear aligners cost in Malaysia (like Invisalign braces and ClearPath braces) What it is: A set of 10 or so retainers which you have to wear consistently; each set adjusts the teeth a little bit straighter than the last one

A flexible savings account, or FSA, is an account you may be able to use to pay for certain medical, dental, and orthodontic costs, including Invisalign clear aligners. Your FSA is managed by your employer, and you pay money into the account throughout the year, usually through a deduction from your paycheck. You may set aside up to $2,600. ReportsnReports.com the exclusive leading provider of market research reports published research report on Global Clear Aligner (Invisible Braces) Market Research Report 2021. The Global report on Clear Aligner Market delivering key insights and providing a competitive advantage to clients through a detailed report Clear braces — also called clear aligners, invisible aligners, or invisible braces — are a clear and removable alternative to traditional braces. Braces consist of metal brackets and archwires, while clear aligners look similar to retainers and are made of thin, BPA-free plastic invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults. find an invisalign trained orthodontist near you today Nighttime Clear Aligners from SmileDirectClub are here, and many customers will now be able to get a smile they'll love with only 10 hours of continuous nightly wear. If you're eligible, you could transform your smile in an average of 10 months by wearing clear aligners while you sleep, and for a cost of up to 60% less than traditional braces

Proper compliance is critical to achieving a healthy, happy smile with Invisalign clear braces! There are various methods to clean your Invisalign aligners - you don't have to stick to one method. In fact, the best way to protect your aligners is to brush them, rinse them, and soak them regularly Get easy-to-read rankings, facts, and breakdowns of Invisible Braces companies. Let our ranking algorithm find you the best Invisible Braces company

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  1. Damon Clear braces: Damon Clear braces are made from ceramic, and are similar to traditional clear braces—the bracket is transparent, so the braces are much less noticeable on your teeth. The difference between Damon ceramic braces and other brands is the lack of visible metal parts and elastic ties, making them even less noticeable
  2. SmileDirectClub (SDC) was the first popular cheaper alternative to Invisalign braces to make its mark on the teeth straightening market. It entered the clear aligner race in 2014, advertised as a convenient and cheap alternative to Invisalign
  3. An alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign uses a series of removable clear aligners to straighten teeth and correct gaps, crowding, and mild bite issues.Made of a flexible plastic that fits snugly over your teeth to gradually adjust their position, the aligners (aka trays) are worn 24/7, except for when eating, drinking, or brushing teeth
  4. Damon braces use wires and brackets, while Invisalign uses a series of clear aligner trays that fit over your teeth and gradually move them into the desired position. Braces really grab a hold of your teeth, while Invisalign kinda squeezes your teeth. Both ways can work, but in some cases, braces are a better choice, says Dr. Sutliff
  5. A second option for conventional braces switches out metal for clear or tooth-colored ceramic. Abdolahi says her practice even experimented with white-colored wires, but that the pigment wore off.
  6. Would you like: a). Clear braces, that will stain as soon as you drink orange juice? b). Metal braces that will make you look like a robot? c) Coloured braces that will make you look 9-years-old

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  1. Ceramic braces are an aesthetic alternative to metal braces. They have a similar treatment time to metal brackets (18-24 mos) and come with their own list of cons. Orthodontics Underbite: Causes, How to Fix, Symptoms, in Children
  2. Invisalign is a great option for those who don't want to go with the traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is less painful and more convenient, making it easy to take out your treatment, in order to eat and brush your teeth, something that is absolutely impossible with traditional braces. It is still an orthodontic treatment, however, and to get the most.
  3. One of the advantages of Invisalign over braces is better hygiene. Without caring for the teeth before placing the aligners, it becomes a moot point, says Dr. Lance Timmerman, a Seattle dentist, in a RealSelf Q&A. 12. It's easy to care for your aligners. Dentists recommend brushing your aligners with toothpaste or sometimes just water
  4. Braces Can Help Improve Bruxism but It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better. If your teeth are misaligned, this could be the root cause of your teeth grinding. The good news is, in many cases, orthodontic treatment with braces is enough to stop your nighttime grinding. The bad news is, it often gets worse before it gets better
  5. **60% less than braces claim based on Single Pay vs. average total fees (including diagnostics and in-person exams) for treatment of mild-to-moderate malocclusion with braces as reported in a national survey of practicing orthodontists. Price comparison does not include the cost of additional services, such as retainers. Results may vary
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Removing your braces after a couple or more years is certainly a reason to smile, but to retain that smile, your retainer needs to be your best friend. A retainer is a custom-made dental appliance designed to keep teeth in place after braces finally come off Removable clear plastic retainers (Invisalign, Essix, and Zendura) Polyurethane or a type of plastic: $400-800 for both arches (not including Invisalign treatment) Up to 2 years - Fitted to your exact bite - Clear (not noticeable during speech) - Easy to remove for brushing, flossing, etc. - More comfortable than other option Braces can help to treat a variety of conditions that impact your teeth and jaw. They use force to help move your teeth and jaw into new positions. This force is applied by an archwire that runs.

