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Massachusetts State Tax Tables 2019: Tax Rates, Brackets

Massachusetts collects a state income tax at a maximum marginal tax rate of %, spread across tax brackets. Unlike the Federal Income Tax, Massachusetts' state income tax does not provide couples filing jointly with expanded income tax brackets. Notably, Massachusetts has the highest maximum marginal tax bracket in the United States 5.0% personal income tax rate for tax year 2020 For tax year 2020, Massachusetts has a 5.0% tax on both earned (salaries, wages, tips, commissions) and unearned (interest, dividends, and capital gains) income. Certain capital gains are taxed at 12%

Massachusetts' income tax rates were last changed one year ago for tax year 2019, and the tax brackets have not been changed since at least 2001. 2020 Massachusetts Tax Deduction Amounts Tax-Brackets.org also maintains an archive of important Massachusetts income tax exemption amounts,. The income tax rate in Massachusetts is 5.00%. That rate applies equally to all taxable income. Unlike with the federal income tax, there are no tax brackets in Massachusetts. State residents who would like to contribute more to the state's coffers also have the option to pay a higher income tax rate At the low end, all income from $0 to $8,932 is taxed at 1% for 2020. At the high end, all income over $1,000,000 is taxed at 13.3%. 3 4 In Massachusetts, these income levels would be taxed at a flat rate of 5%. Everyone pays the same tax rate, except for those with very limited incomes, who pay nothing. For tax years 2020 and 2021, compensation paid to a nonresident for services that would normally be performed in Massachusetts are treated as Massachusetts source income subject to tax if they are performed in another state due to a Pandemic Related Circumstance and should be reported as taxable income on Form 1-NR/PY Find personal income tax forms and instructions Get ready to file your Massachusetts personal income tax return Mailing addresses for Massachusetts tax forms Amend your tax return or request an abatement of tax Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit Relief from joint income tax liability

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Massachusetts has one individual income tax bracket with a flat rate of 5.05%. Below you will find 2019 Massachusetts tax brackets and tax rates for all four MA filing statuses. The Massachusetts tax rate and tax brackets tabulated below are based on income earned between January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 2021 Massachusetts Tax Tables with 2021 Federal income tax rates, medicare rate, FICA and supporting tax and withholdings calculator. Compare your take home after tax and estimate your tax return online, great for single filers, married filing jointly, head of household and widowe Earned income — income you receive from your job (s) — is measured against seven tax brackets ranging from 10% to 37%. The bracket you land in depends on a variety of factors ranging from your total income, your total adjusted income, filing jointly or as an individual, dependents, deductions, credits, and so on There are seven federal tax brackets for the 2020 tax year: 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%. Your bracket depends on your taxable income and filing status. These are the rates for taxes due in.. Massachusetts Corporate Income Tax Brackets Massachusetts has a flat corporate income tax rate of 8.000% of gross income. The federal corporate income tax, by contrast, has a marginal bracketed corporate income tax.There are a total of fifteen states with higher marginal corporate income tax rates then Massachusetts. 1.1

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  1. Massachusetts 2019 Income Brackets and Rates Massachusetts has a flat 5% income tax rate. Other State Income Tax Brackets: Compare State Tax Brackets, Rates For your personal Effective IRS Tax Rate use the RATEucator Too
  2. This tool compares the tax brackets for single individuals in each state. For more information about the income tax in these states, visit the Maine and Massachusetts income tax pages. For income taxes in all fifty states, see the income tax by state. For an in-depth comparison, try using our federal and state income tax calculator
  3. A tax bracket is the range of incomes taxed at given rates, which typically differ depending on filing status. In a progressive individual or corporate income tax system, rates rise as income increases. There are seven federal individual income tax brackets; the federal corporate income tax system is flat
  4. Massachusetts' income tax rates were last changed one year prior to 2013 for tax year 2012, and the tax brackets have not been changed since at least 2001. The latest available tax rates are for 2020, and the Massachusetts income tax brackets have not been changed since 2013
  5. The Massachusetts state tax rate is 5% on earned income (like salaries, commissions, tips, and wages) and unearned (interest, dividends, and certain capital gains) income. (Short term capital gains, collectibles and installment sales initiated before 1996 have a 12% tax rate.
  6. This tool compares the tax brackets for single individuals in each state. For more information about the income tax in these states, visit the Massachusetts and Connecticut income tax pages. For income taxes in all fifty states, see the income tax by state. For an in-depth comparison, try using our federal and state income tax calculator

