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Knowledgeable Associates Here To Help. Make Your Plumbing Project A Success At Lowe's®. Browse Our Variety Of Water Heater Parts—Save On Brands You Trust 1-16 of 98 results for 5500 watt water heater element DERNORD 240V 5500W Tri-clamp Ripple Heating Element Stainless Steel Immersion Water Heater with 3-Wire Electrical Locking Plug (1.5 Inch Tri clamp) 4.5 out of 5 stars 56. $60.99 $ 60. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 29. FREE Shipping by Amazon Camco's 5500-Watt 240-Volt Screw-in fold-back Type Ultra Low Watt Density water heater elements are better suited for areas with problem water (hard water, lime, etc.) Premium Ultra LWD Lime Life elements carry a limited 5 year warranty. Ultra LWD and special metal surface (premium grade nickel and stainless steel) reduce chances of lime build-up DERNORD 240V 5500W Tri-clamp Foldback Heating Element Stainless Steel Immersion Water Heater with 3-Wire Electrical Locking Plug (1.5 Inch Tri clamp) 4.6 out of 5 stars 18 Camco 02962/02963 5500W 240V Screw-In Lime Life Ripple Water Heater Element - Ultra Low Watt Densit

240-volt/5500-watt stainless steel resistored fold-back heating element (medium-watt density) Direct replacement for Rheem, Ruud and Richmond water heaters Fits most brands including American, AO Smith, Bradford White, Craftmaster, General Electric, GS Wood, Kenmore, Lochinvar, Maytag, Mor-Flo, Reliance, Sears, State and Whirlpool water heaters Richmond screw-in water heater elements feature true OEM performance. These are the same elements that are used in the production of every Richmond electric water heater. Richmond heating elements use patented resistored technology that helps increase the life of the tank and element Includes element, new gasket, and detailed installation instructions 5,500-watts and 240-volts Constructed of high performance stainless-steel alloy for extended durability Built with 0.312 inch diameter tube for consistent heating along the full length of the element Typically, the 4500-watt water heater heats between 18 and 25 gallons per hour. A 5500-watt water heater heats between 25 and 35 gallons per hour. You've probably already done the math, but this equates to a 5500-watt water heater heating between 4 and 7 more gallons of water per hour in comparison to a 4500-watt water heater Water heater element 4500 vs 5500 These powerful 5,500-watt elements provide 20 faster water heating. 4500 Watt elements are plenty adequate. The purpose of 5500 watt would be to heat water faster, So the water heater delivers more hot water.Do not install 5500 watt element to replace 4500 watt element. Click to see full answer

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It features 5,500-watt durable copper heating elements, a protective anode rod and a ceramic fused tank shield designed to reduce corrosion and provide ultimate tank protection. This model also includes a self-cleaning dip tube designed to reduce sediment build-up and extend the overall life of the water heater Our home has a 50 gallon 4500w water heater. Since most of us in our household use the hot water generally around the same time of way, I would like the water heater to have a faster recovery rate. I would like to replace the 4500w elements with 5500w ones. The wire and breakers (30amp) are properly sized and the thermostats are rated up to 6000w Electric water heaters typically have one 5,500-watt or two 4,500-watt elements. Two lower-kilowatt elements will heat much faster than one higher-wattage element. Beside above, can I replace a 4500 Watt water heater with a 5500 Watt? Both 4500 and 5500 watt water heaters are NOT correct if breaker is 20 amp and wire size is 12 gauge

Water Heater Element Wattage. The wattage on hot water heater elements can range from 1500 to 5500 watts. Wattage is determined by voltage so you want to match the voltage and wattage for your new elements. The best place to find the wattage and voltage information is on the label that is attached to the side A. No. Low density water heater elements use less watts of energy per square inch so they are made longer in length to make up the watts rating of the element. A 4500 watt high density element generally has 30 square inches of surface area and a 4500 watt low density element generally has 60 square inches of surface area There was also a note in the manual that said that the bottom element that comes factory installed is an element that you can convert from 3800 watts to 5500 watts. It also says that if you need to replace it, you can't purchase a convertible element. So in the part listing, it shows an alternate 5500 watt element you can use So, 5500 watts / 220 volts X 0.80 = 20 amps. If you have a 30-amp breaker, you should have plenty of amps to handle the element, associated electronics (which typically only draw a few hundred milliamps), and probably a couple March or Chugger pumps, too. What size breaker do I need for a 6000 watt water heater Dual 5500 watt elements for the fastest recovery and reliable operation Incoloy stainless steel elements last longer than standard copper elements Eco-friendly non-CFC foam insulation, heat traps and other features combine to yield a higher energy factor that maximizes savings on operating cost