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Traditional braces, or newer lingual braces, have a lot going for them. Some of the pros of braces are: Suitable for All Treatments. With braces it doesn't matter how difficult your case is. You may have multiple dental and facial issues that need correcting - braces can be used to fix each one so you finish treatment with an incredible smile Widening a Smile With Invisalign or Braces. If an arch is not narrow enough to need an expander, or if an expander has already completed its work, the teeth can be straightened to make a smile appear wider. Braces and Invisalign can both widen a smile and fix other alignment issues

Clear Braces. Clear braces like Smilelign consist of a series of removable, see-through plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth. Because they are made of see-through plastic, they are virtually invisible. For many people, this is an obvious benefit. As well as being nearly invisible, clear braces are generally more comfortable than. Ceramic Brace Vs Metal Brace - Differences Visibility Ceramic braces stand out from other types of braces for one major reason. The major difference between ceramic and metal brace is visibility. Many prefer the ceramic counterparts over tradition.. Candid's invisible braces are priced at $2,400, which includes the $95 modeling kit needed to make custom aligners. This may also be paid monthly, $99 per month for 24 months. Consumers who are not eligible to undergo alignment treatment with Candid receive a full refund for the cost of the modeling kit The braces' wire is tightened by an orthodontist or dentist every 4 to 6 weeks. This shifts your teeth into place slowly. Sometimes, the brackets are colorful. Clear braces, also called invisible or ceramic braces are also available. They function the same as traditional braces, but have tooth-colored brackets and white or clear rubber bands every smile is unique. so is every budget. the cost of Invisalign ® treatment is similar to braces, but that's where the similarity ends. Invisalign clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible, so you can keep living your life and caring for your teeth throughout treatment the same way you always have

Takeaways. Invisible braces are a popular option for teens and adults looking for straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Clear aligners are the most convenient and cost-effective way to correct crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and other mild to moderate forms of malocclusion, while lingual or ceramic braces are the best option for severe cases When it's time to get braces on your teeth, there are several types to choose from. You may prefer the look of ceramic braces over conventional stainless steel, because ceramic braces are translucent and appear to be clear, or tooth-colored, which makes them nearly invisible in your mouth

At Salling & Tate General Dentistry, we offer two alternatives to traditional braces: Invisalign® and SureSmile®. To determine which may be best for you, it's best to take a look at the features of each system. Invisalign Invisalign works by using a series of clear aligners to move the teeth Metal braces don't blend in, don't look natural, and can be distracting - all reasons why clear braces, also known as Invisalign were created. Great For Working Adults Though clear braces are suitable for many, they are ideal for working adults who want a straighter smile that isn't unnatural looking and eye-catching for the wrong reasons Clear Aligners. The most significant replacement for traditional braces is clear aligners. Additionally, they use force and pressure to obtain the teeth back to shape. It is comprised of durable plastic that is engineered to put every patient's mouth. These are worn for nearly 18-20 hours each day to acquire the most out of them I was uncomfortable with the look of my smile but even more uncomfortable with the idea of having metal braces in my 30s. I'm a busy mom of 2 who didn't want to run to the dentist over and over and pay like crazy. Smilelove offered a simple, good looking, cost effective option. It worked and I love my smile now