Massachusetts is a flat tax state that charges a tax rate of 5.00%. That goes for both earned income (wages, salary, commissions) and unearned income (interest and dividends). No Massachusetts cities charge their own local income tax Massachusetts State Personal Income Tax. Massachusetts levies a 5.1 percent tax on both earned and unearned income. Earned income includes salaries, wages, tips and commissions, and unearned income includes interest, dividends and capital gains.Certain capital gains are taxed at a higher rate of 12 percent

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Massachusetts tax rates Mass

Massachusetts Income Tax Brackets 202

  1. Your free and reliable Massachusetts payroll and tax resource. Including federal and state tax rates, withholding forms, and payroll tools. The Bay State has a flat income tax system where the income taxes are above the national average. Massachusetts SUI Rates range from: 0.94% to 14.37% for 2020. Massachusetts new employer rate:.
  2. Proposition 116, adopted by Colorado voters in November 2020, resulted in the permanent reduction of Colorado's flat individual and corporate income tax rates from 4.63 to 4.55 percent, retroactive to the beginning of tax year 2020
  3. A State-by-State Comparison of Income Tax Rates . The remaining states and the District of Columbia charge a progressive tax on all income, based on tax brackets. The more you earn, the higher the percentage you'll pay in income tax on your top dollars. For example, California's top rate is 13.3%, but you'll only pay this on income over $1.
  4. 2016 Massachusetts Tax Tables with 2021 Federal income tax rates, medicare rate, FICA and supporting tax and withholdings calculator. Compare your take home after tax and estimate your tax return online, great for single filers, married filing jointly, head of household and widowe

Income from any public employer pension (for example, the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System) is exempt, but all other types of retirement income are taxable. If you plan on receiving income from a 401(k), IRA or non-public pension, keep in mind that you will pay the state tax rate of 5% on most of that income Here's how the 7 tax brackets will break down, according to CNBC: 10% - Applies to individual taxpayers with income under $9,950 ($19,900 for married filing jointly). 12% - Applies to individual.. Massachusetts utilizes a flat personal income tax rate of 5.20 percent in determining an individual's personal income tax liability. The table below summarizes personal income tax rates for Massachusetts and neighboring states in 2015 The Massachusetts tax calculator is designed to provide a simple illlustration of the state income tax due in Massachusetts, to view a comprehensive tax illustration which includes federal tax, medicare, state tax, standard/itemised deductions (and more), please use the main 2021/22 tax reform calculator After two decades of waiting, Massachusetts residents are finally getting the flat 5 percent income tax rate they voted for — but some advocates who pushed for the reduction didn't live to see..

A single filer with $25,000 in taxable income falls into the 12% percent bracket. However, they do not pay 12% percent of the first $9,875. Instead, they pay 10% of 9,875 plus 12% of the remaining $15125. This will give them their total federal income tax of roughly $2,802.5 Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) provided the following notice via email to all employers and agents on December 24, 2020: The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) typically communicates with employers around this time each year regarding the next year's Unemployment Insurance (UI) Rate Notices. This year, to respond to the economic impact of the [ The base tax for the bracket is $522,800. The bottom of the threshold is $6.040 million, so we subtract that from $6.2 million and get $160,000. That amount multiplied by the marginal rate of 12.8% is $20,480 State Income Tax (Massachusetts residents only) The Commonwealth of Massachusetts levies an income tax on all capital gains income. Investment income realized from interest, dividends and long-term capital gains is taxed at the more favorable rate of 5.0% (2020, 5.05% in 2019)