This element will make 5500 watts at 240 volts or approximately 1400 watts on 120 volts. The length of the element from the hex flange to the tip is 12.5 inches. At 5500 watts, the watt density is approximately 120 watts per square inch making it a LWD element. At 120 volts/1400 watts, it's a mere 30 watts per square inch which would be perfect. A 5500 wattwater heateris well within the safe limits if you have a 30 amp breakerand 10 gauge wire. When heat exceeds circuit breakerrating, then the breakertrips. A 30 amp breakerwith 10 gauge wirehas 80% safe maximum = 24 amps. 24 amps x 240 volt = safe maximum 5760 watts. Does this answer your question

Electric water heaters use one element at a time. 5500 watts / 240 volts is ~ 23 amps. A 30 amp circuit is designed to safely run at 80% of capacity - which is 24 amp 5500W Performer Element (240V) Watt Density Classification: MWD Input Voltage (V): 240 Wattage at 240V (W): 5500 Watt Density at 240V (W/sq. in. ): 118 Cold Resistance (ohms): 10.6 Outer Sheath Material: Copper Resistored: No Configuration: Foldback Element Diameter (in.): .316 Element Length - Flange to Tip (in.): 12.3 5500 Watt Screw In Water Heater Element SG2553,SG-2553,RTS255 Part Number SG2553 5500 Watt Screw In Water Heater Element AKA SG-2553, 457502, S255, rts255,AP12900. 5500 w @ 240 vac l323z emr. 1-3/8″ Threaded Screw In Element. Use 1-1/2″ socket to remove and instal Premium Stainless Water Heater Element 240V 5500 watt for distilling and brewing. These are long lasting elements designed and built to last for daily use in distilleries. The distillers wash needs to be strained before going into the still to prevent particles sticking to the element and burning. Element includes quad seal gasket

All water heater electrical elements are rated by the amount of power they can emit. This power is described as wattage or watts. Displayed on the elements packaging is a number followed by the word watts. A typical value for a 220 VAC hot water heater would be an element rating of 3500 watts Water Heater Heating Element, 5,500-watt 9000396015 parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way Electric water heaters are manufactured in various wattage's (such as light bulbs.) They are designed for different voltages and different watt densities. The popular style today is a screw-in version, but a four bolt flange style is also very common. The traditional residential heating element is 4500 watts/240 volts Most fully electric home breweries are based on a 5500 Watt water heating element for the brew kettle, a 5500 Watt water heater element for the hot liqour tank and a 1650 Watt to 5500 Watt water heating element for the mash tun or RIMS tube

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  1. Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute
  2. When referring to water heater elements, density refers to the amount of wattage per square inch of surface area. As an example, a heater element with 10 square inches of surface area, rated for 1,500 watts, would conduct 150 watts per square inch when in use
  3. The math shows that 5500 watt water heater is well within the safe maximum for a 30 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire. When heat exceeds circuit breaker rating, then the breaker trips. A 30 amp breaker with 10 gauge wire has 80% safe maximum = 24 amps. 24 amps x 240 volt = safe maximum 5760 watts
  4. reliance water heater co 100108401 Lifelong Water Heater Heating Element, 5500-Watt, 240-Volt - Quantity 1. Sold by Ron's Home And Hardware. $26.12 $23.30. reliance water heater co 100108291 Electric Water Heater Heating Element, Fold Back, Screw-In, 4500-Watt, 240-Volt - Quantity 1