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Lingual braces have the same components as conventional braces, but they're fixed to the back, or lingual, side of your teeth. Learn all about this type of orthodontia, including cost, comfort. The fixed clear brace (also known as a ceramic brace) will offer a teen confidence while still resulting in properly aligned teeth, whether they need to fix bite issues, or crowding, or gaps, these braces can do so without being obvious.They are fitted on the front of the teeth and adjusted over a period of time as needed; using clear or tooth coloured brackets and wires they are hard to. FAQ. Q. Are invisible braces the right choice for me? A. Typically, invisible braces work best for mild to moderate treatment. In some instances, invisible braces might be a viable option for more severe cases. Besides straightening your teeth, invisible braces have been shown to help relax and reprogram the muscles in your jaw, which can help reduce teeth grinding (bruxism), as well as reduce. Braces Hemel Hempstead Get your beautiful healthy smiles with orthodontics treatments in Hemel Hempstead at Alexandra Dental Practice. Our most innovative and successful orthodontist offers to straighten your teeth using all types of aligners and braces Hemel Hempstead for all members of the family

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Braces are usually covered at 50% through dental insurance contracts, according to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics (CAO). Ask your orthodontist if they offer payment plans, then divide the expected cost by the number of months to determine how much you will pay each month Celebrate Lowe's first SpringFest event - a festival of fun and savings for your home and garden. Get deals on mulch, soil, power equipment, and more While metal braces remain the most popular treatment of choice, clear aligners have rapidly gained popularity among all age groups and may be a great option for your child's needs. So, which is better - braces or clear aligners? The real truth: it depends on you, and your orthodontist's expertise

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Diamond Braces is in your neighborhood, with quality, affordable braces & Invisalign in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut! ↵ ↵ ↵ Trade-in your braces for Invisalign aligners and save $300!. The clear aligners are difficult to notice when in the mouth. Some individuals may need the opportunity for alignment but do not want metallic braces, which can cause discomfort and bulkiness in the mouth. Therefore, Invisalign braces are the way to go as they are rarely visible and offer the user treatment. Pain and discomfor Clear Braces Work Better for Complicated Dental Issues Some dental issues such as bite correction, arch widening or severe tooth alignment need clear braces to fix the issue. Invisalign is a great choice for uncomplicated cosmetic dentistry issues and teeth straightening The idea behind clear braces is that patients can wear them during the day without them being noticeable, this makes it great for the workplace.Of course a mouth full of metal will be seen, but with invisible braces, the aligners are clear and are meant to be not-so detectable, and consequently are much more aesthetically pleasing That way, if there are problems during a follow-up for the affected tooth, they can be resolved before cementing braces on. Invisalign Treatment for Adults. Another option is to use a clear plastic aligner such as Invisalign, which is a different kind of way to straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces

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Ceramic braces are made up of ceramic and are quite invisible and clear. It can be a great alternative to metal braces for older teenagers and adults. Choosing colored ceramic brackets instead of a white wire or a metal good be a great option for most of the patients if they are willing to have good appearance with the braces Amazon.com : WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Aligners, Dentures, ClearCorrect, Essix, & Hawley Trays/Aligners. Cleans, Kills Bacteria, Whitens Teeth & Fights Bad Breath (50ml - 2 Pack) : Mouth Guard Snoring : Beaut Go back in time a few years and tell your past self that things will get better for the U.S. Men's National Team. We've got exciting young players at top clubs all over Europe

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  1. Shortly after getting braces in 2001 at age 41, Lynn realized that there was no convenient way for her to find the orthodontic products she needed locally. She created DentaKit.com to give orthodontic patients easy access to products that would help keep their braces and retainers clean and comfortable
  2. Clear aligners for Adults. There is no age limit for having braces. You can get braces at any age. But sadly, some adults feel some stigma attached to having metal braces. Having highly visible braces makes most adults feel self-conscious - even if they know that the braces will ultimately help them have better teeth! Fortunately, BeInvisible.
  3. When your upper dental arch rests significantly in front of your lower dental arch, this is known as an overbite. Overbites are one of the most common types of misalignment. Fortunately, a very mild overbite can be corrected with clear aligners, and traditional braces alone can correct almost all o
  4. Clear Braces and Aligners Reviews Menu. Men
  5. ClearRetain Teeth Retainers, Mouth Guards, Night Guards
  6. Clear Braces Guide: Information on Types & Costs in the U
  7. ClearCorrect vs Invisalign: Benefits, Before and After

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