Tax Rates Mass.go

The U.S. has a progressive tax system, which means that as you move up the pay scale, you also move up the tax scale. There are seven tax brackets for most ordinary income: 10 percent, 12 percent. Tax Year: 2020; Massachusetts Federal and State Income Tax Rate, Massachusetts Tax Rate, Massachusetts tax tables, Massachusetts tax withholding, Massachusetts tax tables 2020. PRODUCT DOWNLOAD PURCHASE SUPPORT DEALS ONLINE CART. ezPaycheck Payroll Software. Check Printing Software. W2 1099 1095 Software This tool compares the tax brackets for single individuals in each state. For more information about the income tax in these states, visit the New Hampshire and Massachusetts income tax pages. For income taxes in all fifty states, see the income tax by state. For an in-depth comparison, try using our federal and state income tax calculator Massachusetts generates the bulk of its tax revenue by levying a personal income tax and a sales tax.The state derives its constitutional authority to tax from Article IV, Chapter 1 of the state constitution.. Tax policy can vary from state to state. States levy taxes to help fund the variety of services provided by state governments

Massachusetts Income Tax Rates for 202

  1. The proposed 4 percent surtax on the portion of an individual's annual income that exceeds $1 million would generate about $2 billion in revenue. so-called millionaire tax in Massachusetts.
  2. Of the five states, three (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York) have state income taxes with more than one tax bracket and two, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have flat taxes. Rates for top income brackets in 2002 range from a low of 4. 5% (Connecticut) to a high of 6. 85% (New York). For the lowest brackets, tax rates run from 1
  3. The brain drain from Massachusetts, the Pioneer report states, has resulted in no-income-tax states like Florida capturing 46% of the lost wealth and New Hampshire 26%
  4. A referendum in 2000 mandated a gradual reduction from 5.95 percent to 5 percent by fiscal year 2003, but lawmakers revised the mandate in a statute in 2002, freezing the rate at 5.3 percent until the state's tax revenues (adjusted for inflation) grew for four quarters in a row
  5. The Massachusetts Business Trust (parent) would report all of the income of the Q-Sub and pay the tax at individual rates. The MBT will be taxed at 5.95% for operating income, 5% for capital gains, and 12% for dividends, but it would not be subject to the net income measure of the S corporation tax
  6. able, annual or periodic (FDAP) is subject to a 30% withholding tax, unless the rate is reduced under a tax treaty or the income is ECI

The tax year 2021 maximum Earned Income Credit amount is $6,728 for qualifying taxpayers who have three or more qualifying children, up from a total of $6,660 for tax year 2020. The revenue procedure contains a table providing maximum Earned Income Credit amount for other categories, income thresholds and phase-outs The amendment proposed by Rep. Mike Connolly, a Cambridge Democrat, would have raised the tax rate for unearned income — bank interest, profit from stock and real estate sales, rental income. Personal income tax. Massachusetts imposes 2 tax rates: A 5.15% rate that applies for the 2015 tax year to wages, interest and dividends, and long-term capital gains. Beginning with the 2016 tax.

Personal Income Tax for Residents Mass

  1. The four Democrats said they'd agreed on targeted tax relief to unemployed workers whose income falls below 200 percent of the poverty line, a waiver of penalties for missed tax payments.
  2. Massachusetts corporate tax is applied to the taxable earnings of corporations that do business or are located in the state.. Introduction of Massachusetts Corporate Tax. Income resulting from businesses is taxed in just about every state, and Massachusetts is no exception
  3. But historic income growth trends suggest that bracket creep will cause many non-millionaires to be subject to the surtax over time, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute. If Massachusetts incomes and prices continue to grow at their current rates, households currently earning $700,000 a year would be subject to the surtax by.
  4. Before the official 2012 Massachusetts income tax = rates are=20 released, provisional 2012 tax rates are based on Massachusetts' 2011 = income=20 tax brackets.=20 The 2012 state personal income tax brackets are updated from the=20 Massachusetts Department of Revenue and Tax Foundation data.=2
  5. How to Calculate Massachusetts Income Tax Withholdings Automatically Payroll tax calculation should NOT be headache for small businesses. ezPaycheck payroll software can help you calculate Federal tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, unemployment tax, local taxes and deductions automatically
  6. Tax. Connecticut. Massachusetts. New York. Rhode Island. Personal Income. Marginal rates range from 3% to 6.99%, depending on taxable income and filing status . Flat 5.1% (12% on certain capital gains) Marginal tax rates range from 4% to 8.82%, depending on taxable income and filing status. Marginal tax rates range from 3.75% to 5.99%. Real.
Printable Wisconsin Income Tax Forms for Tax Year 2020