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  1. Description Camco Water Heater Element 240V 5500 watt. Our Camco Water Heater Element 240V 5500 watt replacement heating element for still controllers is the perfect addition to any distilling setup
  2. Water Heater Sizing - Welcome To Mid-City | Mid-City Supply 5500 37.6 32.2 28.2 25.0 22.5 Water heater selection is best made on the basis of hot water usage. 4500 watt element *11.0 gallons of hot water
  3. 240-Volt 5500-Watt Titanium Electric Water Heating Element For Universal Replacement @ Water Heater Elements - 306086503 We've an array of web store products. Remember to sense unengaged to e-mail us along with any issues as well as problems prior to in addition to from a invest in
  4. Water Heater Sizing - Welcome To Mid-City | Mid-City Supply 5500 37.6 32.2 28.2 25.0 22.5 Water heater selection is best made on the basis of hot water usage. 4500 watt element *11.0 gallons of hot water short two hour peak It is necessary to increase the size of the storage tank and/or element wattages to View Documen
  5. ated the need to stock two water heaters for different wattages. Design voltage is available up to 600 volts and wattages are available up to 9000 watts in a single tube and 18,000 watts in a three tube configuration
  6. A 5,500 watt water heater rated 208 or 240V will need 10 AWG size and a circuit breaker capacity of 40 A for 208 V or 35 A for a 240V rating. Note: For the same power rating (5,500 W), the circuit breaker rating is lower with a lower voltage
  7. High watt density elements are the most common kind of water heater element found. A high watt density element will likely be the same kind of heating element inside your existing water heater. High watt density elements have a short life span because they corrode quicker than other water heater elements

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  1. imum of 15 inches in diameter
  2. A 5500 watt element will raise the temperature of 25 gallons of water 90 degrees in one hour versus 17 gallons for the 3800 watt element. The 5500 watt element will require more current to operate (about 23 amps versus about 16 amps for the 3800 watt element). The 3800 watt element will operate on a 20 amp fuse or breaker
  3. Electric water heaters generally come with one 5500 Watt or two 4500 Watt elements for regular household usage. The recovery time depends on the power input. The higher the BTU input of the water heater is, the faster its water heating time and recovery time

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5500/240=23 amps. An electric water heater, also called an immersion heater, is an insulated and waterproofed heating element that consists of the right amount of resistance wire to draw the. 50 Gallon Short 12-Year Energy Smart 5500/5500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater with Leak Detection. Model: EG12-50R55DV Lowe's Item #: 1142384. Shop Now at Lowe's. Product Features. Dual 5500-watt/240 volt premium incoloy stainless steel heating elements Elements do have some resistance, so a reading of 10-16 ohms is normal, with higher ohm readings for 3,500 watt elements and lower readings for 5,500 watt elements

SCREW IN HIGH DENSITY WATER HEATER ELEMENT 5500 WATT 240 VOLT per 3 Each. Trending Price. $150.00 New---- Used. CAMCO 02923 Screw-In Lime Life 4500W 240V Water Heater Element (1) Trending Price. $21.99 New---- Used. Pro Plus 481238 Water Heater Element 4500 Watts 240 Volts. Trending Price 5500 watt heaters will have a faster recovery time and thus more useful capacity in some instances. But they may also require a larger electrical supply circuit. At 240VAC your 5500 watt element will draw a minimum of 22.91 amps. NEC requires service breakers at 125% of calculated amperage 5500 Watt Screw In Water Heater Element S255.Ships Today from Appliance Masters Warehouse near you There are a few now-esoteric legacy electrical wiring and circuiting (25 amp) where a 4500 watt water heater may be used but a 5500 watt heater may not. The 4500 watt heater may work better when manual discipline regarding power consumption has to be used for example when a backup generator is in operation