Arizona, Arkansas, and Massachusetts are among the states that lowered their tax rates for the 2020 tax year, while Minnesota and North Carolina — among others — stepped up their standard. Unlike corporations which are subject to entity level tax, the net income of passthrough entities is taxed at the investor level as earned. In Massachusetts, individual income is taxed at 5.1%. Individual rates in the remainder of New England vary between 3% and 8.95%. Many are based on a graduated scale and quickly exceed that of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Income Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2019 (Filed

Mississippi Income Tax Rate 2020 - 2021. Mississippi state income tax rate table for the 2020 - 2021 filing season has four income tax brackets with MS tax rates of 0%, 3%, 4% and 5% for Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, and Head of Household statuses. The Mississippi tax rate and tax brackets are unchanged from last year Massachusetts LLC Federal Income Tax. You must also pay regular federal income tax on any earnings you take out of your Massachusetts LLC. The amount of income tax you pay depends on your earnings, current income tax brackets, deductions and how you file For over a decade, the Massachusetts state income tax return has included a line to report use tax on items purchased out-of-state, online, and by mail and phone order. Yet the department recognizes that many people couldn't be bothered tracking down receipts. Ouch State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2020 Key Findings • Forty-four states levy a corporate income tax. Rates range from 2.5 percent in North Carolina to 12 percent in Iowa. • Six states—Alaska, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania— levy top marginal corporate income tax rates of 9 percent or higher

Washington Income Tax Brackets 2020

Massachusetts is the only one of the five that imposes a flat income tax with two rates (5.3% and 12%) that apply based on the category, rather than the amount, of taxable income. Rhode Island ' s tax is comparatively flat with only three brackets and a top rate of 5.99% applicable to all taxable income over $125,000 The chart shown below outlining the 2020 Maryland income tax rates and brackets is for illustrative purposes only. Do not use this overview to figure your tax. If your income is under $100,000, use the tax tables in the Maryland income tax booklet to figure your tax Massachusetts Tax Deductions and Exemptions. Residents of Massachusetts cannot claim a standard deduction on their state income tax return. Child care expenses may be deductible on the state return along with college tuition if the cost is more than 25 percent of a taxpayer's state adjusted gross income Currently, unearned income except short-term capital gains is taxed at 5 percent, the same as earned income. According to the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, each additional percentage tax. BOSTON (AP) — Advocates renewed their push Wednesday to create a so-called millionaire tax in Massachusetts. The proposed constitutional amendment is needed to help funnel additional.

On June 1, 2020, a law signed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker went into effect, prohibiting all flavored tobacco products from being sold in Massachusetts. Since then, cigarette sales in the commonwealth have plummeted as Massachusetts retailers sold 17.7 million fewer cigarette tax stamps between June and November of 2020 than they did in that same time period the previous year.. Tax Rates for Massachusetts, MA . Sales Taxes: 5.00% [The total of all sales taxes for an area, including state, county and local taxes.Income Taxes: 5.30% [The total of all income taxes for an area, including state, county and local taxes.Federal income taxes are not included.] Property Tax Rate: $12.58 [The property tax rate shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value

Massachusetts state taxes at a glance: Tax Rate Range: Low - 5.3%; High - 5.3% Income Brackets: Flat Rate Number of Brackets: 1 Personal Exemptions: Single - $3,3575; Married - $7,150; Dependents - $1,000 Standard Deduction:None Medical/Dental Deduction: Federal amount Federal Income Tax Deduction: None Filing your Massachusetts state income tax retur Printable Massachusetts state tax forms for the 2020 tax year will be based on income earned between January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. The Massachusetts income tax rate for tax year 2020 is 5%. The state income tax rate is displayed on the Massachusetts Form 1 and can also be found inside the Massachusetts Form 1 instructions booklet Tax Rates for Boston, MA . Sales Taxes: 5.00% [The total of all sales taxes for an area, including state, county and local taxes.; Income Taxes: 5.30% [The total of all income taxes for an area, including state, county and local taxes. Federal income taxes are not included.] Property Tax Rate: $9.23 [The property tax rate shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value

Massachusetts The Bay State's income tax rate is 5.05% for all residents, regardless of income and filing status. Massachusetts allows personal exemptions to anyone who files a commonwealth tax return, regardless of whether they qualify for a personal exemption on their federal return. Here are those exemption amounts Three years ago, Massachusetts voters looked poised to pass the so-called millionaire's tax, a ballot initiative to place an additional 4 percent tax on annual income over $1 million and. If you earn $250,000 per year and your spouse earns $50,000 per year, if you file a joint return then your marginal tax rate for $300,000 of combined income is only 24%. It would've been 35% if you'd filed as an individual. See the rates tax brackets for each filing status above Based on this chart Oregon taxpayers pay 8.4% of their total income to state and local taxes. Washington taxpayers pay 8.2%. Very close. However, the above chart provides a rather crude measurement of comparative state and local tax burdens, since everybody is lumped together regardless of income Tax brackets charge higher-income earners higher tax rates than lower-income taxpayers. All tax brackets are graduated, so all earned income isn't taxed at the same percentage. This means that your income up to the bracket maximum is assessed at that bracket's tax rate and so on. Income earned over the previous bracket's threshold is.

Massachusetts Income Tax Calculator - SmartAsse

Maine has the highest starting tax rate for the lowest income bracket at 5.8%, but it only goes up to 7.15%. In the states that do not use income brackets, North Carolina has the highest tax rate at 5.25%. Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire follow with 5% each Tax brackets are the divisions at which tax rates change in a progressive tax system (or an explicitly regressive tax system, though that is rarer). Essentially, tax brackets are the cutoff values for taxable income—income past a certain point is taxed at a higher rate 2020 Massachusetts Property Tax Rates Click here for a map with more tax rates. Massachusetts property real estate taxes are calculated by multiplying the property's value by the location's real estate tax. This is no different from most other New England states, like New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.. In 2020 nine states have a flat rate structure, with a single rate applying to a resident's income: Colorado (4.63%), Illinois (4.95%), Indiana (3.23%), Kentucky (5.0%), Massachusetts (5.05%),.. Texas residents also don't pay income tax, but spend 1.8% of their income on real estate taxes, one of the highest rates in the country. Compare these to California, where residents owe almost 5% of their income in sales and excise taxes, and just 0.76% in real estate tax

Massachusetts didn't see another income tax reduction for a decade. But in 2012, the state hit all five revenue measures, and the rate dropped 0.05 percent to 5.25 percent STATE INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES (Tax rates for tax year 2021 -- as of January 1, 2021) TAX RATE RANGE Number FEDERAL (in percents) of INCOME BRACKETS PERSONAL EXEMPTIONS INCOME TAX Low High Brackets Lowest Highest Single MarriedDependents Single Married DEDUCTIBLE ALABAMA 2.0 - 5.0 3 500 (b) - 3,001 (b) 1,500 3,000 500 (e) 2,500 (y) 7,500 (y) Ye Advocates renewed their push Wednesday to create a so-called millionaire tax in Massachusetts. The state's constitution currently requires that all income be taxed at uniform rates. An. Note that these IRS income tax brackets only apply to federal taxes; check with your state to find out how your income is taxed locally. Getting your max refund has never been easier with TurboTax ® 2020 Federal Income Tax Brackets. Below are the federal tax brackets for taxes due by April 2021, for the income you earned in 2020 The employment income of non-residents is taxed at the flat rate of 15% or the progressive resident tax rates (see table above), whichever is the higher tax amount. Taxes on Director's fee, Consultation fees and All Other Income

Taxpayers in Arkansas who are taxed the top marginal rate will see their income tax rate drop from 6.9% to 6.6%. The second marginal individual income tax rate in Wisconsin dropped from 5.84% to.. The Massachusetts (MA) state sales tax rate is currently 6.25%. Sales tax is a tax paid to a governing body (state or local) for the sale of certain goods and services