One other trick to reducing density is using a 240 volt rated element and powering it with only 120 volts. The effective wattage, and watt density, is reduced to 25% of the rated 240 wattage. For example, our straight 5500 watt foldback element is approximately 120 watts per square inch Water Heater Parts >> >> >> KNO-S255 1inch Screw In Water Heater Element 5500 Watt 240 Volt Regular Price: $13.96. Usually Ships Out In 3-5 Days. Item Code: KNO-S255 Order Qty: Suggested Items. Delta Gloves DLT-MGC-120 Black Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves: Price: $36.4 This is a 5500 Watt 240 Volt Water Heater Element used in the Marathon and Sears Survivor Kenmore Tanks. This element is NON FUSED The SP610740 Is Normally Used As A Lower Element. This element will not fit a standard tank unless the thread is 1 1/2 Inches NPT for it to screw in to. Each Element Comes With Its Own Gasket. Instructions Included On How To Drain Tank And Change Element Electric water heater elements are the source of heat for electric water heaters. Watt Densities: Lower watt densities mean the element stays cooler and will last longer. Sheath materials: Copper provides high quality corrosion protection and may be coated with tin, nickel or other protective finish

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  1. Electric water heaters typically have one 5,500-watt or two 4,500-watt elements. Two lower-kilowatt elements will heat much faster than one higher-wattage element. Both gas and electric storage water heaters are rated by the number of gallons they can raise to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour
  2. GE 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Professional Installation Recommended Real Capacity - Tank Capacity Holds a True 50 Gallons of Water First Hour Rating Performance - Provides 76 Gallons of Heated Water in the First-hour Delivery Quick Water Recovery - Quicker Recovery with Two Stainless Steel 5500-watt Heating Elements Warranty - 2-year Limited Labor*/ 10-year Limited Parts
  3. A good rule of thumb is that a standard residential gas water heater will produce approximately 35-45 gallons per hour (GPH) of hot water. High Input gas models will provide about 50-60 GPH. Electric water heaters with 4500-watt elements heats approximately 18-25 GPH and 5500 watt elements provide approximately 25-35 GPH. Back To To

$160.00 5500 Watt Water Heater Elements for sale in Hatch, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Plumbing and other great items on KSL Classifieds Sandhog 5500 Watt Water Heater Heating Element PN# 100108400 - NIP. Brand New. C $75.74. From United States. Buy It Now. Customs services and international tracking provided +C $22.30 shipping. American Water Heater Element Screw-In Low Watt Density Type 5500W 220/240v.

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I installed our 550 gal hot tub some 20 years ago in a deck adding each componet seperately. It has a Comfort Zone heater with two 8 inch folded 5500 watt elements and now leaks at the threads of the elements due to corrosion beyond the gaskets ability Variable Power Controller (5500 watts, 220 volt) 220 Volt Solid State Relayaterproof enclosure. Thermocouple. 5500 watt heating element *** Please allow up to 7-days to ship as these are hand built here at Vengeanc

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Enhanced heating elements - Dual 4500 watt elements for fast recovery and reliable operation with the incoloy stainless steel lower element lasting longer than a standard copper element; DynaClean™ diffuser dip tube helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output and is made from long lasting PEX cross-linked polyme Easy quick tutorial video on how to test a hot water heater element using a multi-meter. First turn off the breaker in your main electric panel to the water. < Back / Plumbing / Water Heaters / Water Heater Accessories > Compare. Buy a Milwaukee M18 12 Ah Starter Kit (2827947), get your choice of one 80 Watt work light (3008629) or Angle Grinder (2406882) for free. Must add both items to cart to receive offer. Discount reflected in cart. Valid from 5/3/2021 12:01am CST to 8/1/2021 11:59 CST. The GE50T10BAM is a 50 gallon, 5500 Watt electric water heater that uses 240 Volt electricity. It has 2.75 insulation to help reduce heat loss, resulting in less energy consumption, improved operation efficiencies. It is 24 in diameter and is 62-3/8 high (63-7/8 to top of water inlet/outlet connections) Rheem Gladiator 55 Gal. 5500/5500 Watt Smart Electric Water Heater $409 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $219. Rheem Performance 30 Gal. Tall 4500/4500-Watt Elements Water Heater $224 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1,160. favorite this post Apr 6 Rheem 100 gal. 76K BTU Low NOx (LN) Commercial Water.