Since relatively few people receive million-dollar plus bonuses, the average Massachusetts resident receiving a bonus will pay a combined federal and Massachusetts state tax rate of 30.1 percent on the money,. In addition to any Massachusetts supplemental tax rates, your bonus is also subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes Attachment 1 compares tax rates in Connecticut and Massachusetts for the following taxes: personal income, sales and use, corporation income, business entity, insurance premium, real estate conveyance, estate, gift, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco products, and motor fuels. The table includes only the tax rate and basis for each tax The Massachusetts state income tax rate for 2019 is 5.05% of each tax payer's gross income. In rough terms, this means that after exemptions and other deductions have been applied, every $100,000 earned by a taxpayer generates Massachusetts state taxes of $5,050

Massachusetts Income Tax Basics - The Balanc

State tax levels indicate both the tax burden and the services a state can afford to provide residents.. States use a different combination of sales, income, excise taxes, and user fees.Some are levied directly from residents and others are levied indirectly. This table includes the per capita tax collected at the state level Capital gains taxes are a major concern when selling a highly appreciated piece of real estate. The rules for capital gains are very different if you sell during your lifetime vs. if the property is sold after death

Personal Income Tax for Nonresidents Mass

Massachusetts State Tax Brackets The state of Massachusetts leverages a flat tax, meaning the tax rate remains the same for all filers regardless of tax filing status or income level. Massachusetts Tax Deductions and Exemptions Residents of Massachusetts cannot claim a standard deduction on their state income tax return Massachusetts Salary Paycheck Calculator Change state Calculate your Massachusetts net pay or take home pay by entering your per-period or annual salary along with the pertinent federal, state, and local W4 information into this free Massachusetts paycheck calculator The IRS recently announced the new tax brackets for the 2020 tax year, to be filed in 2021. Married taxpayers filing jointly can use the tax bracket chart to start figuring out now how much tax they can expect to pay this coming tax season New York City's income tax rates ranged from 3.078% to 3.876% in 2019, but the city doesn't impose the tax on nonresidents. The Yonkers tax is equal to 16.75% of a resident's state tax, and it's .50% of taxable income earned for nonresidents Massachusetts taxes wages at a single rate, which was 5.2 percent as of 2014. Rhode Island has a progressive income tax with three brackets that charge taxpayers higher rates as their income rises. As of 2014, the tax rates were 3.75 percent for taxable income up to $59,600, 4.75 percent on taxable income from $59,601 to $135,500, and 5.99.

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Personal Income Tax Mass

Withholding Formula >(Massachusetts Effective 2016)<. Subtract the nontaxable biweekly Thrift Savings Plan contribution from the gross biweekly wages. Subtract the nontaxable biweekly Federal Health Benefits Plan payment(s) (includes dental and vision insurance program, and flexible spending account - health care and dependent care deductions) from the amount computed in step 1 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows for a tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) and Medicare taxes up to $2,000. The MIT payroll system takes this deduction into account when calculating the MA tax amount. Once the Social Security and Medicare year-to-date balances reach $2,000, your effective MA taxes will be slightly higher

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By 1918, the top rate of the income tax was increased to 77% (on income over $1,000,000, equivalent of $16,717,815 in 2018 dollars) to finance World War I. The average rate for the rich however, was 15%. The top marginal tax rate was reduced to 58% in 1922, to 25% in 1925 and finally to 24% in 1929 The map below shows average tax rates paid by filers reporting more than $1 million in income in 2013. Click on a city or town to see the average income of the community's filers with over $1. If your pension or Social Security income is taxed, it will be taxed at the ordinary income tax rates, just as if it were income from a job. For the 2020 tax year, the tax rates for a single person are: 10 percent of the first $9,875 of income. 12 percent of all income between $9,875 and $40,125 Also, liability rules under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) are slightly different than the state rules for Massachusetts. Wage Base and Tax Rates. Massachusetts requires that you pay UI taxes up to a fixed maximum amount of each employee's wages. That amount, known as the taxable wage base, is $15,000 Arizona Income Tax Rate 2020 - 2021. Arizona state income tax rate table for the 2020 - 2021 filing season has four income tax brackets with AZ tax rates of 2.59%, 3.34%, 4.17%, and 4.50% for Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, and Head of Household statuses.. Last year Arizona eliminated the second income tax bracket and more than doubled the first tax bracket amount Resident tax rates 2020-21; Taxable income. Tax on this income. 0 - $18,200. Nil. $18,201 - $45,000. 19 cents for each $1 over $18,200. $45,001 - $120,00

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