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Westinghouse Electric Water Heaters have an Energy Factor of 95%. Its high grade stainless steel incoloy elements with low watt density are more durable and resistant to corrosion, making them the longest lasting elements in the industry. available in 4500 and 5500 wattages to meet your heating needs. No Anode Rods Needed 5500w, 240v, water heater screw in ripple foldback element, ultra low watt density, 50w per sqin, minimum tank diameter 15, gasket included, fits most models of American, a.o. Smith, Bradford white, craftmaster, general electric, gs wood, Kenmore, lochinvar, Maytag, mor-flo, reliance, rheem, Richmond, ruud, sears, state, & whirlpool heaters, best when water has high mineral content. The elements are rated at 5500 watts at 240 vac. Heating elements are resistors and the resistance across them does not change. Resistance of a 5500 watt element at 240 vac = voltage squared/P = 240 X 240/5500 = 10.47 ohms Current for 5500 watt element at 231 vac = voltage/resistance = 231/10.47 = 22.1 amp Your water heater will work fine with 2 4500 watt elements. The wiring inside the heater and the supply line will supply enough current to power the 4500 watt elements fine. You did a good thing by cleaning the lime deposits out of the heater. The water heater only powers one element at a time. The most wattage your heater will ever use is 4500

For example, in an electric water heater, if the wattage of the elements is 4500, the incoming water temperature is 40 degrees and you are heating the water to 120 degrees (temperature rise of 80 degrees) the recovery rate is 23.0 GPH 100108401 5500W 240V Heat Element; This Product Adds A Great Value; This Product Is Manufactured In China; For Electric Water Heater With 14-Inch Minimum Tank Diameter; Highest Quality Incoloy Nickel/Chromium Alloy Steel Sheath; Efficient And Durable Extra-Low Watt Density Design; Life Long Tr Flange Element, 240 Volt

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Prompt, Professional Repair Service. Call Now or Schedule Online 24/7 Water heater elements keep electric water heaters in good repair. Copper sheathed, zinc-plated elements ahelp minimize galvanization that can limit service life, while nickel-based alloy sheath water heater elements are suited for areas with extremely hard water and high sulfur and lime content Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. Buy Reliance 100108-401 5500 240 Volts Water Heater Element at Walmart.co Plumbing & HVAC Supplies for The Professional The best prices, service and delivery on quality plumbing valves, fittings, pipe, water heater parts and HVAC repair parts Water Heater Element 240 Volts 5,500 Watts at Supply Smart Apcom® Water Heater Element ^ 240 Volt, 5,500 Watt Extended Life ^ 1 Thread Size ^ High Watt Density ^ Copper ^ Universal Fits Most Water Heater Brands ^ Mfg #S255. Close ×. x HD Supply Solutions App HD Supply Inc. Open. Technical Support: 1.877.694.4932 (8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST) Quotes.

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Heating Element │ 5500 Watt SS │ Ripple (Electric Heating Elements). Made from 304 Stainless steel, these elements are made purposely for brewing beer. No rust, just results. Rated for 5500w of power on 240v. With a watt density of 84 watts per square inch. Clea Look for Volts and Watts on label: 1 Phase or single-phase is household electric service 240 Volts Two 5500 Watt elements. Total connected 5500 watts. When water heater has 2 elements and both elements are 5500, then overall tank Wattage is 5500. Both elements are never turned on at same time ELECTRIC HEATING ELEMENTS BETTER Low-Watt Density Elements for Electric Water Heaters Reliance BETTER copper-sheath heating elements feature low-watt density design (ranging from 50 to 122 watts per square inch) for longer life and more efficient water heating performance. 1-year warranty. Reliance Parts Catalog_RPPCR00111.indd 4 2/3/11 11:46 A Westinghouse Electric Water Heaters have an Energy Factor of 95%. A cleverly designed water connection directs cold water to the heating element near the bottom of the tank to minimize the mixing of cold and hot water. Waiting for hot water will be a thing of the past! available in 4500 and 5500 wattages to meet your heating needs 4,500-watt element = between 12 and 13 ohms; 5,500-watt element = between 10 and 11 ohms; If you get a different resistance then you should replace the heating element. Water Leak. If the water heater is leaking, such as through a failing gasket for the heating element, it could come in contact with electrical components and trip the breaker

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So a 5500 watt element gets hotter than 3500 watt element, and a 5500 watt element uses more total energy. So large boilers might use a 5500 watt element or in some cases 2 elements since they heat more liquid. While a small boiler holding less liquid might use a 120 volt 1500 watt element But a 4500 Watt or 5500 Watt element will work great. For mash with a mash tun or RIMS tube a 1650 or 2000 watt 120V heating element will work fine, but this is assuming you are going to pre-heat your initial strike and sparge water. If you want to do full mash including heating your sparge water then I recommend a 5500 watt heating element

DERNORD 240V 4500W/6500W 1.5 Tri-clamp Ripple Heating Element Stainless Steel Immersion Water Heater with 3-Wire Electrical Locking Plug From $58.99 $60.99 Quic In a US household, the current draw for a 1500 watt water heater is 12.5 amps. Multiply the current rating of the water heater with 125%. Now, in order to choose an electric breaker, multiply the current draw of the water heater with 125 per cent in order to determine the size of the breaker you will need Longer Warranties. The longer a water heater lasts, the more you get for your money. Fast Recovery. Our 5500 watt heating elements provide more hot water on 12-year water heaters. EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System fights sediment buildup that can cause your water heater to fail or provide less hot water. Available on 9-year and 12-year models


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Reliance Electric Water Heaters, Choose from a full line of electric models. We have as advanced, innovative water heater models for virtually any home Purchasing the Kenmore 9000396015 Water Heater Heating Element, 5,500-watt Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part for Kenmore online is a lot more useful as you can still make a research on the products and shops that you are purchasing from. People will have the opportunity to get to find out more about the shop before purchasing.

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A 3,500-watt element should register 16 ohms, a 4,500-watt element should register between 12 and 13 ohms, and a 5,500-watt element should register between 10 and 11 ohms. Replace the element if. Water Heater Element. It is rated 240 Volts, 4500 Watts. Its length is 16-3/8 long from the nut to the end. Overall Length is 17-1/2. 2 Wire connection. It is a Screw In type element. 1-1/4 Thread. Water Wizard (Sand Hog) element is made of a nickel base alloy First, lets start with the NEC Code for this Water Heater Application You have stated that the calculated amperage load for 4500watt at 240volts is 18.75amps, however NEC Article 422.13 states that the minimum circuit rating for a water heater must be 125% of the rated load, so this 4500watt load requires a minimum circuit of 23.44 amps at. Electric Water Heater Element 240 Volt, 5,500 Watts Long Life. $12.97 Next-Day Delivery* − + Add. 4. Indirect Water Elements. It's also possible to use an indirect electric water heater. This will feed water into the storage tank where it can be kept warm. As long as the hot water tank is of a high quality and lagged sufficiently, the entire system is actually pretty reliable and efficient

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This arrangement provides the most hot water for a given tank size. There are two thermostats on a typical residential water heater. The thermostat at the bottom controls the lower heating element while the top thermostat controls the upper heating element. Usually, only one heating element is active at a time After reading the two responses here, I took a look at my mom's slightly newer Whirlpool smart water heater with 4500 watt elements and it indeed has 10 gauge wire from the elements to the brain box up top. Possibly it had offered an option for 5500 watt elements from the factory in an upgraded model as jadnashua had mentioned. It's a 9 year. 240vac supplied to the water heater. You also must have number 10 gauge AWG, type TW, 60 deg C or equivalent electrical wires. Minimum of a 30 amp breaker or fuse size. Converting the lower element from a 3800 watt to a 5500 watt will benefit you by increasing the recovery rate to 25 gallons per hour from 17.3 gallons per hour with a 90 degree. The upper thermostat functions to ping-pong the elements on and off. I once had a customer (when I was an electrician) demand that we provide a 50 amp circuit for an electric water heater to replace a propane one. His logic was that since there's a potential 9,000 watt load (two elements), we must install a circuit that is prepared for it

Hi. my current electric water heater is a medium sized 40 gallon model with dual 3800 elements. The water heater breaker in my fuse box is a double pole 20 amp. It his worked fine for years with no issues. The heater itself his sprung a tank leak and will need to be replaced soon. I am finding that. Self-Cleaning Diffuser Dip Tube helps reduce sediment buildup inside the water heater tank to preserve high efficiency output for years of trouble-free operation. Stainless Steel Lower Heating Element - Stainless steel sheathed, screw-in, direct immersion, 5500-watt, 240-volt heating element for maximum efficiency and longer life • Dual 5500-Watt heating elements • Electric water heater is easy to maintain • Delivers 62 Gal. of hot water in the first hour • Self-cleaning feature reduces sediment and mineral build-up to prolong tank life • Uniform energy factor 0.93 • Requires a 240-Volt connection. 2758871. Details The Rheem Performance Plus 50 Gal. Electric tall water heater provides an ample supply of hot water for households with 3 to 5 people. This unit comes with two 5500-Watt elements and an automatic thermostat which keeps the water at the desired temperature. An electronic LED system indicates element and thermostat operation

This heating element replaces part numbers 0740306, 0740307, 0740340, 0740445, 074306, 074307, 074341, 31906, 4231906, 9000049, 9000049047, 9000134015, 9000148 and 9000225. Disconnect electrical power to the water heater and drain the tank before installing this part; wear work gloves to protect your hands. For Kenmore Camco's 5500W 240V screw-in ripple type ultra low watt density water heater elements are better suited for areas with problem water (hard water, lime, etc.) Premium Ultra LWD Lime Life elements carry a limited 5 year warranty. Ultra LWD and special metal surface (high performance nickel-chromium stainless steel alloy) reduce chances of lime. So the 4500 watt and 5500 watt heaters require circuits of 18.75 * 1.25 = 23.4 amps and 22.91 * 1.25 = 28.6 amps, respectively. Since both of these are above 20 amps, a 30 amp circuit is required. Rarely, some small 30-gal heaters will be rated 3800 watts which works out to a 20-amp circuit, but most water heaters in U.S. homes are on 30-amp. You should know all the details about the Performance Plus 40 Gal. Medium 9 Year 5500/5500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater with LED Indicator and their prices, make sure you discover all the details, the total price, including other taxes and shipping fees, in how many days will your bought item arrive, if it can be returned, and other useful info

WH10A Apcon Electric Water Heater Thermostat for UpperElectric Work: How to figure Volts=Amps-Watts forWater heater causing high electric bill

Water Heater Parts & Accessories Kenmore 9000396015 Water Heater Heating Element, 5,500-watt Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part Item # A028804175 Model # 900039601 Accessories (4) Add-On Heat Pump Water Heater (0) Electric Tankless Water Heaters (7) Electrical Parts (8) Elements (6) Plumbing Parts (4) Replacement Heating element rated 5500 watts at 240 Volt. Engineered specifcally for use in a tankle.. $74.00 . Add to Cart. N1315-7000. Replacement Heating element rated 7000 watts at 240 Volt.. U. S. Craftmaster Water Heaters are some of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market. Maximum efficiency plus maximum hot water equals maximum savings! See our Product Line The GE30S10BAM is a 30 gallon, 5500 Watt electric water heater that uses 240 Volt electricity. It has 2.75 insulation to help reduce heat loss, resulting in less energy consumption, improved operation efficiencies. It is 22 in diameter and is 40-3/8 high (42 to top of water inlet/outlet connections) Apr 9, 2014 - Rheem Performance Plus 40 gal. Medium 9 Year 5500/5500-Watt Elements Electric Water Heater with LED Indicator-XE40M09EL55U0 at The Home Depo Ecosmart 5.5Kw 220v Heating Element HE55220 is the replacement heating element for tankless water heaters with 5.5 kW at 220V (6 kW at 240V) for Ecosmart POU 6, ECO 11. Also compatible with other manufacturers' heating elements with the same specs. Other Compatible Units:≈ Eemax HA013240, HA011240, PR013240, PR011240

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